The Game of Chess is a book about chess written by Siegbert Tarrasch. It was published in by Courier Dover Publications, originally it was released in. – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. ‘The Game of Chess’ by Siegbert Tarrasch. Translated and revised (C67) Ruy Lopez, 29 moves, Game 3. Tarrasch vs Von Scheve, (D37) Queen’s.

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Tarrasch had no trouble, nor did Nimzowitch, violating the very rules he taught when facing a strong opponent in a tournament game.

Looking Back, Part 1 | The Week in Chess

When the Black has 10 lives kings Want to Read saving…. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Rajiv rated it liked it Oct tarasch, After Tarrasch’s compatriot Emanuel Lasker won the World Championship, the two agreed to terms for a match to take place in autumn ofbut the negotiations collapsed after Tarrasch requested a postponement.

Despite his fine research, I find Velasco’s writing style irritating in the biographical sections of the book.

The Game of Chess by Tarrasch

John rated it really liked it Feb 23, Okay, that’s my petty academic quibble, expressed solely for the record. It reveals a pragmatic player who, however, had extremely strong opinions tarrascg certain positions, and who was judgmental regarding many move options about which the modern master would be indifferent, considering them more a matter of taste than of fundamental principle.

By the way, the book is written with endgames first, middle-games second, and openings third. Learn from the best.

Tarrasch’s renowned dogmatism about openings is evidentincluding his insistence upon the inferiority of many time-proven Black defences, so any teacher using this text would have to supplement or replace this section with more up-to-date chesss.


Siegbert Tarrasch was born in Breslau. However, from what I have read so far, the author of the book really took his time putting this book together.

But I have to say that you could do much worse with a novice student than to forget all those popular books and series and simply teach directly from this book. Everyone has their favorite, but I have seen a number of chess authorities who consider this the best ever of its kind in teaching the post-beginner the basic elements of chess.

The Game of Chess

Read about 20 years of TWIC. Vince rated it really liked it Nov 19, In fact and imo, the sentence in the bio: I don’t have the German edition any more in order to make a direct comparison, but the translation by Sol Schwarz is unpretentious, literate, and reads very well, qualities lacking in the translations of many chess books.

The Game of Chess by Siegbert Tarrasch. The updated version with algebraic notation is very useful for first learning chess, and it’s quite a bit older than My System. If you are an adult reader, who wants to gain an insight by an oldtime, but smartimer, then enjoy this book! The great instructor C. Adejubee Praise rated it really liked it Apr 30, I’ve always considered Tarrasch mediocre; yes, he was a very strong player, but all his views, sympathies and antipathies, and unability to create new thoughts – all that obviously proved the mediocrity of his personality.

Tarrasch was, deservedly, designated as one of the first five ‘grandmasters’ of chess. Decades of chess play shows that at least some of these hyper-modern openings are quite viable, such as the Nimzo-Indian Defense.


I have refrained from glossing the games, because a detailed glossing would have cost too much time. Of course, the truth is that one sometimes allows such an advance and one sometimes blocks it. I can think of two books: AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. In addition, this edition includes a dozen sparsely illustrated games which Tarrasch annotated.

Hasn’t worked so far though Please try again later. To this day, our elementary texts are full of bogus guidelines about more important topics than rook pawn advances, so we should not feel too smug about such quaint arguments. From Beginner To Master. Tarrasch provides hundreds of well-illustrated examples from game situations to elaborate on middlegame tactics. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? My instructor decided to start me on some openings he thinks I can handle.

Unlike Emanuel Lasker or Savielly Tartakower, who – as we can definitely assume – must have realized sometime after the end of the First World War which, just like Tarrasch, they endured on the side of the axis countries Germany and Austria that an assimilation of the Jewry in Germany was impossible and who, therefore, afterrepresented the cosmopolitan Jews from the German culture, Tarrasch reacted as chessplayer with the possibilities given to him by the anti-semitism of the Empire and by the Weimar Republic by an intensified assimilation.

Grandmaster Techniques from A to Z.