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State Tax Withholding Form Bring completed form to orientation. SF Statement of Prior Federal Service Complete prior to your start date and bring to orientation Complete even if you have no prior government service. A participant may designate a contingent beneficiary ies for each primary beneficiary. These booklets and Form TSP are included in the Welcome Letter that is sent to each spouse beneficiary at the time his or her account is established.

TSP Updates Beneficiary Policies

In addition, this new policy required employing agencies to search their personnel records and forward all beneficiary designation forms then in their possession to the TSP recordkeeper immediately.

Do not send without witness fiolable. The beneficiary participant can request a partial withdrawal or a full withdrawal a single payment, monthly payments, a TSP life annuity, or a combination of any fjllable these three options.

The following is a list of forms in fillable PDF format which new employees are required to complete. Human Resources Forms The following is a list of forms in fillable PDF format which new employees are required to complete.

Select the appropriate state.

That is, the account will be paid:. Single Payment If a beneficiary is not the surviving spouse, the beneficiary may receive the death benefit directly as a single payment. Form TSP-3 allows participants with both civilian and uniformed services Tps-3 accounts tsp-33 wish to designate the same beneficiary ies for both accounts to submit one form, saving the participant both time and paper See Section D2 below.


Send directly to the address on the second page. They are also available on the TSP website, www. Issue Briefs Get it delivered right to your inbox!

They now require you to submit a form without and corrections. Following is guidance TSP has sent on beneficiary policies in light of a recent rules change.

If the beneficiary participant has an existing TSP account based on his or her own employment with the Federal Government or the uniformed services, he or she may transfer the BPA into his or her existing TSP account. Agencies that provide employees with paper copies of Form TSP-3 or post electronic copies for download must establish procedures to ensure that they are providing the most current version of the form and that obsolete editions are destroyed recycled or removed from their sites.

Thrift Savings Plan Match Information

Complete Office Address and return form to HR after your first day. Send original to the appropriate Branch of Service address located on page two of the form and one copy to the HR Rep. Although tsp-33 are required to provide Form TSP-3 upon request, agencies must not accept the completed form from the participant.

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Human Resources Forms | TAX | Department of Justice

There may be severe tax consequences if the inherited Fillagle is not set up correctly. We strongly recommend that beneficiaries discuss this option with their tax or financial advisors or IRA providers before deciding on it. Where to Send Your Application If you are still working, submit it to your employer, the earlier the better. Agencies that enclose Form TSP-3 in orientation packets should use the most recent version of the form see Item 3 below and caution new employees not to submit the form until they receive confirmation that their TSP account has been established.


Box Birmingham, AL Fax: In addition, any Roth contributions that may be part of a withdrawal are not subject to Federal income tax.

We are sorry, the page you’re looking for can’t be found on the DEA.gov website.

Please bring completed forms with you to your orientation. The address and fax number participants may use is provided below: Use the standard retirement forms listed below to complete your package and apply for retirement.

See below for links to forms for DC, Virginia and Maryland. Delays in processing stp-3 be reduced by submitting your application several months in advance of your departure date and by reviewing your Electronic Official Personnel Folder eOPF to ensure it includes all of your fillbale time from all sources. If the TSP recordkeeper receives a Designation of Beneficiary form from an employee who does not yet have a TSP account, the form will be returned to the employee.