26 Nov QuadraVerb V1 owner’s manual. Identifier QuadraVerb_V1_owners_manual. Identifier-ark ark://t3pv8w75s. Ocr ABBYY FineReader 22 Nov Alesis Quadraverb owners reference manual. Identifier quadraverb_manual. Identifier-ark ark://t15nf. Ocr ABBYY FineReader Full text of “QuadraVerb V1 owner’s manual” DIGITAL EFFECTS PROCESSOR Reference Manual INSTRUCTIONS TO THE USER This equipment has been.

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The first page will read either of the following, depending on the program selected: This ability is not available on all keyboards. Any momentary switch can be used. This means that you have control over the tonal shape quadraverb manual the Reverb itself, being able to make the quadraverb manual frequencies die faster if the reverb Is too bright, and being able quadraverb manual make the lows die faster if the reverb is too boomy.

The Footswitch Range page selects the range of programs that the advance footswitch on the back panel will affect.

QuadraVerb V1 owner’s manual

quadarverb They will be displayed as: This is a very subtle addition to the reverb, causing H to “swim” quadraverb manual be smoother a bit more. This results in the delay repeating itself. The range is You must press the value button twice to have the flashing line move 1 step. At any time it is possible to return to the factory default by pressing both value buttons at the same time. Use the Right Output Jack tor mono.

This allows you to simulate different surfaces of a room or hall, with softer surfaces having more high frequency decay and smaller rooms having more low frequency decay. If you listen to the Reverb by quadraverb manual with the Density set to quadraverb manual, it will seem to “explode” since the First Reflection will no longer be perceived as a separate echo.

Alesis QUADRAVERB Manuals

Nearly every MIDI controller can become a Mod Source, with the quadraaverb quadraverb manual controllers appearing as a quadraverb manual option in the display. This QuadraVarb configuration gives a close approximation of a miked Leslie cabinet in stereo, complete with 3 different speeds Off, Slow, Fast and variable stereo separation.

All pages of the page display examples are referenced to this program. The display will read: Although this effect is not found in nature, qadraverb works great for modern drums, percussion, and any quickly repeated, quadraverb manual source.


QN The Lezlie Motor Control page selects a quadraverb manual of a Lezlie speaker system with its spinning rotor speakers turned off or on. When turned on, the rotors will gradually speed up. While shelving equalizers qquadraverb on broad sections of the frequency bandwidth, a graphic equalizer is slightly more sophisticated than the Shelving equalizer as it divides the frequency spectrum into sections called bands. OFF Pressing the value button will select these additional options: Triggering always starts the oscillator at the top of its cycle and produces quadraverb manual deep super flange controlled by the level of the input signal.

There are two inputs to the Reverb section of quadraverb manual QuadraVerb. If the signal is taken from the quadravern of the Pitch section Pitch Outputthen the Reverb will be chorused, flanged, detuned, or phase shifted, depending upon which option is selected in the Pitch section. However, there is quadraverb manual guarantee that interference quadraverb manual not occur in a particular installation.

The Leslie speaker system is most often used with Hammond type organs, but is occasionally used manusl guitar amplification as well. The pitch button allows access to 6 Quadraverb manual altering modes as well as all of their various parameters.

At any time, press the store button a second time to make QuadrmVerb execute the store instruction displayed on the LCD. The octaves that are adjustable are: I 20 Pressing the value quadraverb manual will choose quadraverb manual speed. Sometimes it quxdraverb desirable to have the High quadraverb manual Rotor louder or softer in volume. It is possible in each mode configuration quadraverb manual further manuxl the signal path through a series of internal digital software switches and level controls.

Triggered flanges lend themselves most readily to instruments with a sharp leading quadraverb manual to their attack, like cymbal crashes or continuous percussive playing from drum kits or rhythm instruments percussive electric rhythm guitar included. All Pitch amnual appear the same as Configuration. Large and heavy, a Plate was a 6 foot long by 4 foot high piece of steel plate hence the name with a small speaker strategically placed on one end, and either 1 or 2 quadraverb manual placed on the other to pick up the excitations through the steel.


This interrupts the smooth flow of sound and might cause a thumping or popping effect. An Effect like Delay, for instance or a function like Mix can be easily modified through the use of software pages, which allow a tremendous number of parameters to become qadraverb for editing in an easy to use, orderly fashion.

Full text of “QuadraVerb V1 owner’s manual”

quadraverb manual MOD 2 through 8 Pressing the page button again takes us to the next page which reads: The amount witt always be in a negative direction since the overall decay time is selected by the Reverb Decay page. By now pressing either value button, the qiadraverb level or quadraverb manual can be varied. Pressing the PAGE button will cause the display to read either of the following: Pitch effects are achieved by splitting the signal into at least quadraverb manual parts, effecting the pitch of one of the parts, then quadravverb them back together.

You can control how much level it will take to open the gate or how much pressurehow long the gate will stay open, and how fast it will close.


The next page is the Delay Feedback page. Depending upon the program, either of the following displays will be shown: This will determine how long the Reverb will sound before it dies out. The possible target parameters are as follows: Proof of purchase must be presented in the form of a biN of sale, cancelled check quadraverb manual some other positive proof that the product quadraverb manual within the worranty period.

If the signal is taken Pre-EQ, then the Reverb will receive direct, unaffected signal only. The display reads as follows: The displays will read as follows when either full Pre or quaddraverb Post are selected: Pressing the value buttons will cause both numbers to increment or decrement simultaneously with the quadraverb manual scrolling from quadraverb manual to If no character is desired, press both Value buttons at the same time.