The mesh current method of circuit analysis discussed in this technical article employs mesh currents as the independent variables. Kirchhoff’s voltage law. 28 Mar Single Line Diagram/33/11kv Sub-station PGI; 3. 3 incomer from /KV s/s Sarojini Nagar & 1 outgoing kv line to Gomti Nagar. TECHNICAL REPORTTopic: kv Substation Bosan Road Multan Complete layout of kv Substation SINGLE LINE DIAGRAM KV SWITCHYARD.

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The power factor is corrected here and the voltage is stepped down to 33KV and power is then transferred to distribution system of the grid to meet the requirements of the end consumers at their 13 voltage. Load, generation, and interchange schedule variations over time may be prescribed, and the resulting changes in power system conditions may be visualized.

Therefore, the power is transmitted to the load centres and is stepped down to distribution level. The blue line indicates the 66 KV bus section.

Simulation and Analysis of 220kV Substation

The contouring routines are implemented into the Power World Simulator software package, with results shown for systems with up to several thousand buses. Bus represents reference node during calculation or simply nodes that are llne in nodal analysis.

The transformers used are transformer number 1, 2, 5. Simulation technique single line diagram 132 kv substation very useful in the power system planning and design. By using the PowerWorld simulator we also analyse the effect of adding or removal of transmission line and other power system component.

The PowerWorld simulator is a user friendly tool that provides visual single line diagram 132 kv substation results. Power flow study also known as load flow constitutes an important part of power system analysis and design of any power system network. The Load flow solution is also known as power flow solution.

Facebook Linkedin Google Plus Twitter. The power flows real and imaginary for this example are in the same direction. The load is supplied at various voltage levels. The power is then fed into a 33KV bus single line diagram 132 kv substation which different loads were tapped. Another type of bus in a power network is the generator bus. Also, because of the low computation requirements of the contouring algorithm, the algorithm is implemented into a real-time animation of the voltage profile of a eingle system.


Experiments and interviews with system engineers are single line diagram 132 kv substation discussed to measure the applicability of voltage contouring as an add-on to practical Energy Management Systems. The power loss of existing grid totalled For a steady state load flow study, parameters that generators are represented as are fixed power and desired voltage magnitude. Successful power system operation under normal balanced three-phase steady-state conditions requires:.

Single Line Diagram Of v Db (/kv Substation) in New Town, Kolkata – SATCON

For the power flow analysis using the single line diagram of KV substation, the model of the substation is developed in the Power World Simulator. The power flow solution is used to evaluate the bus voltage, branch current, real power flow, reactive power flow for the specified generation and load conditions.

Figure shows the single line diagram of KV Navsari substation. The basic formula to single line diagram 132 kv substation all load flow problems is represented by Equation 2 and Equation-3.

In practical field, system engineers carryout load flows on a daily basis with varying system configurations, load patterns and generating conditions to understand the behaviour of the system at different operating conditions. Short circuit analysis is also useful to select, set, and coordinate protective equipment such as circuit breakers, fuses, relays, and instrument transformers.

In addition to these features, Simulator boasts integrated economic dispatch, area transaction economic analysis, power transfer distribution factor PTDF computation, short circuit analysis and contingency analysis, all accessible through a consistent and colourful single line diagram 132 kv substation interface.

Reference [1] discusses the use of contours for visualizing power system voltage data. In a steady state load flow study, loads are specified as fixed real and reactive power. Generator bus is defined as any bus excluding the slack bus with a generator connected to it. Now, this KV bus step downs voltage at 66 KV and KV for single line diagram 132 kv substation transmission of power by using step down transformer.


Sadaphale and Vikram S.

Simulation and Analysis of kV Substation | Open Access Journals

However, it is easy to model the admittance of the network into a matrix for any analysis, where the diagonal elements are self-admittance and off-diagonal elements are mutual admittance.

The load centres are usually located away from generating stations. The control of lihe, transmission, distribution and area exchange are performed from a centralized single line diagram 132 kv substation.

The voltage control also resulted in reduced reactive MVar demand on two of the three generators, with the slack bus experiencing a decrease subetation Power World Simulator is very useful software single line diagram 132 kv substation analyzing power system operation. The data is valid through 31st December, All this lines are export and import power to the substation.

The simulation and analysis includes power flow analysis and short circuit analysis.

The results are used to evaluate the line or transformer loading and the acceptability of bus voltages. This program computes the voltage magnitude and angle at each bus in a power system under balanced three-phase steady-state conditions. To minimize these voltage violations, shunt capacitor compensators were placed at affected buses, resulting in a network with a minimum bus voltage of 0.

The power-flow computer program sometimes called load flow is the basic tool for investigating eiagram requirements. The different kinds of faults are also simulated at various buses of the substation. It also computes real and reactive power flows for all equipment interconnecting the single line diagram 132 kv substation, as well as equipment losses2.