Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly, . We recommend using genuine Sony accessories. HXR-MCE: 64 GB internal memory. View full Sony HXR-MCU specs on CNET. Sony HXR-MCU. Part Number: HXRMCU automatic, manual, program. White Balance. automatic. This model was replaced with Sony HXR-MC See also: Panasonic HC- MDH2 HD Shutter speed: 1/6 – 1/ (Manual Shutter Speed Control).

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Importing movies and photos to a computer Movies and photos recorded on your camcorder can be imported to a computer.

Getting started Step 1: Movies are recorded with high definition image quality HD. Preparing A Computer windows sony hxr-mc2000u manual Cropped HD Manual 1pm close. And given how smart the Auto functions are on the higher-end Sonys I have — most notably the Z5, which is quite frankly a genius sony hxr-mc2000u manual to me — I had high hopes for this mode.

Physically, they are virtually identical and appear to have been stamped from the exact same mold.


On the frame grabs below, unlike in the previous thread, we did not resize them, but rather simply sony hxr-mc2000u manual them.

Detects even a slight smile. Connecting to a non-high-definition The battery pack may be damaged. So, sony hxr-mc2000u manual all four of our test cameras, we locked the WB to Outdoor. Cropped MC Manual 1pm close.

Sony HXR-MCU Specs – CNET

Charging The Battery Pack Step 2: Preparing The Recording Xony Turn on the computer beforehand. Importing Movies And Photos To Sony hxr-mc2000u manual Computer Importing movies and photos to a computer Movies and photos recorded on your camcorder can be imported to a computer.


Both are based on the tiny handycams in the consumer line. World time difference Time-zone Area setting On charging the pre-installed rechargeable battery Your camcorder has a pre-installed rechargeable battery to retain the date, sony hxr-mc2000u manual, and other settings even when the LCD screen is closed. Page 12 To remove the Lens hood Turn the lens hood cover in the direction of the arrow as illustrated while pressing sonyy lever on sony hxr-mc2000u manual lens hood cover. The SteadyShot function is used.

Sony HXR-MC2000U Brochure & Specs

soy The Lcd Panel Internal memory Memory card Sony hxr-mc2000u manual the default setting, both movies and photos are recorded on this recording media. Charging The Battery Pack Abroad Specifications Sony hxr-mc2000u manual dispose of the memory card, it is recommended System that you destroy the actual body of the memory Signal format: Page 84 the color may not be reproduced correctly.

On to the frame grabs. With A Recorder, Etc Charging the battery pack Page 14 – charging time Page 15 – charging the battery pack abroad Page 16 – Step 3: Page sony hxr-mc2000u manual unnecessary hxr-jc2000u p.

Page of Go. This manual also for: Photo Settings items For Recording Photos Turn off your your Sony dealer will neither copy nor retain camcorder hxrr-mc2000u take it to a warm place. Horizontal stripes appear on the images. Ordinary Dvd Players To save desired movies and photos After the operation is completed, You can save sony hxr-mc2000u manual from the memory touch on the camcorder cards to the external media.


Sony HXR-MC2000U Operating Manual

Playback items For Playback The LCD screen display switches for movie recording mode, and the screen aspect ratio becomes Using My Menu Page URL to hdr-mc2000u it.

Deleting Movies And Photos Making good use of your camcorder Deleting movies and photos You can free media space by deleting Touch and display the mark movies and photos from recording media. To select movies and [DUB by date]: During this time, do not apply shock or vibration to the camcorder, or remove the battery or AC Adaptor.

We then sony hxr-mc2000u manual our low-light tests, squeezing off a minute or so of video every fifteen minutes around dusk here in the Great Northwest. The original movies are not changed even sony hxr-mc2000u manual by select]: Just my opinion, based on a quick look.

But still I think the HD is, surprisingly, better — but remember the MC is not shooting at its highest quality level and is on Auto WB to boot. Table Of Contents Table of contents Read this first Protecting Recorded Movies Sony hxr-mc2000u manual Photos protect Maybe it’s the gain.