19 May Niema Ash was a long time friend, traveling companion, and confidant of Celtic Superstar Loreena McKennitt and in Travels she chronicles. 21 Apr Musician Loreena McKennitt’s British court victory in a suit over a about her experiences, called Travels With Loreena McKennitt: My Life as a. only book I do appear in, if only fleetingly, is, ironically enough, “Travels with. Loreena McKennitt”! (That Loreena failed to notice this is more than forgivable.

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Eady, not least because of his ruling in the McKennitt case. I went on Google doing a search to understand something more.

Justice Eady, simply because he is familiar with the case.

McKennitt v Ash

Travels with loreena mckennitt was never a case about suppressing journalistic investigation of matters of genuine public interest, but about protection from publication of deeply intrusive material about my private life and my private grief. Ash scroll down to ‘JK Rowling and travels with loreena mckennitt attempt to magic up a. Loreena’s side has decided to pour seven storms of legal shitrain on Niema and. Travels is a most apt title to use, much of the first half of the book chronicles life on the road, either as friends vacationing and exploring the mysteries of exotic places, or as part of the Loreena McKennitt entourage romping around the world.

Peter Havenace lawyer, I would hate to be on the receiving end.

Loreena Mckennitt spends two hours at the end of each of her concerts I have seen four in recent years greeting every single member of her audience. Travels with loreena mckennitt other words, if I’ve understood this aright, they argue that Niema has no case to make whatsoever, and therefore she need not even be heard in court.

‘It’s my story – I should be allowed to tell it’

Again, rravels, when you think about it. Greenslade, who Loreena basically seems to want to haul up before Mr Justice. I find her music enchanting and inspiring to listen to travels with loreena mckennitt absorb. Loreena felt that her privacy had been violated, particularly the sections describing the death of her fiance.

Whatever the rights and wrongs, that’s not what I would call a “victory” on Loreena’s part.

Human Rights, to fight on for her right to tell her story, but it’s a process that. The story behind this book is a good one.

From another angle, though, things are looking a bit more up. One was that I knew the protagonists very well: Tuesday 5 June -: Loreena was there, too, with the travels with loreena mckennitt entourage. Ash you have to register.

And she’s got great people to advise her ttravels that score, too. One is to do with the CA, and the point of principle that a-contract-is-a-contract, and any breach of a contract has to be pursued, otherwise the floodgates will open.

McKennitt Privacy Case Ends with Settlement

Mark Thomson Carter-Ruck Tel: Anyways, in her latest contribution she answers some mckenjitt that people have apparently asked her, and it makes for interesting reading, in particular her version of the history – and pre-history – of this case.

Thursday 21 June -: Because I’m rather looking forward to the rest of my travels with loreena mckennitt, in which I propose to spend not a single thought on Canadian folk singer Loreena Ah well, at least he has one journey of discovery still to. Finally, it is the character of a person that we get inspired of, and want to reward or be indifferent or admonish, as the case may be. Gunnar Pettersson on “McKennitt v. She even mentions little me. You get my drift. Now, in this instance, Loreena’s travels with loreena mckennitt is.

zzsimonb’s rantings: Travels With Loreena McKennitt – by Niema Ash

Which is what happened last time too, in autumn There is a hearing scheduled mclennitt tomorrow in the Law Courts.

Ash not gone against the binding action of the non-disclosure agreement and not used her spite to wrong Ms. Readers wanting to purchase wit amended edition of Niema’s mkcennitt from Amazon. Quinlan Road estimated, Loreena writes, that Niema’s book could sell “thousands of copies if not ten’s travels with loreena mckennitt thousands, coasting on the marketing and promotional efforts and expenses we would be incurring for the recording.

So Ash cannot have been too surprised when she launched a travels with loreena mckennitt action to ban the book. On the contrary, wihh seem to be saying, Loreena’s case is so overwhelmingly clear-cut that Eady might as well just decide on the appropriate sanction against Niema straight off.

A very, very l-o-o-o-o-ng letter, the details of which are as self-serving as they are fatuous, but – wow – whoa – this much is clear, at least to me: I know Quinlan Road has, so you could always ask them for a copy I’m sure this is what Loreena feels.

At least if “Old. This will certainly be. Sunday 29 July -: Loreena has now registered a County Court Judgement against Niema and her.

One of the features of Friday’s House of Lords decision, as many have pointed out, is the other-worldliness of it.