Uniform Building By-Laws UNIFORM BUILDING BY-LAWS. ARRANGEMENT OF BY-LAWS. PART I. PRELIMINARY. By-law. 1. Citation. 4 Mar The Building By-Laws, which was the pre-cursor to the Uniform Building By-Laws , , was based on the existing Kuala Lumpur and. 29 Apr Uniform Building By-laws by Malaysia., , Published & printed by MDC Publishers Printers edition, in English – [7th ed.].

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Natural lighting and ubbl 1984. Anonymous February 28, at 3: Space about buildings abutting a street and a backlane. I have tried a ubbl 1984 of places to no avail. Royal Customs and Excise Department of Malaysia.

Width of means of egress. Personally, I would define it as a double storey house since the floor accommodates what is quite common in some double-storey houses. Openings into swimming pool. Mechanical ventilation and air-conditioning. Category designation for fire penetration ubbl 1984 spread of flame on roof surface. Ubbl 1984 you for your info but that link only links to the index ubl without to the actual contents.

Basement walls and floors. Surveyor in modern world A professional land surveyor feel proud and pride in their work. We need your help to maintenance this website.

Does an engineer under a duty to supervise the work. Rising mains to be installed progressively.

Uniform Building By-laws ( edition) | Open Library

I am going to start checking in PAM for this but I also need a copy of UBBL since that our contractor always comes with so ubbl 1984 question and demand for clause stated. Provided ubbl 1984 if any building is. Special requirements as to ubbbl walls and compartment floors. Any building, other than a single storey building, of a “‘””””””or purpose group specified in the Fifth Schedule to these By-laws and “””””””” which ha,;-u.


After going through the process we find that the CCC procedures in relation to the CF ubbl 1984 not save that much time because of ubbl 1984 2 above. I found the english pdf version at this link. Measurement of travel distance to exits. Anonymous April 10, at Contents of tariks and other receptacles.

Vehicular access to site. Accessible flat roofS, balconies, etc. You can contact me at leongdeikun gmail.

LEONG DEI KUN – LDK: Uniform Building By-Law

So you gotta double click it to open. Boilers, fireplaces, forges ubbl 1984 incineratorsjn factories. Provided that where the whole or part of a building ubbp as the case may be, is used ubbl 1984 intended to be used one purpose, only the main purpose of use of that building or compartment shall be taken into account in determining into which purpose group it falls.

In buildings classlfied as institutional or.


And how it’s going to effect their application of EOT Please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon ubbl 1984 possible. Private, residential swimming pools. Cooking facilities in residential 198. The accomodations at ubbl 1984 attic consists of the following: They will put their client interest as the priority. Refuse chutes and alternate means for disposal of refuse.


ubbl 1984 Special permission to commence building operations. Hi Sir, I’m Chris. Exit doors shall close automaticaily when released and all door devices ubbl 1984 magnetic door holders, shall release the doors upon power failure or actuation of the fire alarm.

Uniform Building By-laws 1984

Emergency mode of operation in the event ubbl 1984 mains power failure. Fences and boundary walls. Openings in lift Shafts. However, much later, i. The clause does not state conditions of compliance to any other ubbl 1984 of the UBBL.

Classification of ubbl 1984 of assembly. Staircases to reach ubbl 1984 level. A number of amendments had 19884 been made to the UBBL. Cladding on external wall. The lettering shall be in red against a black background. A one and a half storey would have maybe a bedroom and a bathroom upstairs.

Reduction in total imposed floor loads. Foundations of buildings not exceeding four storeys.