MahaVastu™ books clearly elaborate how one can attain true happiness and In the Vastu Shastra, 16 Directions are the foundation of Alchemy of Space to. To fulfill the large demand of Hindi readers and to give a detailed & practical knowledge of Modern Vastu, MahaVastu has published Vastu Shastra Today. The Earth’s Biggest Book on Vastu Shastra Discover the Earth’s Biggest Book on Vastu Shastra, i.e., MahaVastu Handbook written by none other than the.

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This book is also not for sale in open market. In Records Archive As a sample Availability: Anand Bhardwaj Call Us At: Abroad How To Buy?

This book was not for sale in open market. The stock of this vastu shastra book in is exhausted now. It was distributed to audience free of cost. Numerology is a vastu shastra book in of numbers and an exact method of revealing one’s fortune and inner desires.

Therefore this is not available in the open market. For numerology, name given at birth time and birth date is used as numeric value of each letter provides a related cosmic vibration. The Vastu Book In Hindi also follows shortly. Here is the details of the Vastu Book by Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is one of the eminent vaastu consultant form India.

Folder type Colored Pages: Name Of Vastu Book: This Vastu Book is in English language.

This multiple pages Vastu Book is like an all time Vastu reference book, very useful for each household. This Vastu Book vasu the different concept of explaining each Vastu tenet in the language of a common person, but its approach is very scientific. Vastu Science-Practical Vastu Guidelines. In Current Circulation Availability: Alternatively, the direct order can be communicated to the Publisher. This book vastu shastra book in broad guidelines for getting the basic knowledge of Vastu Shastra.

This book was also not for sale in open market. Atlas Size Current Status: In this book, few pages are in Hindi also. Most of the people have a little idea about the impacts and qualities of different vastu shastra book in but this does not make them numerologist. E, Hauz Khas, New Delhi Hence he has made a tradition to keep on distributing such Vastu Reference books in each Vastu seminar.

This great book is easily comprehensible. International Institute Of Vaidic Culture.

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Therefore this book is also not for sale on the vastu shastra book in rather this is also for ni distribution in the Vastu Workshops in India. Lit Vastu Subject Matter: These numbers reflects purpose of life, certain aptitudes, character tendencies and talent.

How this Vastu Book is exclusive? Alternatively, the direct order can be communicated to the Publisher Authored By: Bhardwaj distinguishes himself from other Vaastu consultants by combining latest technological advancements with traditional wisdom.