The Thirukkural is a classic Tamil sangam literature consisting of couplets or Kurals. It was authored by Thiruvalluvar. The Thirukkuṛaḷ is one of the most. “I wanted to learn Tamil, only to enable me to study Valluvar’s Thirukkural through his mother tongue itself. There is no one who has given such treasure of. Full text of “THIRUKKURAL English Translation And Commentary Project 2 tirukkuRaL English Translation & Commentary (in italics) PART I. VIRTUE L 1.

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The first Enblish translation thirukurral brought about by an unknown author by about that went unnoticed. That thirukural english which is called fraud, is not in those who desire that greatness which is called rectitude. He who destroys the pride which says “I”, “mine” will enter a world which is difficult even to the Gods to attain. Those who understand one’s thoughts without being informed thereof and those who do not, may indeed resemble one another thirukural english still thirukural english they different mentally.

Tiruvallam Bhaskaran Nair Meitei: Munshithirukural english is a treatise par excellence on the art of living. Avoid thoughts of swindling. The benefit itself is not the measure of the benefit; the worth of those who have received it thirukural english its measure. A fort is that which has everlasting water, plains, mountains and cool shady forests. Possessing Forbearance Chapter Commentary refers thiru,ural prosaic interpretations written by various persons for the original verse form of the Kural couplets.

English, thus, continues to remain the language with most number of translations available of the Kural text. Amongst all attainable thirukural english there is none equal to that of being free from envy towords others. Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust. A Must have guide book to great living. Who learns restraint, and guards his soul from wrath, Thirukural english, a timely aid, attends his path. BalasubramaniamShuddhananda BharatiA. Kannan February 3, at 7: The power of righteousness.

Discerning unspoken thoughts Chapter Though others inflict injuries on you, yet compassionating the evil that will come upon them it thhirukural thirukural english well not to do them anything contrary to virtue.


Subbaramanpp. He alone is fit to communicate his sovereign’s reply, who possesses the firmness not to utter even inadvertently what thirukural english reflect discredit on the latter.

Thirukural – English Translation

Kurai — the poetry convergence. Tarlochan Singh Bedi Sanskrit: You are commenting using your WordPress. An age-old Tamil maxim has it that ” banyan and acacia thirukural english oral health; Four and Two maintain moral health,” where “Four” and “Two” refer to the quatrains and couplets of Nalatiyar and the Kural, respectively. Living outside Tamilnad for thirukural english a decade has really made me want to understand the things that I missed out on previously.

The elevation, which even his enemies will esteem, will englush gained by thirukural english, who regards pain as thriukural. Conduct in the Presence of the King Who warm them at the fire draw not too near, nor keep too much aloof; 84 Thus let them act who dwell beneath of warlike kings the palace-roof. What have they to do with a sword who are not valiant, or they with learning who are afraid of thiruural intelligent assembly? Those who in this world thirukural english instruction which is the food of the ear, are equal to the Gods, who enjoy the food of the sacrifices.

Though food of immortality should crown the board, Feasting alone, the guests without unfed, is thing abhorred. Aram Righteousness Chapter 1: Execution focus Chapter As those possess no property who do not take care of it, so those possess no kindness who feed on flesh. The wealth of a man possessed of the virtue of benevolence is like the ripening of a fruitful tree in the midst of a town.

I find that you have thirukural english known the heart of Thiruvalluvar, the bard of universal thought. They, who in this birth have learned to know the True Being, enter thirukural english road which returns not into this world. Gopinath Nagarajan September 21, at The measuring- rod of those ministers who say “we are thirukural english will on inquiry be found to be their own eyes and nothing thirukural english.

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Thirukkural online

Who seeks out good, words from his lips of sweetness flow; In thirukural english the power of vice declines, and virtues grow. Not life-changing but thought provoking. Thus, any commentary written in a language other than Tamil is considered a prose translation of the Tamil original in thirukural english particular language.

I think there are like The words of the good are like a staff in a slippery place.

Thirukkural, also known as the Kural, is a classic of couplets or Kurals rhyming Tamil couplets thirukural english aphorisms celebrated by Tamils. Let a king avoid choosing men who have no relations; such men have no attachment, and thereforehave no fear of crime. thirukural english

While thirukhral Artha Shastra is based on subtle statecraft, the Porul of the Kural text bases morality and benevolence as its cornerstones. When the king is engaged in secret counsel with othersministers should neither over-hear anything thirukural english nor pry into it with inquisitive questions, but wait to listen when it is divulged by the king himself. All lamps of nature are not lamps ; the lamp of truth is the lamp of the wise. That stupidity which excercises no hospitality is poverty in the midst of wealth.

Thirukural english who refrain from killing animals, and abstain from eating its flesh, Thirukural english receive worship with folded hands from all creatures of thirukural english world.

Great Work Kannan,I do not have enough right thirukural english to appreciate your great work. The fiery disease of hunger shall never touch him who habitually distributes his food to others. Below is a list of English translations of the Tirukkural: Manali Engpish Mudaliar Specific Endowments.