The DC Wing T and Pistol Offense. 1. Merging the DC Wing T and Pistol. 2. Play Calling. 3. The Split End. 4. Blocking Rules. 5. Blocking Cues. 6. Blocking Cues. What Our Customers Are Saying As a long time Wing T Coach I was looking for away to expand the offense to help with future personnel. In doing some. Learn about the Pistol Wing-T playbook for youth football. Extend the powerful Wing-T under center offense with Pistol concepts to open up the passing game.

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Get Your Free Catalog. Every traditional Wing-T family is covered in this section: Scouting the Opponent Stewart quickly shows how his entire staff is utilized in off-season, in-season, and game night plqybook.

These adjustments are vital when making game time decisions that can make the difference on game day.

He will help you install 23 run plays from five different Wing-T series. These tactics have led pplaybook a rise in what is known as the Pistol Wing T that many coaches are riding to great success across pistol wing t offense playbook nation.

Semper Fi Coach Stewart! He also shares the fundamentals for running a great wrap around draw that will help negate a strong pass rush, which gives an offense a way to keep the defense off balance.

Finally, Coach Stewart does an outstanding job of using the speed of youth quarterbacks with the sprint out family passing routes. Backfield drills and linemen pistol wing t offense playbook are demonstrated with maximum efficiency to assure quality while maximize repetitions.


The key teaching point we had to work on was the QB to FB pitch timing. We had our mistakes but we were successful.

Coach breaks down his plays into categories:. The link is copied to the clipboard Copy link.

Pistol Wing T Offense : All Access Coaching

If this is the direction you want to go, Pistol wing t offense playbook Stewart is the guy to go to!!! He cannot close down and spill the power without being easily reached in our Jet Sweep look. With youth defenses rarely adjusting to unique formations or unbalanced looks, this will be a sure offenss winner for your collection.

How to build the offense and make adjustments against various defenses Blocking rules that enable the OL to make quick adjustments pishol pistol wing t offense playbook and even fronts The most effective blocking angles to assure success for playbkok offense How to use formations to create great blocking angles How to set up the pass through the run The attention to detail in this video will allow any coach to walk away with something useful for their offensive attack.

While I believe that the Wing-T offense is the best high school offense, I also agree with the criticism that it can lack a passing game. I like to offset my fullback when playook this scheme, it pistol wing t offense playbook a tendency, but we can offset that with counter and zone schemes inside against the Jet Sweep motion to keep defenders honest on the backside. Why the Pistol Wing-T?

Rick Stewart’s Pistol Wing-T Offense Series

Stewart also shows how to approach 7 on 7 and summer camps. Second, his implementation terminology is very simple pistol wing t offense playbook that I was able to put it into action in just a few pistol wing t offense playbook of study. The individual segment shows a variety of drills and key coaching points for each offensive position: How to create defensive confusion through offensive shifts and motion to catch the DBs out of position.


The system used to count and identify each member of the defense will help offebse decide whether to attack the middle, off tackle or flank of this defense.

It is loaded with information plajbook he does a great job describing and explaining the offense. Some defenses will try to carry these seam players through with their flat defenders but that puts them in conflict against a Jet team because they have to also serve as the force players on the perimeter.

Want to pass your coaching knowledge to other coaches?

Discover where to attack and when to attack certain areas of the defense. We were amongst the final eight teams, in a 34 team league in Metro Atlanta. Adding plays that require similar footwork for the backfield allows you to efficiently install and practice both traditional Wing-T plays along with outside veer, pistol wing t offense playbook veer and midline.

Simple tags are used to create hundreds of possibilities–a nightmare for the defense.

Add to Cart Was: These presentations are then followed by on-field demonstrations of each play carried out by a junior college football team learning the offense for the first time.