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To create natural sand texture for interior of buildings, such as commercial, residential buildings, cwtalogue, etc. Dustproof – Interior Coatings.

Skk paint catalogue odor, dust-proofing capability, reduces floor maintenance.


Easy to apply and fast curing. Photo Review 1 newly listed Most helpful Skk paint catalogue First. Zinc panels, Steel, Galvanized. Anti-bacterial – Interior Coatings. Suitably primed surfaces timber and metal doors, railing, pipes, grilles, furniture, pipes, frames, machinery, etc.

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As a water resistant coating for interior and exterior of building to cover skk paint catalogue cracks. Forms a hard surface after curing without any shrinkage cracks. Superb resistance towards skk paint catalogue contaminations such as alkaline attach, ultra-violet radiation, dirt and catalogie collection. A high quality premium acrylic co-polymer emulsion wall putty of fine, smooth and excellent finish. Selected items in your Shopping cart.

Anti-fungus property against mildew growth. Light-weight and versatile in design. Resistance to oil and grease. Washable surface for easy maintenance.

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Suitably primed surfaces of concrete, plaster, masonry, brickwork, wood, metal, Skk paint catalogue panel, PC panel, hard and soft boards etc. Masonry, plaster, brickwork, soft and cahalogue boards Resistance to fungus growth and alkalinity Superior adhesion and hiding power Washable Excellent water resistance and sealing properties Dries quickly to a flat, tough film Excellent penetration power onto porous substrates.

Chemical and alkali resistance.

Creates tile-like finishing using paitn pattern papers, suitable for interior and exterior surfaces. A water-based acrylic sealer, primer with excellent resistance to fungus growth and alkalinity.

Excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals and oil stains Dust proof, reduces costs of maintenance. Economical and easy to use. As a water resistant coating for interior and exterior of buildings to cover hairline cracks. Paing to its one component and water based type, paaint is safe and easy. Its moisture skk paint catalogue function keeps skk paint catalogue moisture consistent, this preventing condensation in winter time and mould growth.

Also prepares new surface for all types of subsequent coatings. Easy application Requires only a half of the time of ceramic tile installation Good adhesion strength Excellent weather durability Due to smooth skk paint catalogue surface, easy to clean up the surface. Non-combustible, heat resistant, fire resistant and smokeless with no emission of poisonous gas when burnt. Excellent sjk to acids, alkalis and other chemicals.

Exterior decorations for residential buildings, condominiums, commercial buildings, offices, factories, educational institution, public amenities, etc. Its micro-granular binder creates an inorganic polymer composite resulting in high degree of hardness and durability.


skk paint catalogue

HP Sealer skk paint catalogue a water-based acrylic sealer. One component, environmental-friendly water-based acrylic anti-algae, anti-fungus, acrylic emulsion paint. Strengthens weak surfaces of concrete, prevents poor adhesiveness and discolouration of finishing coats. As a topcoat for most epoxy system. Many patterns can catakogue achieved by using our special pattern paper. Mosaic tile, un-glazed ceramic tile, texture skk paint catalogue, concrete, mortar, pre-cast concrete, GRC panel etc.

Fungus and alkaline resistant. Its film provides an excellent resistance against water, alkali and various types of solvents.

SKK – Color Design

Pre-weighed and packed for easy mixing on site and fast to lay on substrate. To create a decorative texture coat, ideal for commercial, industrial and institutional projects and are suitable for interior and exterior surfaces.

New type decorative coating for interior possessing a variety of functions needed for indoor spaces. Skk paint catalogue primed surfaces of interior concrete, plaster, masonry, PC panel, GRC panel, hard and soft boards, timber, etc.

Shining Sand

Finishing coat has fireproofing property. Serves as the decorative and protective finishing coat for interior wall and ceiling surfaces. Compatible with water-based topcoat.