August 19, 2018

Harv Bus Rev. May-Jun;76(3), 44, Strategic stories: how 3M is rewriting business planning. Shaw G(1), Brown R, Bromiley P. Manageris recommande l’article Strategic stories: how 3M is rewriting business planning, Harvard Business Review, 29 Jun The 3M company is currently using stories as part of its business planning to .. ” Strategic Stories: How 3M is Rewriting Business Planning.

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Story work is what Disney, but what most contemporary organizations do, wandering the halls and off ices and now the focus groups chasing storylines. How would you want these stories to be organized?

SOLYP – Strategic Storytelling: How Fiction Becomes Reality

The conclusion requires a logical, concise argument that is specific to the situation and leads to th e desired outcomes. Strategic Storytelling offers a good alternative for this. Despite the skill or knowledge of their authors, these plans usually aren’t anything more than lists of “good things to do. David Barry remarks “In organizations, this power is often used to seduce, to lull dreamy employees into thinking they’re part of some great cause.

Strategic stories how 3m is rewriting business planning Science Quarterly, 36, Didn’t get the message? Work shifts businfss these conditions can last from 10 to 16 hours.

I think of many global companies which spin a tale of the corporate family. With “strategic storytelling,” Shaw finally found a viable alternative to the traditional communication approach.

On a day many Disney investors would choose to forget, Disney plunged In his article, Shaw points out that the structure of a strategic story is similar to a three-act play.

At the most basic level, storytelling can help a manager gain and hold his audience’s attention. How 3M is rewriting business planning. A study of story performance in an office-supply firm.

Strategic stories: how 3M is rewriting business planning.

Disney since the mids has been dogged by allegations of being a sweatshop employer, with only money as the strategic stories how 3m is rewriting business planning line. The growth was propelled by strong sales of The Lion King and Pocahontas merchandise as the division stretched out into new businesses and businese markets. But, Disney is still the modernist storytelling machine and beneath stratsgic theme park is the factory.


On December 17, an NBC Dateline undercover investigation exposed Disney’s use of substandard wages, abusive working conditions and child labor. In the third act, you present your businexs to the problem faced. By painting a picture of the market, the competition, and the strategy needed to beat the competition, these narratives can fill in the spaces around the bullet points for those who will approve and those who will implement the strategy.

Advantages of Strategic Storytelling No matter whether told orally, in writing, or via video message, stories about the future strategic direction of the company have great advantages busibess the bullet list format. Rather, storytelling is an emergent and collective process, where stories antenarratives are shared in fragments. By having a story-collector sit in on a group in which you told stories? Michael Eisner, strategically reframed dewriting Walt Disney stories to give Disney new strategic direction Boje, Back inPlqnning Shaw, at the time Executive Director of Planning at 3M, noted in a Harvard Business Review article that bullet lists are not suitable for communicating strategies to employees.

If you had a story to add to this list, who would you want to read it? This is something I am developing in the idea of “antenarrative” Boje,a, b. As such, these parks lead visitors to rewrihing that an environment can be sustained within a vacuum controlled by technicians and engineers Sterling, Develop a synergistic vision for traditional products. Add to My Bibliography. If you had a story to add to this list, how would you want to do it? However, they are certainly not the best way to communicate new strategies to employees, to spark commitment, and achieve strategic and operational alignment.

Among the pirate, frontier, future, robot, and castle worlds is a concealed reality of rather bizarre labor practices. Rarely do these tsories reflect deep thought or inspire commitment. Granted, not every manager or strategist is a born strategic stories how 3m is rewriting business planning.


Here you will want to build up some suspense leading rewriitng the climax of the story in the final act. Be sure to give good and logical arguments how the company will overcome the obstacle and achieve the desired goal.

Each event is open to a multitude of interpretations.

It helps to breathe life into the plain bullet points and to win the minds of the employees for the common cause. Toward a narrative view of strategic discourse.

Author information 1 3M, St. Antenarrative is defined as a bet that a pre-story can be told and theatrically performed that will plannign stakeholders in intertextual ways that transform the world of action into theatrics; at the same time the antenarratives never quite get there. Even diehard fans admit that Eisner h as strayed from Walt’s original corporate strategy and vision and in April,Disney stock took a dive. Storiew telling organization stories is part of the “micropractices” of corporate power Clegg: Plenary presentation to 5th International Conference on Organizational Discourse: Next, the strategic planner must introduce the dramatic conflict “What challenges strategic stories how 3m is rewriting business planning the company face in this situation?

Strategic Stories

The goal should be to create a planniing vision for the future, which is both achievable and desirable. Disney, like other corporations is a storytelling organization of many jow stories, each a different frame of reality, each chased by wandering and fragmenting audiences. This can significantly increase their motivation to implement the new strategy and contribute to greater connectedness with the employer.

Corporate stories, even strategic ones, present occasions for multiple interpretations and plurivocality.