Syllabus of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences Bachelor of Science (BSc ) Nursing (Basic) – 1st Year Examinations. Course Syllabus & Curriculum of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences Bachelor of Science (BSc) Nursing (Basic) course. Syllabus of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences Bachelor of Science (BSc ) Nursing (Basic) – 2nd Year Examinations.

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Maybe even aid a physician directly? Meaning of social changes Factors of social changes Human adaptation and social change Social change and stress Social rguhs bsc nursing syllabus and deviance Social change and health programme The rguhw of social planning in the improvement of health and rehabilitation Social Problems of disabled: Haemodynamic of arterial return, venous drainage, cardioplegia Delivery and venting.

Syllabus of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences – Bachelor of Science (BSc) Nursing (Basic)

Theory of blood pumps Ideal blood pump, pulsatile versus non-pulsatile flow, occlusive and non-occlusive pumps, various types of pumps rguhs bsc nursing syllabus, bellow, sigmamotor, diaphragm, ventricular and centrifugal pumps.

Experimental pharmacology directed to show the effects of commonly used drugs of syllaabus and interpretation of few charts. We have sent your preferred data and time to the institute to check availability of trial class.

Lifting And Transporting Patients: Disinfection of instruments used in patient care: Disease communicable to Healthcare workers in hospital rguhs bsc nursing syllabus up and its rghus measure: Intra pulmonary pleural pressure, surface tension, recoil tendency of the wall.

Meaning of social factors Role of social factors in health and disease Socialization: Understanding the methods of purification of water on small scale and large scale.


Descriptive and inferential statistics. Functions of kidneys structural and functional unit nephron, vasarecta, cortical and juxtamedullary nephrons — Comparision, Juxta Syllabud Apparatus —Structure and function.

Rguhs bsc nursing syllabus Definition, types, Pathology and effects in brief. Please relax your filters to find more results.

Method of amending the Constitution. Guidelines for the use of various measures of central tendency. Transferring from bed to stretcher. Brief concept about Haemolytic anaemia and polycythaemia. nufsing

Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences – RGUHS Courses

Blood Pressure — Definition, normal value, clinical measurement of blood pressure. Functions of Medulla, pons, Hypothalamic disorders. Rguuhs — Jugular, radial pulse, Triple response Heart sounds — Normal heart sounds, cause characteristics and signification.

For those rguhs bsc nursing syllabus to pursue a career in healthcare — or even to further advance in one — web-based training programs rguhs bsc nursing syllabus like a clear-cut choice. Infections that patients acquire during the course of receiving treatment for bursing conditions within a healthcare setting like Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus infections, Infections caused by Nkrsing difficle, Vancomycin resistant enterococci etc.

This course will introduce student to the basic sociology concepts, principles and social process, social institutions [in relation to the individual, family and community and the various social factors affecting the family in rural and urban communities in India will be studied. Electrolyte supplements Immunosuppressive agents New drugs included in perfusion technology.

Transferring from bed to wheel chair. Chemotherapy of infections Definition Classification and mechanism of action of antimicrobial agents Combination of antimicrobial agents Chemoperophylaxis. Platelet aggregation and platelet dysfunction.

St. George College Bangalore

Basic turns; Bandaging extremities; Triangular Bandages and their application. Lateral entry to second year nnursing allied health science courses for candidates who have passed diploma program from the Government Boards and recognized by RGUHS, fulfilling the conditions and these students are eligible to take admission on lateral entry system only in the same subject studied at diploma level rghhs rguhs bsc nursing syllabus academic year vide RGUHS Notification no. Domestic refuse, sullage, human excreta and sewage their effects on environment and health, methods and issues related to their disposal.


Thyroid gland hormone — Physiological, Anatomy, Hormone secreted, Physiological function, regulation of secretion. Meaning — Definition and scope syllabuw sociology Its relation to Anthropology, Psychology, Social Psychology Methods of Sociological investigations — Case study, social survey, questionnaire, interview and rguhs bsc nursing syllabus poll methods. Endocrine functions of testes Androgens — Testosterone structure and functions.

Fundamental Rights and Duties their content and significance.

All About CNA – Take CNA Classes Online to Prepare for a Lifelong Career in Healthcare

Calcitonin — function and action Special senses Vision — structure of nrusing. Structure of retina Hearing structure and function rguhs bsc nursing syllabus can mechanism of hearing Taste — Taste buds functions. Nursing Position, Bed making, prone, lateral, dorsal, dorsal re-cumbent, Fowler’s positions, comfort measures, Aids and rest and sleep.

Examination of feces Haematology — Theory Introduction to Sylllabus Normal constituents of Blood, their structure and function. Congenital heart diseases — Basic defect and effects of important types of congenital heart diseases. There are Cerified Nursing Assistant classes available for those who already have a job as a nursing assistant. Probability and Rguhs bsc nursing syllabus Distributions.