10 May Nandan Nilekani’s Imagining India presents a country whose place in This book, however, is no primer on business strategy or economic. 3 Apr In , when Rajiv Chawla let the army of land title officers in the south Indian state of Karnataka know that the newly computerized system. A visionary look at the evolution and future of India In this momentous book, Nandan Nilekani traces the central ideas that shaped India’s past and.

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We are yet to support our students with proper education. The transition of our health issues from ‘shortage-based sicknesses’ such as malnutrition to ‘excess-based illnesses’ such as obesity and heart disease. In the third part, he deals with the ideas which are widely debated and are so sensitive that they would rapidly derail into white-hot emotional arguments resulting in a deadlock. Nandan nilekani book imagining india material is repetitive.

This has ensured upwards mobility in economics ladder for the certain, privilege castes, sidelining the less privilege, often the lower castes. There are many difficult issues over which Nilekani skates.

Be the first to discover new talent! Open Preview See a Problem? Slow, dense, circular, and repetitive. Lists with This Book. The author is true to the core when he mentions that there are yet problems that we still do not understand and in a country like India it is all fast catching up.

Caste discrimination aggravates the political and social ills and deepens inequality. We have made peace with the Telugus, Tamils, Malyalis, Nagas, Mizos and many more factions one by one.

He is nandan nilekani book imagining india the heart of the Indian business and economic community, and initiatives to modernise the country. But then, these are the ideas of one man.

India in essence belongs to its many factions and since independence every fifth year the world leaders were scared whether there would be a next election? Environment When the western nandan nilekani book imagining india were growing, they nandan nilekani book imagining india able to slowly outsource their industrial pollution to the third world through colonization and then globalizationsince that option is simply not available anymore for the developing world, they have to develop while taking care of the environment.

India today is at cross roads having reaped rich dividends in the 20 years of economic reforms, complimented by the boon of Information Technology. As soon as you finish the book, you will realize that Nandan almost met entire Intellectual base in India,who were part of India’s growth story.


The depth of awareness about INDIA, its problems, its people, its politicians, its policies this man possesses or has researched before writing this book is incredible. Book shines on few aspects like giving an historical account of issues by accounting British I Very thorough analysis of relevant and critical issues faced by India.

It presents the transition of the country from the Very well portrayed summary of India’s growth story. Instead of focussing on administrative reforms, author goes round and nandan nilekani book imagining india about India’s issues so much so that, it looks like a laundry list of problems.


Available from Telegraph Books At best China is an oligarchy that allows no opposition to put its views. Book shines on few aspects like giving an historical account of issues by accounting British India factor and also by providing innovative solutions. The author believes nandan nilekani book imagining india, higher education and employment in government offices are nnilekani most unlikely causalities of this system, which led to a ‘hyper-Darwinian selection process’.

Our ability to tackle challenges that lie ahead will determine our fate in coming years. No government can hope to remain in power merely on the nandan nilekani book imagining india of rhetoric any more; it must perform. This will result in a major increase in output in terms of productivity of the nation.

Indexing is slightly fuzzy; takes a while to appreciate the overall structure. In the first part of this book the author depicts how an entire country changed its mind on core beliefs. Rather than attempting to win people to its ideas, the ruling Congress Party simply imposed its policies from the top.

The stories from License-Permit Raj drive home the point that it wasn’t So nandan nilekani book imagining india is where Rahul Gandhi gets his ammunition of “India is an idea.

Book Summary: Imagining India by Nandan Nilekani

A point which India has to improve upon before sending our man to the moon, along with the other parameters like malnourishment and the skewed sex ratio. Mar 12, Azamali rated it it was amazing Shelves: Eventually, we can see that large proportion in the nandan nilekani book imagining india class is being made up by the upper castes, while the lower class is often associated with the lower castes.


In the final nandan nilekani book imagining india, Nilekani recommends ideas which must become part of our public debates as they are being debated in the developed world. Nilekani does not just show how the economic transformation of India is rooted in an intellectual transformation. Want to Read saving….

IMAGINING INDIA by Nandan Nilekani | Kirkus Reviews

The book ends on the note of optimism and exhort political class to take tough stands and do away with populism. Other Book Industry Professional. I liked few chapters very much for eg, India by its people, Deepening of democracy,Erasing Lines,The indiw nandan nilekani book imagining india the tree. Nandan nilekani book imagining india am more inclined to assess the country in terms of its effectiveness in addressing social issues, and so nandzn the country proves to be unsuccessful in this, regardless of the economic advancement shown.

I am sure Modi read this book or got a clear presentation from Nandan and he ensured the fruits are reaped for our country. To view it, click here.

When ChinaUSA and other major economic peers of India will be spending a major part of their money on the dependents, India will have a robust work force and a minor spending on old age. The book definitely talks about our greatest hindrances in our development of the varna or caste system, illiteracy and many other dichotomies in our Indian life I believe the author spends more time with problems of technology and industry. It may not be exactly in his purview but sometimes an outsider puts things into nnandan different perspective than an expert.

Nook Imagining India was a nandan nilekani book imagining india. Heavy loaded with ideas and implementation by him. I am sure the people would be equally interested in the compulsions and necessities that have driven our policies on these fronts. Each week, our editors select the nandan nilekani book imagining india author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert.

I learned quite a bit from this book, as someone outside India and the Indian community, and thoroughly enjoyed Nilekani’s writing. India indai a thought” from.