MYPIN TA4 PID Controller, The MYPIN TA4 PID is one of the better controllers from China. Here is a copy of the actual instructions that ship with the controller . JConn Inv. PID Controller Instruction Manual This information is specific to the Mypin TA4 based controller sold by JConn Inv. but it should work for most TA4. Anyway, the manual did not come with the MYPIN PID. Does anyone have a link to the MYPIN PID manual? Manual for Mypin TA4.

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Ta4 Wiring Diagram – Wiring Diagram •

Start with your mash tun full of water that’s heated to the temperature you usually start your mash cycle at. Now with us turning the parameter to mpin the hysteresis or whatever is not valid and won’t operate correct? The difference is air by it’s self does not thermally conduct heat as well as your tq4 or water would.

Please login mypin ta4 manual register. P lacing your controller in Autotune. Apr 9, 4. I opened the 3 zips of v1. If mypin ta4 manual is a way to get it to control finer, I don’t know how. No, create an account now. You must login or ya4 to post a reply. You can put a few bricks on the rack of the smoker to mypin ta4 manual the meat as the bricks will soak up some of the heat similar to the way meat will.

So you need some sort of thermal mass to simulate the cold meat. I have read on line lots but mypin ta4 manual can’t quite get the idea in my head.


Ta4 Wiring Diagram

Only mypin ta4 manual I have which may go back to what dward said is when I et the temp to 52 degrees and my basement is reading Are you mypin ta4 manual a Filastruder or a flamethrower? Site Links Home Page. But you can re-tune the PID anytime, and repeated auto tune cycles do not harm the unit.

Apr 10, 8. Raimond Newbie Offline Registered: The whole auto tune thing I’m not mypin ta4 manual on doing yet, I’ve read people have better results setting it manually. What dictates how far that probe and pid reading is off? You must log in or sign up to reply here.

For the sake of flawless product as possible o kind of want to change it. I grabbed the tip of the probe for a quick second and it climbs fast but over shoots the temp by quite a bit.

It just seems like the pid and ssr communication was not correct at all. Um, this manual is very engrish.

Pid build, issues is it the pid or the wiring ???

Yes, you can manually tune it, but you will be changing the settings over and over again to get the same high precision the PID can set with an auto tune cycle. The PID is easy to use manyal mypin ta4 manual to program than most. Brandon, I just received your PM and sent you a reply.

Anyway to negate that or is it worth worrying about? Decided this morning a switch would be best to power on the unit.

MYPIN TA4 Programming

Hold down the SET button kypin the top display displays the temperature. It can then anticipate with fairly mypin ta4 manual precision when heat will be needed. Apr 9, 1. Thanks fellas for the information, yes it is coming together a little more and more here and there l. Yes mine did the same.


To set your controller temperature: If you were to stick it into a glass of room temp water, it would drop fairly rapidly. Mypin ta4 manual autotuning is covered in my assembly manual. Tardis have you done this with your mypin also looking for mpin way to verify he probe is caliberated and reading properly. Then a different style of probe might work.

You need to step through what it is set for now and make sure it matches mypin ta4 manual I sent you. Fellas, good news since turning that p value to off I’m able to get the pid and ssr to communicate properly.

Also the PID settings for another smoker will likely not be correct for yours unless it is identical in size, design, insulation, etc According to the manual I read the link you sent. Let the PID adjust and hold the water mypin ta4 manual mash temperature for a normal mash cycle – for most of us that’s 1 hour 6.

Is there something else I should check mypin ta4 manual is this normal in pid adjustments. That is why you will see some pulsing of the power as a properly tuned PID works.