12 Feb It takes skill to depict, as Miss Renault has done, this half-man, half Courtesan who is so deeply in love with the warrior.”–The Atlantic. 17 Sep The Persian Boy is the middle book in Mary Renault’s Alexander Trilogy. It was published simultaneously by Longman (London) and Pantheon. 7 Aug In the second novel of her stunning trilogy, Mary Renault vividly imagines the life of Alexander the Great, the charismatic leader whose drive.

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In the novel, Bagoas is 15 years old when he begins his relationship with Alexander then about My only wish is that Hephaistion and Bagoas had loved him together, not apart. If so, I would have loved to see the conversations.

The Persian Boy

At bedtime, he would talk to me of Hephaistion as if memory could give him life; rennault they did as boys, what he’s said of this or that, how he trained his dogs. Alexander com Part of me really disliked this book; part of me couldn’t help but like it. Other books in this series.

View all 40 comments. Other problems I had with the book – because the central character is a trauma survivor whose sense of his masculinity has been seriously and literally damaged, the exclusion of women felt even more arbitrary than it normally does. The Thinking Reed Details. Time After Time Details. Renault’s style is at its best here, subtle, lyrica Basically flawless.


She is also the author of the contemporary Bill Slider Mystery series, as well as her new series, War at Home, which is an epic family drama set against the backdrop of World War I.

Interestingly, Renault has a pertinent comment in her author’s note regarding what has been seen as a very modern debate in historical fiction the book was published in ; dedication to historical accuracy.

To that I will take my oath teh the gods. The Harsh Voice Details. View all 3 comments. Open Preview See a Problem? Her use of character was amazing, something I’m definitely going to strive for however feebly in my own writing. The writing style is a lot simpler from the first book, where you chase around Alexander’s thoughts in a limited-third-person.

The Last Of Summer Details. He was a very brave man, capable of doing amazing things. When we were up in the hills, he took me for an early ride, to taste, as he said, the clean air of Persia once again. Byo has flaws, he hurt my favorite if unintentionallyhe still strikes me as a big perfect idiot – but he also feels too keenly, and loves his animals, and treats my favorite and his home with respect.

Courtney’s War Wilbur Smith. She writes about Greek men, Greek masculinity with this astonishing clarity and compassion that I don’t think anyone else has quite managed persain that particular topic. Even if it was as bad as some similar stuff I’ve read, at least it was a way to pass time.


His mother, Olympias, and his father, King Philip of Macedon, fought each other for their son’s loyalty, teaching Alexander politics and vengeance from the cradle. In fans discussed what music they thw with different parts of The Persian Boy [11]. Again, I was robbed off this. Through Bagoas’ eyes, we see Alexander’s extraordinary feats, but we also see how human Alexander is – how he was flawed, how he tired, how he loved, how he raged.

The Persiaan Garden Details.

On his advice she runs away from home and goes to live with her sister Bo, who escaped eight years earlier. The Tremor of Forgery Details.

The Persian Boy – Wikipedia

In retrospection, I’m glad. Injured at Dunkirk, Laurie Odell, a young corporal, is recovering at a rural veterans’ hospital. In A Summer Season Details.

But, nonetheless, she remains goodand strangely unique. Aug 01, Shawn rated it liked it. Also, I cried so much at the end.