October 17, 2018

YNIII. USER MANUAL. YONGNUO. D: G 1 T A 1. SPEEDUTE YNIII The YNII is equipped with large – size LCD screen, it is convenient for you to . 27 Jun Update from 7/15/Go here for the in-depth review of the YN flash Here’s now the instruction manual that came with my Yongnuo YN 16 Nov Learn about the new 2nd generation Yongnuo speedlite YNII flash labeled as “mushy” by users, the button layout on the YN series.

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Both are always combined with manual flash mode, but allow remote triggering of the flash at a predefined output level. The flash was face-lifted in January of already, when Yongnuo yongnuo yn 560 ii user manual a metal flash foot as well as iii electronics and quality control. With every LED lamp representing a full stop of light, this did work well.

November 24, at 6: I might try another one in the future. Not recommended because of shut down issue.

Yongnuo YN560-III User Manual

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Flash with pouch, hotshoe stand, and printed instruction manual. The big question for me is: Below that extra insert you find the laser-based AF assist on the YN Has low battery indicator, overheat, zoom length, power levels, sleep, and many other items.


I never have this problem with factory flashes, even after using full power for an hour or two. The new YN II adds even more, e. The LCD is fine when you look straight at it, but when viewed from a hard angle, it can be hard to read, or unreadable; that sucks when it’s on a light stand, you have to lower the stand so you can read it, then re-adjust it.

Yes, but same as multi flash. You may use these Yongnuo yn 560 ii user manual tags yongnuo yn 560 ii user manual attributes: If you purchase through one of these links you support the expansion of this website with even more tests and reviews. November 30, at Any news if the SF Battery Pack will be compatible?

Box color stolen from Nikon. A special limitation on the YN II is that you have to understand the relationship between the yongnuo yn 560 ii user manual mode settings and mamual shutter speed used on the camera body. Right now, I’d steer clear of this flash unit unless you can live with the problems I’ve pointed out. Finally, the worst offending issue; the flash wants to turn off for some reason after a few full yognnuo, or even half power pops, and it won’t restart again until it cools down.

YN Instruction Manual |

Warranty coverage; if it breaks after 30 days, throw it in the trash can, or send it to China with your own money and wait six months for them to contact you and tell you it was abuse, and is not covered. Anyone that wants a flash with auto control.


Long start up time, about seconds, but advertised as only 2 seconds. Yongnuo YNII flash review. They state 15 meters as maximum range outdoors, but this could be easily exceeded in the YN practical tests where up to 30 meters could be achieved.

That’s what you get with dirt cheap electronic equipment. Your email address will not be published. LCD is hard to read or unreadable at an yongnuo yn 560 ii user manual, like when it’s on a light stand up high.

Time to power save, see power save function above. The panel has a good size and uses very large font as can be seen from the photo so it should be easy to read, even from a distance.

It still has only one electrical pin in the foot center the x-sync contactthat has not changed from the precursor YN Read on further below for a walk-through of the new features. Built-in, pulls out and down, covers 18mm, 12mm APS-C.