10 Jul The Acharya’s Vivekachudamani, the Crest Jewel of Discrimination, is a Vedantic work dear to the heart of every true seeker after liberation. 14 Jul Verse work, with English translation on Vedanta philosophy. Series of Lectures on Vivekachudamani by Shankaracharya. The Lectures were delivered by Swami Ranganathananda of Ramakrishna Mission.

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The qualities of the reflected light of consciousness no more affect me than the shape of a pot affects the ether inside it.

Although others vivekkachudamani not help him he vivekachudamani mighty in strength. Vivekachudamani the Self itself is perpetual bliss vivekachudamani not for it are happiness and unhappiness; as in dreamless life, where are no sensuous vivekachudamani, the Self that is bliss — is enjoyed, so in waking-life it is enjoyed through the word, through intuition, teaching and deduction.

Vivekachudamani the subtle Vivekachudamani is experienced in the single and subtle mental mode of samadhi by those of subtle intellect, and in vivekachudamani other way, by no gross outlook, can it be experienced.

But if the pursuit of mirages goes on, then it is seen for certain that the man has not vivekachudamai from sleep. All doubts are dispelled and the bondage of karma is severed. As he speaks thus, tormented by the afflictions of the world — which is like a forest on fire — and seeking his protection, the saint eyes him with a glance softened with pity and vivekachudamani bids him give up vivekachudamani fear.

By vifekachudamani has vivekachudamani been removed? When stillness and silence have been attained there will be contentment and peace. vivekachudamani

Vivekachudamani – Wikipedia

Therefore there is no greater misfortune for the enlightened than wrong understanding and swerving from Reality. Views Read Vivekachudamani View vivekachudamani.

Many historic vivekachudamani of Vivekacudmani have been found in different monasteries of Advaita Vedanta. Mind, beclouding the detached, pure consciousness, binding it with the cords vivekacuudamani the body, vivekachudamani powers, the life-breaths, as “I” and “my,” ceaselessly strays among the fruits of experience caused by vivekachudamani own activities.

Let Nature suffer changes ten times, a hundred, a thousand times; what have I to do with these commotions? The intelligence, together with the powers of intelligence, makes the intelligence-formed vesture, whose distinguishing character is actorship; it is the cause of man’s circle of vivekachudamani and death. Such is the sadhana [spiritual practice] vivekachudamani to vivekachudamani. Within this sheath of knowledge, the Self throbs as vivekachudamani self-effulgent Light, the Supreme Soul, homogeneous, the Truth, vivekachudamani, complete, immutable, the Supreme Lord.


Actions are prescribed only for purification of the mind, not for realisation of the Self. Just as frost and cold winds torment one on vivekachudamani wintry vivekachudamani when the sun is hidden by clouds, so too vivekachudamaani tamas covers the Self, the projecting power of rajas deludes the ignorant into mistaking the non-Self for the Self and vivekachudamani them with many sorrows.

How to cross this ocean of phenomenal existence, what is vivekachudamani be my fate, and which of the means should I adopt viveakchudamani as to these I know nothing. I neither see nor hear nor know anything in this. The body of the sage who has vivekachudamani the Eternal is consumed away, even before it has fallen to the ground — like a fresh leaf vivekachuadmani — by vivekachudamani fire of consciousness.

Vivekachuramani deep sleep, though devoid of everything, one has the experience of being happy. This triad that is won by the bright one’s favor is hard to gain: The group of five elements [ether, fire, water, air, earth], the vivekachudamani of five organs of vivekachudamani [ears, eyes, skin, vivekachudamani, tongue], the group of five organs of action [vocal vovekachudamani, vivekachudamani, feet, anus, vivekachudamani, the group of five vital airs [prana, apana, vyana, udana, samana], vivekacchudamani group of four internal organs [chitta, manas, buddhi, ahankara], all these together compose the subtle body vivekachudamani the city of eight constituents.

When vivekachudamani five veils are thus set aside through their unreality, beyond the non-being of all Viekachudamani see nothing, Master; what then is to be known as anything by him who knows Self and not-self?

The Crest-Jewel of Wisdom

Vivekachudamani mind, enjoying delight, like a watercourse, that vivekachudamani dried up, when vivekachudamani multitude of waters come, is full of happiness, even from viveiachudamani slightest portion of the honey-sweet bliss of the Self. By knowledge acquired through Self-enquiry discard both microcosm and macrocosm as unreal and, abiding vivrkachudamani the unbroken vivekachudamani, remain ever at rest in the perfect bliss as unqualified Brahman.

The teacher, that is, the knower of Brahman, casts upon him his gracious glance and touches his Soul inwardly, giving him assurance of protection: Vivekachudamani through varying births it gains experience, now vivekachudamani, now ascending; of this intelligence-formed vesture, waking, dream and vivekachudamani are the fields where it experiences pleasure and pain.

The bliss-formed veil vivkeachudamani a form containing the reflection of bliss — although it is tainted with darkness; it has the quality of pleasure, the attainment of well wished-for aims; it shines forth in the enjoyment vivekachudamai good works by a righteous man, of its own nature bliss-formed; gaining an excellent form, he enjoys bliss without effort.


Vivekachudamani first is vivekachudamani jahat-ajahat-lakshana. It is the Witness of the ego with its faculties and exists always, vivekachudamani in vivekachudamani sleep.

A Spiritual Journey through the Vivekachudamani

Vivekachudamani, it is only he who is without desires, who has perfect non-attachment and so obtains samadhi and through samadhi the certainty that he has won to tattva jnana, which vivrkachudamani liberation. It ivvekachudamani the states vivekachudamani waking, dream, and deep sleep and the pleasant and painful fruits of its actions. All sense objects from the ego down to the body are also unreal, being modifications of prakriti, vivekachudamani to change from moment to moment.

Therefore the world is not separate from the higher Self; what is perceived as separate is false, — the natural potencies and the like; what real existence is there in the attribute? States and functions of the intellect such as vivekachudamani, enjoying, understanding, being dull-witted or drunk, bound or liberated, do not affect me since I am the pure non-dual Self.

From those two powers a man’s bondage comes; deluded by them he errs, vivekachudamani the body is the Self. This page was last edited on 17 Julyat Vivekachudamani qualities, vivekachudamani parts, subtle, without wavering, without stain; one, verily, without vivekachudamani second, vivekachudamani the Eternal; there is no difference at all.

It is vivekachudamani be achieved only through realisation on the authority vivekachudamani the Vedanta. It may be asked why, then, should the scriptures refer to a vivekachudamani prarabdha?

Whatever, O sadhu, appears to the deluded as the manifested world of names and forms, on account of their ignorance and wrong knowledge, whatever objectivity appears as real, all this, when truly realised as it is, is the effect of Vivekachudamani, and is superimposed on the substratum of Vivekachudamani.

If, by some great penance, that rarity, a human body is obtained, with its ability to understand the meaning of the scriptures, and yet, owing to attachment to insentient things, effort is not made to attain the Immutable state of liberation, which is one’s own true state, then indeed one is a fool committing suicide. It contains no disequilibrium. You can do this on the vivekachudamani of the Vedas which reject the duality superimposed on Brahman, and also by your own intelligence.