26 Nov Francine Rivers. Buy This Book. The Scarlet Thread is an adultery story with a sort of blame-the-victim twist. Sierra and Alejandro (Alex) Madrid. The Scarlet Thread is a novel written by Francine Rivers. Plot introduction[ edit]. Sierra Clanton Madrid can’t believe her husband Alex would take a new. 1 Jun The Francine Rivers Historical Collection: The Scarlet Thread / The Last Sin Sierra confesses in Francine Rivers’s novel, “The Scarlet Thread.

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I loved the book. Basically, this is just another perpetuation of the terrible concept that women sxarlet to take a constant backseat to their husband’s wishes, desires he “needs” love, so will get it from his year old office assistant? I determine because she didn’t full on support his decision to move with no warning, and no conversation, she will take him back.

The Scarlet Thread by Francine Rivers

Lists with This Book. On one hand, I did enjoy reading it and was very motivated to keep reading and finish it. It really hit home to me because I used to be that person who held on to past hurts, and kept myself in my own pity party. Oh, I forgot about the worst therad in the book! Her pride cost her her marriage. The wife tries to hard not to lose her temper.

Is he a descendant rivrs the American Revolution’s daughter?

Different time periods but the two women are alot alike. You know me better than I know myself. Wondering how Sierra and Mary will cope with each new incident that comes along kept me turning the pages, eager to read on.


The Scarlet Thread

She didn’t mention anything else regarding her other 4 children so I was confused why she pointed out Joshua. I wouldn’t describe it as profitable or edifying.

I don’t think it is always easy for a wife to follow her husband. This reader was not even planning to read this one yet as it just arrived and is not quite scheduled, but upon picking it up it became an impossibility to put it down until the wee hours of the morning and sleep demanded it. I have read a number of books with two storylines and they really need to either be properly entwined so the reader has to read both or both as intriguing as each other.

The story gets better. I lost interest in the second story about halfway through the book so skipped over the remaining journal entries.

That said, it was well written and engaging for the most part. I don’t recommend this as it is so long and full of arguing back and forth.

How He is always there, waiting for us to turn to Him at our lowest point, when we feel hhe most insignificant and always loving us, even when our determination is to have nothing to do with Him.

Return to Book Page. Nov 05, Natalie Smith rated it it was amazing. The couple has four times as much money but becomes very unhappy and Alex asks for a divorce.

The Scarlet Thread is a story about two women separated by time but sharing the same experiences and learning the same lessons together. It’s about a new marriage, an older marriage, a broken marriage, a fixed marriage and many things that influence a marriage in between.


A few more pages ahead aaaaannnnndddddd drum roll, please! Feb 07, Geri Reads rated it it was ok. Perhaps this is because one of my personal fears is rejection and betrayal.

After 13 years of marriage, Alex decides on his own to leave his steady job for an opportunity in California as a video game designer. Quotes from The Scarlet Thread. It’s frustrating to be reading along and enjoying the book when suddenly, Svarlet, there’s a phrase that just makes you groan.

Jun 11, Elizabeth Ray rated it liked it. I won’t ruin the storyline but I think in this case the author has unfortunately made a case for women to allow themselves to be treated like doormats. Per the title, the scarlet thread is represented in a quilt made by the earlier of the two women.

It probably never will be, no matter how many times I read it.

The Scarlet Thread

When Sierra is told by her husband that they will be moving to Los Angeles for his new job, she is not at all happy with the decision. His wife, Sierra, does not want to move and becomes angry and bitter. Sarah I haven’t heard of it but I would pronounce it cox-ee-niss emphasis on the “ee”. Feb 08, Sarah Miller rated it it was ok Shelves: