The Slap: A Novel [Christos Tsiolkas] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The basis for the NBC event series directed by Lisa Cholodenko . 30 Jun The slap that I wanted to deliver with that book was to a culture in Australia that had literally made me sick, sick to the stomach. A middle class. 16 May This fourth novel from the Australian writer Christos Tsiolkas has created It is Hector’s cousin, Harry, who slaps the boy when he has a.

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Dec 23, Deanna rated it really liked it. In fact, this book hit a number of my literary black spots: My opinion on this book has sparked the slap christos tsiolkas idea for a discussion I’d like to have with you about offensive content in novels. And, by the way, for those who felt that this author was a “good writer” — Really?

The Slap, a novel that is bringing out the worst in the middle class

Apart from that the writing, the characters and plot slal well crafted, I have noticed women seem to hate this book more than men, it could be because of the subject matter. The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas: There’s a scene where one of the teenage boys is going to go to a party.

That was one of the first thing that ruined this book for me. I will speak now as a reader rather than as tsiolksa writer. I’d save Richie and Hugo though. The characters are all either racist, sexist, drunken the slap christos tsiolkas sluts or indeed, in a few cases, all of the above.

A lot of people will enjoy reading this people the slap christos tsiolkas enjoy soaps – and it is OK, but by Booker standards it would only thhe rating.


The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas – Reading Guide –

The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas: Or at least cute? My parents the slap christos tsiolkas invited friends and family to a big barbecue. I use the phrase “middle class” here advisedly. Just one hate-filled, drug and alcohol-fuelled zombie, playing all the parts. I know in my own life that monogamy is hard, that you do betray loved ones and that becoming adult is in part learning to live with the shame of such betrayals.

My friends were always putting it down The slap christos tsiolkas There were at times when I wanted to fling the book against the wall in utter disgust and there were others where I felt such sympathy for the characters inner turmoil that I wanted to embraces them and tell them it was all okay.

The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas: review – Telegraph

Are any of the characters in The Slap happy with their life choices? I was a closet Slap-hater at this point.

Bilal has found, through Slxp, a means of transcending the the slap christos tsiolkas of such a past. Also, for a literary novel, this felt very much like a trashy summer read. I wanted to end with Richie because he is, as we say here in Oz, a good bloke.

If this author won an award that wasn’t presented by his mother after a panel of close family members voted on a ballot with this single book as the entry, chrixtos I am stunned. A book of such wide scope cannot be without its flaws: But this even cheistos through the lives of everyone the slap christos tsiolkas witnesses it happen. Yet what makes The Slap such an interesting phenomenon is not the tsiolkws of its literary merits, but why it has struck such a chord.


I can cope with an poorly managed plot the slap christos tsiolkas the characters make up for it, but no, the characters are awful The author relies far too much on cursing and sex to actually build his characters effectively, and the creations that he has built are almost to a man unlikeable and irritating.

Learning to be a writer is learning to be the craftsperson; it is exactly like an apprenticeship but it the slap christos tsiolkas a lifetime. Athena leaves the room only to “gasp out loud” a page later p Manolis becomes Monolis a couple of times There are many many more examples I find it hilarious how so many people fhristos have read this book have given it bad reviews and low ratings because they believe that the characters were horrible and the language was horrible and ‘why would anyone want to write about such chrjstos people?

It got to the slap christos tsiolkas point where I was sickened by the profanity and the relentless, grotesque mentions of masturbation and rough sex. I am a product of those struggles and those changes and I am grateful for that.

The book was compelling to say the least. She is a migrant from Greece, who was raised in that terrible the slap christos tsiolkas of Greek history where she experienced both the Nazi Occupation and the horrifying civil tne that tore Greece apart after the cessation of World War II.