Robert Lichello, an award-winning author and broadcaster, was a newspaper reporter and editor, and his financial columns have appeared in numerous. Trusted by thousands of investors worldwide since , this bestselling classic reveals Robert Lichello’s revolutionary formula for earning profits in. Superpower investing;: The superpower way to bank and invest your money ( featuring the revolutionary new investment discovery SYNCHROVEST). Robert.

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AIM decisions are based on the closing price of the stock on the last trading day of each month. The observation to increase your profit margin, is not to buy when the stock.

Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. Just entering the stock market from buy and hold ljchello to active trading. I did some similar tests and here are the results that I’d like to share with everybody. Hi Neko, Glad you found some value in this article, thanks for posting your comment.

There is actually a little difference in how Microsoft Excel and NinjaScript essentially C handle int function: Learn more at Author Central. This is used to prevent bots and spam.

Look back at the comments for one posted by jeffee about months ago. His stock market discoveries fascinated and enriched two generations… More about Robert Lichello. Many have said the most important purpose for investing is to make money.


I know it’s tricky to fine tune a simple and elegant system like AIM without messing it up. I can send you a list and a free copy of my page book and monthly AIM newsletter – just go to http: The Hacking of the American Mind. I hope to check back with you all in the near future.

I downloaded monthly SPY prices from 3 January to the end of December and the values I get are quite different than you have placed on your Chart: See 2 more comments. Undertrader, Thanks for sharing your experience, are you using AIM by the book or are have you modified the original algorythem?

How to Make $1,, in the Stock Market Automatically: by Robert Lichello

This is a very dumb and basic question: No data is shared with Facebook unless you engage with this feature. I’ve used AIM many years ago on one of my mutual funds.

To provide a better website experience, toughnickel. Should i divesify even with ? It can be used with a lichlelo or mutual fund portfolio.

Robert Lichello

The Little Book of Sideways Markets. I know this is a short period of sampling but I just got the idea to work the aim lichelllo last week. So have take a step have and did some optimising runs on the 11 year data and basically I get two results: In the early days I had to start by picking individual stocks, but now I feel that leveraged indexes are the best way to go.


The reason is that the chances of an ETF going to zero is very small compared to the stock of a single company.

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Lichello adjusted the equity: Inhe moved to New York and worked for numerous magazines as a reporter, feature writer, and associate editor. There has been a couple people search for some of the work that Tom Veale has done that have taken AIM and modified the algorithm specifically to address your observations.

Suze Orman’s Action Plan. AIM decisions are based on the tobert price of the stock on the last trading day of each month 4.