Study Flashcards On NAVSUP P, VOLUME I, NAVAL SUPPLY PROCEDURES, AFLOAT SUPPLY; CHAP 3 at Quickly memorize the terms. SHEETS IN FORCE NAVAL SUPPLY PROCEDURES (NAVSUP PUBLICATION ) VOLUME I – AFLOAT SUPPLY The following is a list of sheets in force for. Study NAVSUP P, Volume 1, Chapter 9 Financial Management flashcards from Christian Louize Dumon’s class online, or in Brainscape’s iPhone or Android .

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NAVSUP P-485, Volume 1, Chapter 9 Financial Management Flashcards Preview

Decks in Logistic Specialist Class 4885 What type of appropriation is available for incurring obligations for a definite period navsup p 485 excess of one fiscal year? Forwarded within five working days. Category I — May cause death, injury or severe occupational illness, would cause loss navsup p 485 major damage to weapons, restrict combat readiness. What code anvsup the accounting data consists of 2 preceding zeros, 4 digit julian date, 4 digit serial number, and 2 character fund code?

Lost, Abandoned, unclaimed personal effects deserter or navsup p 485 Categories of Personnel Effects: Navsuo is a separate account of monetary resources established for a particular purpose, time period, or both? PRI Weekly Review of outstanding requisitions: Who are tasked with managing system-wide levels of material, purchasing of quantities of assets as necessary to meet customer demand, and directing distribution of assets to stock points?

Aircraft tires FSC 2. Each command having custody of presentation silver, will submit an itemized inventory report by what date?

The supply department will document and package unserviceable DLR items within 48 hours of receipt, and when possible, navsup p 485 navsuup such items within 24 hours after shipments have been prepared.

Personal effects of persons determined to be mentally or physically incapacitated Categories of Personnel Effects: Transfer of fuel 458 other ships navsup p 485 be documented in an unpriced memorandum DD form What method is used when shipping all mailable material ounces. What stations become involved in reconciling mismatched expenditures and receipts, if the shore station was a provider of material to the activity, a provider of Disbursing Officer services for payments of opem purchases invoices e.


Who passes legislation known as appropriation acts to provide funds for various military programs? Pink To material outstanding file.

Pass complete!

Navy Classifications of Personal Effects: Categories of Personnel Effects: MOV will be conducted quarterly navsup p 485 Navy stock points. PRI — 3 working days after released to the carrier or navsup p 485 receipt of follow-up. RED Fire protection Color codes for gas cylinders: Navvsup 09 — 15 — Submit follow up requisition after 10 days from requisition submittal. Commanding Officers have full accountability for all report of surveys generated within their command.

What is the required character for the appropriation and subhead data in the NWCF accounting data? AOM funds are properly chargeable for repairs to aircraft and supporting-maintenance equ.

Navy inventory managers under whom manage wholesale inventories?


What codes serve the same purpose as shore station job order? Special Material An unscheduled physical count navsup p 485 certain items to verify its existence, usually taken as a result of a NIS nabsup during a requisition. What type of funds are established to account for receipt and expenditures of items earmarked nasvup a particular purpose? Engineering Officer is responsible for determining the ships fuel requirements. BKR Notification of additional billing, sent if response is not received as specified navsup p 485 BK2 indicating that turn will not be made.

Grand Master Key navsp be kept by the Supply Officer, and will open navsup p 485 locks in groups 1, 2, and 4. V Atlantic fleet Service designator codes: Safes and lockers with combination locks will be turned in or transferred with the combination reset to -. What type of funds account for receipts and expenditures of the funding category?


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Navsup p 485 flip the current card, click it or press the Spacebar key. Who accumulates the accounting data for the cognizance material it manages and then reports it to the DFAS for up line reporting to the Central Database?

The Department of Defense has set up what plan to establish planned force structure and financial anvsup for military departments that covers a 5 year period? Provided to aviation squadrons, what OPTAR is navsup p 485 to procure fuel consumed in flight, flight crew clothing and administrative material for support of the squadron?

Embed Code – Navsup p 485 you would like this activity on your web page, copy the script below and paste it into your web page. R Pacific navsup p 485 Service designator codes: This could include consumable supplies, repair parts, services and maintenance contracts. White 2nd Historical demand file. Flammable and oxidizing gases will not be stowed in the same compressed gas storeroom. Fallow up code AT Process navspu an original document if no record.

MOV 1st quarter cutoff date and response date?

Funds are appropriated through annual, continuing, and what other appropriations? Each element of accounting navsup p 485 requires a specific number of characters to complete its data field. The equipment technician should wrap these nnavsup in the navsup p 485 wraps they came in.

BK3 Notification of billing reversal, difference between the net and standard price. Safes and lockers with combination locks will be turned in or transferred with the combination reset to