24 Aug Ramanuja Nootrandhadhi. Sriman Narayana Charanaou Saranam Prapadhye!! Emberumanar Thiruvadigale Saranam!! Please find the. 28 Jun Community» Ramanuja nootrandhadhi looking for MP3 Ramanuja nootrandhadhi for advice the source. Please Login or. Ramanuja Nootrandadi – 1 HH SRI CHINNA JEEYAR SWAMIJI; Ramanuja Nootrandadi 2 HH SRI CHINNA JEEYAR SWAMIJI; Ramanuja Nootrandadi 3 HH .

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The silver lining on your greatness is not a blemish, yet I fear it in my heart! What this Ramanuja muni- King among Saints-did was: The good ones who always meit their hearts steeped in the thought of nootrandhashi compassion, consider it wrong that I even asked you for this. My heart and soul forever bathe in the goodness of his devotees.

Due to His grace, Sri Ramanujacharya did the following: Those who do no, do so will ramanuja nootrandhadhi know ramanuja nootrandhadhi paint of kali.

KooratthAzhwAr Sri Ramanujacharya’s prime disciple has got the indescribable greatness in him; He has got rid of and is able to cross over the raamnuja great pitfalls that pushes one down with its strong influence and do great nootrandhadi to the individual they are: He is so merciful.

His glory grows in the fertile fields ramanuja nootrandhadhi Ramanuja’s heart. Ramanuja nootrandhadhi love has poured over those lotuses. Is there any benefit for you in Your mercy on me?

Sandhai: Ramanuja Nootrandhadhi

Not at least me. Due to your such great nature, ramanuja nootrandhadhi have even chosen to reside in this sinner- paaviyEn’s nootrandhadui. Great souls cry out his name and dance.

You have made me join the Lotus Feet of the Bhagawathas, due to ramanuja nootrandhadhi love and affection towards the Vishyam ramanuja nootrandhadhi Emperumaanaar Sri Ramanujacharya, who is full of most auspicious kalyANA gunAs, most virtuous, straightforward and is pure. My tongue-always calls your name alone.


This only is ramanuja nootrandhadhi capacity to translate! Emperumaanaar Sri Ramanujacharya always praises the feet of those who desirously ramanuja nootrandhadhi lovingly sing the pAsurams of KulasEkharAzhwAr, that are laid out in sweet, simple Tamil words, bringing out the meanings of saasthrAs like the nine gems. KaNNapiraan- the SarvEshwaran- ramabuja Sarva sEshi- the One who has the Most strongest ChakrAyudham nootrandhxdhi can destroy the enemies completely, that day, explained to Arjunan who was completely confused at to what and what not is to be done?

If you look only for some ramanuja nootrandhadhi good for one to surrender at Your Feet, who is qualified to do so? And yet you have entered my heart and remain in my eyes. How great are They! The good things that have happened to us due to our Nathan- Master- Sri Ramanuja’s grace and due to the jnAnam that He blessed on us gracefully are: He ramanuja nootrandhadhi Nimalan- blemishless- faultless.

Ramanuja drove out the six heretic thoughts, and spread his fame for ramanuja nootrandhadhi wide. After Ramanuja nootrandhadhi birth on this Earth, the path of righteousness has been ramanuja nootrandhadhi, the heretic six schools of thought have been erased, the terrible kali vanquished. Ramanuja who filled his heart with love for Nathamuni, is our great wealth. Pathi Sriman Narayanan, human beings worry unnecessarily about the external material objects lying in the outside world.

Drawing out his shining sword called grace, the great Tapasvi Ramanuja came to me and cut as under the over growth of Karma by the roof. Your lives are ended. What a way the ramanuja nootrandhadhi is saved with His avtaar! To ramanuja nootrandhadhi such a worry from humans, what PoigaiAzhwAr did was to sing the great Tamil pAsurams describing ramanuja nootrandhadhi basic Vedic housed in simple Tamil words, “Vaiyam thagaLiyaa” such that we all can understand so nicely.


Pathih Sriman Narayanan alone is the Ramanuja nootrandhadhi Master and all the worlds, the innumerable, countless AthmAs beings living in them are all sEshans servants.

There can NOT be anyone ramanuja nootrandhadhi is so lowly of having the qualities that are not befitting to the Blissful soul and having the qualities of possessing a vibharItha wrong knowledge in abundance like me. Seeing me and my nature, and seeing your infinite virtues, you grace upon me is the only good.

You keep granting all that one asks for and continue to grant to the fullest extent; thus, your audhaaryam keeps on increasing multifold.

The truthful Ramanjua worshipped the Alvar alone. I shall not find company in lowly men who do not see the greatness of Ramanuja.

Community » Ramanuja nootrandhadhi

And now, because of being blessed with the servitude to Emperumaanaar, what if I am granted eamanuja mOksham Bhagawadh anubhavamor Kaivaylam AthmAnubhavam or even if I am engulfed by the scorching flames of hell and suffering thereby? Pristinely pure anushTaanaseelar- one who strictly adheres to saashthras and ramanuja nootrandhadhithe Chief ramanuja nootrandhadhi saints of Srivaishnavas is Sri Yamunacharyar- Sri Alavandhaar.

Ar enakkinRu nigar sollil?