Page 1. STATIM /S Service Guide. Rev STATIM / S / G4 Service Manual. Table of Contents. Table of Contents. 11 Mar Cassette Autoclave™. Statim — Unit overview. Caution Hot Surface. Power Cord. Operator’s Manual /. 10 Easy Maintenance Tips. Printed and bound replacement Operator’s Manualfor both the STATIM and (Also applicable for older models such as , )*Includes PDF.

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Statim — Unit Overview Table of contents Table Of Contents Pump Filter Cleaning Instructions Control Box Connections Priming The Statim Pump Identifying Steam Generator Types statim 5000 manual Installing The External Printer Setting The Time And Date Cycle Printout Overview Reinstalling The Reservoir Solenoid Valve And Pressure Transducer Removing The Medo Compressor statim 5000 manual Reinstalling The Pressure Transducer stwtim Statim — Stat-dri Plates Running A Cycle Connecting The Waste Bottle Removing The Pressure Transducer Sequence Of Operation How To Use This Book Installing The Statprinter Removing Internal Mahual Paper Jams Removing The Solenoid Valve Statim Calibration Removing A Detachable Power Cord Water Pump Recovery Repair Procedure Thermal Fuse Location The Optional Statprinter Cycle Profile And Capacity No Power Pcb Revision 2.


Removing The Printer Assembly Changing The Statim Air Filter Cleaning The Cassette Stopping A Cycle Controller Board Fuse Values Testing The Fluid-o-tech Pump Diode Performing Inline Filter Maintenance Reservoir And Water Sensors Printer And Data Logger Removing And Replacing The Battery Preventative Maintenance Schedule Preparing And Loading Instruments Printer Interface Board — Important Notes Replacing The Microswitch Adjusting The Cycle Drying Time Statim 5000 manual Im Statim 5000 manual Electronics SciCan Statim Operator’s Manual 34 pages cassette autoclave.

Cleaning The Exterior Surfaces