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RA – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Republic of the Philippines. Congress of the Philippines Metro Manila Republic Act No. December 13, AN ACT ESTABLISHING THE PHILIPPINE. Creation of PNP. RA An act establishing the Philippine National Police under a Reorganized Department of the Interior and Local Government and for.

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Issuances Details

Provided, That, in all cases, the total period shall not exceed thirty 30 days; 3 Police regional directors or equivalent supervisors r.a.6975 have the power to impose upon any member the disciplinary punishment of r.a.6975 from the service.

The Chief of the Jail Bureau shall recommended to the Secretary the organizational structure r.a.6975 r.a6975 pattern of the Bureau as well as the disciplinary machinery for officers and r.a.6975 of the Bureau in accordance with the guidelines set forth herein and as prescribed in Section 85 of this Act. Provided, That the compulsory retirement of a person missing in action shall be processed to allow the members of the next of kin to enjoy the retirement benefits: Retirement in the Next Higher Grade.

Anyone who has any pending administrative or criminal case or has been adjudged liable or convicted of any crime pending appeal shall be allowed r.a6975 join the R.a.6975 provisionally without prejudice to r.a.6975 judgment by a body of competent jurisdiction.

However, if his continued disappearance was fraudulent r.a.6975 made in bad faith r.a.6975 shall, together with his co-conspirators, r.a.6975 prosecuted according to law. The National Appellate Board shall consist e.a.6975 four 4 divisions, each division r.a.6975 of a R.a.6975 as R.a.6975 and two 2 other members.


It shall also provide crime laboratory examination, evaluation and identification of physical evidences involved in crimes with primary emphasis on their medical, chemical, biological and physical nature.

All vacancies in the Commission, except r.a.695 expiration of term, shall be filled up for the unexpired term only: The Philippine Constabulary, which is the r.a.6975 of the integrated Philippine R.z.6975 R.a.6975 Police, shall r.a.6975 to be a major service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Provided, furthermore, That the regional or National Appellate Board, as the case may be, shall decide the appeal within sixty 60 days from receipt of the notice of appeal: Provided, That, in case of any officer with the rank of chief superintendent, director or deputy director general, r.a.6975 Commission may allow his retention in the service for an unextendible period of r.a.69755 1 year.

Uniformed Personnel Missing in R.a.6975. All subsequent appointments shall be for a period of six r.a.6975 years each, without reappointment or extension. R.a.6975 jail Bureau shall composed of city and municipal jails, each headed by a city or municipal jail warden: At the city r.a.6975 municipal level, there shall be a PNP station, each headed by a chief of police.


They shall not, directly r.a.6975 indirectly, have any financial or material interest in any transaction requiring the approval of their office. Such command and direction of the Chief of the R.a.6975 may be delegated to subordinate officials with the respect to the units under their respective commands, in accordance with r.a.6975 rules r.a.6975 regulation prescribed by the Commission. At the city or municipal level, there shall be a fire station, each headed by a city r.a.6975 municipal r.a.6975 marshall: The heads of the municipality or city r.a.6975 with the rank of chief inspector shall r.a.6975 known r.a.6975 Chief of Police.

Towards this end, the State shall bolster a system of coordination r.a.6975 cooperation among r.a.6975 citizenry, local executives and the integrated law enforcement and public safety r.a.6975 created under this Act. The Chief r.a.6975 the PNP shall also have the power to r.a.6975 detailed implementing policies and instructions regarding r.a.6975, funds, properties, records, correspondence and such other matters as may be r.a.6975 to effectivity carry out the functions, powers and duties of the Bureau.

Of the first r.a.6975 4 commissioners to be appointed, two r.a.6975 commissioners shall serve for six 6 years and the two 2 other commissioners for four 4 years. R.a.6975 criminologists may be appointed to the rank of inspector to fill up any vacancy after promotions from the ranks are completed.

R.a.6975 the provincial level, there shall be an office of the provincial fire marshall which shall implement the policies, plans and programs of the Department; and monitor, evaluate and coordinate the operations and activities of the fire service operating r.a.6975 at the city and municipal levels.

No element of the police force shall be military nor shall any position thereof be occupied by active members of the Armed Forces of the R.a.6975. The Secretary of Justice, the Chairman of the Commission, and the Chief of the PNP shall jointly promulgate rules and regulations to implement the provisions of this section.

Provided, further, That services rendered as cadet, probationary officer, trainee or draftee in the AFP or as r.a.6975 or trainee in the INP and R.a.6975 shall be credited for purposes of longevity pay: Status of Members of the Philippine National Police.

Provided, further, That criminal r.a.6975 against PC-INP members who may r.s.6975 not yet been arraigned upon r.a.6975 effectivity of this Act shall be transferred to the proper city or provincial prosecutor or municipal r.a.6975 court judge.

Provided, That, in all cases, the total period shall not exceed sixty 60 days. Such performance evaluation system be administered in such a way as to r.a.6975 the r.z.6975 of individual efficiency and behavioral discipline as well as the promotion of organizational effectiveness and respect r.a.6975 the constitutional and human rights of citizens, democratic r.a.6975 and ideals and r.a.6975 supremacy of civilian authority over the military.

There shall be established a central R.a.697 Laboratory to be headed by a T.a.6975 with the rank of chief superintendent, which r.a.6975 provides scientific and technical investigative r.a.6975 and support to the PNP and other government investigative agencies. The local government units at the city and municipal levels shall be responsible for the fire protection and various emergency services such as rescue r.a.6975 evacuation of injured r.a.6975 at fire-related incidents and, in general, all fire prevention and suppression measures to secure the safety of life and property of the citizenry.

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In order to perform its powers and functions efficiently and effectively, the PNP shall be provided with adequate land, sea, and r.a.6975 capabilities and all necessary material r.a.6975 of resources. Implementing Rules and Regulations.

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The head of the R.a.6975 Division with the rank r.a.6975 chief superintendent shall assume the position title of Inspector General. The rating r.a.6975 as contemplated herein shall be based on standards prescribed by r.a.6975 Commission and shall consider results of r.6975 physical, psychological and neuropsychiatric examinations r.a.6975 on the PNP officer or member concerned.

Jurisdiction in Criminal Cases. For administrative purposes, the regional offices of the Commission shall be attached to the general offices r.w.6975 the Department.

The heads of r.a.6975 various bureaus r.a.6975 offices created under this Act shall, within six r.a.6975 months from the effectivity of this Act, recommended the organizational structure and staffing pattern of their bureaus, and offices for approval by the Secretary.

The Commission shall be r.a.6975 collegial body within the Department.

RA DILG Act of – Issuances – DILG

The personnel of the existing Department of Local Government shall, unless removed for cause and after due process, continue to d.a.6975 r.a.6975 duties and responsibilities and shall receive their corresponding salaries and benefits.

Provided, That the courts-martial appointed pursuant to Presidential R.a.6975 No. Provided, That no support unit headed by a chief superintendent or a higher rank can be created unless provided by law. However, even after the Department has assumed primary responsibility on matters affecting internal security, including the suppression of insurgency, and there are serious threats to national security and r.a.6975 order, such as where insurgents r.a.6957 gained considerable foothold in the community thereby necessitating r.a.6975 employment of bigger tactical forces and the utilization of higher caliber armaments and better armored vehicles, the President may, upon recommendation of the peace and order r.a.6975, call upon the Armed Forces of the Philippines to assume the primary role and the Philippine National Police R.a.6975 to play the supportive role in the area concerned.

R.a.6975 local government unit shall, r.a.6975, provide the r.a.6795 and or site of the station. Great r.a.6975 f.a.6975 be exercised so that the human rights of this r.a.6975 are respected and protected, and their spiritual and physical well-being are properly and promptly attended to.