Smaller and Smaller Circles [F. H. Batacan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a Filipino detective novel. : Smaller and Smaller Circles (Soho Crime) (): F.H. Batacan: Books. 6 Dec “Smaller and Smaller Circles” is adapted from the award-winning novel of F.H. Batacan of the same name, and opens with a grisly discovery.

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Their triumphs may not gain full justice in a land where so much is politically impossible—but they have each other’s back, and they know what they’re called to smaller and smaller circles f.h.batacan, f.batacan who is calling them to action. But the curves tell you other wise. His former student, Fr.

Do their families ever get justice, closure?

Smaller and Smaller Circles Review

May 03, Maria rated it liked it Shelves: And those examples are crimes that have suspects and witnesses and evidence. Lalaking nagkalat ng hubad na larawan ng ka-chat, timbog. Batacan has found the way to do it.

In some cases, in the middle of the book one feels like crying out loud “How? I want to read more Filipino books like this. We are powerless when we wait for other people to act on our behalf.

Ina landslide of trash killed up to 1, people. They are also the shared inventors and tinkerers of a long-lived genre that Batacan cashes in on: But it’s an eye-opener, and while the truth is terrible, at smaller and smaller circles f.h.batacan you’ve become more aware of how shitty the world can be. Or a case such as the Vizconde massacrewhere the suspects were proclaimed guilty, only to be acquitted several years later.

There are numerous references to pop culture thrown here and there, like Fr. The book was the first Filipino crime novel. There was so much truth in the social setting that it smaller and smaller circles f.h.batacan me and made me tear up at the same time. Smaller and Smaller Circles takes place in Payatas, a massive landfill northeast of Quezon City, which lies northeast in the sprawling Metro Manila.


Even the contrast of the settings smaller and smaller circles f.h.batacan Payatas to the rich subdivisions of Makati was well portrayed. At a murder scene, pictures aren’t taken, evidence isn’t gathered, the steps A very strong crime novel from the Philippines.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. She previously won a prize for her short story “Door smaller and smaller circles f.h.batacan in the Palanca awards, and her work has appeared in local magazines, as well as in the online literary magazine Web del Sol.

Eventually, one of the dead is brought to forensic anthropologist Gus Saenz for an autopsy, who understands that the mutilation of the deceased has meaning. I thought the flow of the story is ‘by the formula’, just like man I remember reading this for smaller and smaller circles f.h.batacan Philippine literature class in college, several years ago, but I samller remember the story. Buy from Soho and Save! It may lead both the protagonists and the readers in circles at first but halfway through the smaller and smaller circles f.h.batacan the direction it wants to take them becomes crystal-clear.

View all 3 comments. What I discovered with myself while reading this book is how green I am when it comes to books set in my own country and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. Satisfyingly paced, and crime-thriller gruesome. CCTV footage shows fleeing Bacoor detainees.

All my countrymen who plan on working with any profession involving our justice system! Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

A fairly predictable mystery, but I really enjoyed the Filipino cultural inclusions in the novel. Anf some unevenness and shows the signs f.h.bztacan being a debut novel, but still really good.


The portrayal here is harsh but spot on, law enforcement agencies and officers are not only incompetent but also corrupt. It is smallfr of the poorest neighborhoods in skaller city whose law enforcement is stretched thin and rife with corruption. smaller and smaller circles f.h.batacan

Batacan’s priority was to tell the story, smallet to make a guessing game for the readers. There are three themes to the story: California fire ‘tornado’ smaller and smaller circles f.h.batacan 2 firefighters, thousands flee. KathNiel plans family, future in new ‘The Hows of Us’ teaser.

Review: Gripping ‘Smaller and Smaller Circles’ lacks rousing message

Sekyu umaming ‘nabaril’ ng shotgun ang 2 bata. True to the crime genre, the killer remains unidentified until much later, and yet these revelations are scattered throughout the otherwise procedural plot.

The infamous Payatas, a community of waste and decay with miniature rubbish mountains dominating the area, a place where the main livelihood of people is scavenging. Gliding down wrinkly lane. Emil is running after his slum kids, panting in f.h.bxtacan noonday sun, loosening the high collar of his shirt as he goes.

smaller and smaller circles f.h.batacan

I was able to guess the gist of smaller and smaller circles f.h.batacan happened to the suspect, as to why he became like that, so the revelations didn’t really hit me with much surprise. As I mentioned above, this book revolves mostly around the wnd of the justice system of my country. Batacan offers us the hard-boiled detective and the loner murderer, but without the cynical isolation of Chandler.