6 Oct Working of Scuderi split cycle engine. How Scuderi engine achieves a high compression ratio?. 16 Apr The Scuderi engine is a split cycle design that divides the four strokes of a conventional combustion cycle over two paired cylinders, one. 12 Apr The Scuderi engine is a split cycle design that divides the four strokes of a conventional combustion cycle over two paired cylinders, one.

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It also has the same power density power strokes per cylinder per revolutioneven though the power cylinder fires on every rotation, because cycke the extra compression cylinder. Fuel is injected in the scuderi split cycle engine end of the crossover passages just as the XovrE valve opens. Much work has been done to toward replacing the combustor of a turbine with a diesel engine, using exotic lubes, but even after this work, problems with the “hot cylinder” remain. This will make this scuderi split cycle engine moot.

It appears to be a cylinder-compression version of a supercharger. Scuderi has no intention of building a full engine, they just want to scuderi split cycle engine their patents, that means that if an engine or car manufacturer isn’t convinced in the first place, this engine will stay as it is: Click to enlarge By separating the compression cylinder from the power cylinder and by using a standard turbocharger to convert recovered exhaust-gas energy into compressed air energy, the size of the compression cylinder can be downsized to achieve substantial reductions in negative compression work.

This is scuderi split cycle engine Scuderi Split Cycle engine. Spllt from ” https: OPOC by itself, without any ceramic coating,already has low-heat rejection benefit. However, when you try to make a practical application, you cucle have to make compromises that reduce this potential.

Related Cars for Sale on. So now, just like daytime TV they create a problem where none existed and say they solved it and, in fact, the “very low COV in the Scuderi Engine indicates that the combustion mix is scuderi split cycle engine more complete and robust than in a conventional engine.

Scuderi split-cycle engine – all set to revolutionise things

Lower COV figures correlate with higher efficiency and more complete combustion. No, Atkinson-cycle engines in HEV’s are already doing that. The Scuderi engine is interesting, but as others have pointed out, it has been done before and I wish them the best possible luck. Compressed air is scuderi split cycle engine from the compression cylinder to the power cylinder through a crossover passage.


scuderu HarveyD 24 June at Southwest Research of Antonio TX built this engine on a computer and is currently building a prototype. But any concept of ICE will have hard time to make it through, turbo charged high pressure diesel are already very efficient and powerful. It’s a great idea, just like many of the other engines that pop up, but the news now is hybrid, hydrogen, biodiesel, electric and all of the really new technologies.

Only liquid fuels contain the amount of energy required. The power cylinder performs combustion and exhaust. Scuderi engines have cyycle cylinders, each of which performs two of the tasks strokes of scuderi split cycle engine conventional engine. Your scdueri comments scuderi split cycle engine “Scuderi” appear to have skewed your objectiveness. Comments There are no wires going to the spark plug. And it is open for all to see, just use common sense.

Scuderi Split Cycle Engine Advantages Disadvantages and Applications | Mecholic

You need to do some research on this before you discount it so quickly. Fuel is then injected and fired to produce the power stroke. Scuderi split cycle engine power stroke is positive work, or the energy that is produced by the expanding gases to create mechanical work. While its fuel efficiency and other advantages may make this a useful modern design, the extra complexity would historically have favored the Otto design, when precision machining was more expensive than fuel savings over the engine’s lifetime.

Your comment could not be posted. If you want a combination of turbine and piston you can go with the Electro-turbine-supercharger of the new OPOC or you could go in the other direction with scuddri Pescara free piston turbine combinations that could burn crude oil scuderi split cycle engine refining like the super large piston ship engines.

Key features include fully variable intake and exhaust valves, outwardly opening crossover passage valves and high geometric compression and expansion ratios.

No need to run ICE at low power setting, low efficiency level anymore. Click to enlarge Other figures and percentages — the engine, when boosted with a turbocharger to 3. In a conventional Otto cycle engine, each cylinder performs all four strokes per cycle.


The net result, the company says, is a smaller, higher-performing engine that yields significant gains in volumetric efficiency and power as well as reducing BSFC. This weblog only allows comments from registered users.

Looking at their patents, it would appear easy to build a prototype scuderi split cycle engine to demonstrate efficiency. The power cylinder fires just after the piston has begun its scuderi split cycle engine motion “after top dead center”, or ATDC.

This 10 point increase in efficency is tranferred directly to the drive train, thus doubling the fuel slit. Name is required to post a comment. This will even sngine hybrids more efficent.

As of AugustScuderi Group said its patent portfolio included more than patent applications worldwide, scuderi split cycle engine than of which have issued as patents in more than 50 countries.

ToppaTom 27 June at Each crossover passage has a crossover compression XovrC valve on its upstream end and a crossover expansion XovrE valve on its scuderi split cycle engine end, which control flow through the crossover passage. Views Read Cucle View history. To comment, please enable JavaScript so you can sign in. When you develop a full understanding of these concepts, perhaps you may well be able to provide more insightful comments, instead of bashing.

You are currently signed in as nobody. I doubt if you find there more valued engineering substance www. And then scuderi split cycle engine makes us very confident that, when fully mapped and analyzed, the efficiency of the engine will be even higher than previously predicted, which so far has been the pattern in the measured data we have acquired to date.

Secondly, for improving the efficiency and emission of automotive engines, better approach is simply to use peak-shaving and smaller engine operating wide-open throttle.

Whether the Scuderi engine scuderl this remains to be seen.