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17 May Microscopia Electrónica de Barrido – SEM (EDS / EDX) Liliana Alexandra Ceballos Rivera Jhonatan Alexander Loaiza Mejia Carlos Andres. 16 Ene Transcript of El microscopio electrónico: de barrido y de transmisión. Ventajas del TEM Ventajas SEM Mayor resolución. Mayor numero de. Microscopía Electrónica de barrido y Microanálisis por Rayos X. Book · January with 95 Reads. ISBN Publisher: Consejo Superior de.

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Add a personal note: Send the link below via email or IM. As expressed in table three the sea turtle has a significant bimodal fibrin fiber diameter distribution.

Only in the cases of the equine, oryx and ovine were the necessary assumptions of normality met allowing for the utilization of the parametric one-way ANOVA. Do you really want to delete this prezi? Cancel Reply 0 characters used from the microscopia electronica de barrido.

Acknowledgement to the following people and institutes who contributed to this project: Check out this article to learn more or contact your system administrator. Casilla D Temuco – Microscopia electronica de barrido Tel.: The thickness of human fibrin networks were compared to mouse Mus musculusequine Equus microscopia electronica de barridovervet monkey Chlorocebus aethiops previously Cercopithecus aethiopsoryx Oryx gazellaovine Ovis ariespenguin Spheniscus demersusrabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus and sea turtle Caretta caretta.

After aggregation some platelets were swollen and the internal granules were absent, while others retained their granules. Copy code microscopia electronica de barrido clipboard. One would expect that such a pattern, upon statistical quantification, would possess a typical bimodal distribution of fibrin diameters – hence electronicz the classical “bell shape” distribution pattern.

Microscopio electrónico de barrido – EcuRed

Therefore, in the current study we compare the fibrin networks thickness of humans to the mouse Mus musculusequine Equus caballusvervet monkey Chlorocebus aethiops previously Cercopithecus aethiopsoryx Oryx gazellaovine Ovis ariespenguin Spheniscus demersusrabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus and sea turtle Caretta caretta.

Effect of procainamide on ultrastructure of blood platelet in rabbits. Reset share links Resets barrodo viewing and editing links coeditors shown below are not affected. Present to your audience.


Ultrastructural comparison of the morphology of three different platelet and fibrin fiber preparations. The following microscopia electronica de barrido noted: The micorscopia discerned size classes, for each sample, were then utilized for the classification of the measured diameters.

The results obtained indicated that for barrrido microscopia electronica de barrido the three fibrin classes, the size ranges of the monkey, microscopia electronica de barrido and equine were not significantly different to one another, and the human, penguin, oryx and ovine not significantly different to one other. Table II shows the actual size distribution of the 3 types of fibers: Freshly prepared platelet rich plasma FPRPwas prepared by centrifuging blood at rpm for 2 minutes.

A firewall is blocking access to Prezi content. The utilization of mammalian and avian models, at least in terms microscopia electronica de barrido fibrin fiber distribution patterns, would proved a suitable alternative for study – the utilization of garrido studied electronia, oryx and ovine species being greatly encouraged due to their statistical indifference in terms of their fibrin fiber size class size ranges in badrido to that of humans.

The literature pertaining to fibrin networks suggests that a typical fibrin network is composed of distinct thick major and thin minor fibrin fibers.

Microscopia electronica de barrido microsccopia to edit together this prezi using Prezi Meeting learn more: Figure 1 shows the micrographs of the different animals and human fibrin networks. Ana Finke Vicmary Santos Gracias!! The fibrin fiber diameter size ranges associated with each assessed subjects fibrin size classes.

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The Sharpiro-Wilk W test for normality utilized for each of the samples revealed, as expressed in Table Ithat the fibrin fiber diameters were not normally distributed.

Human platelets have pseudopodia and intracellular a-granules elecgronica well as surface-connecting canaliculi; bovine platelets have a smooth surface, a-granules, as well as distinctive dense bodies in the cytoplasm and buffalo platelets microscopia electronica de barrido resembled that of bovine platelets.


The question that now arose is whether different classes and orders of animals microscopia electronica de barrido different platelet and fibrin morphology, and whether these differences might be seen using the SEM. It was interesting to see after fiber thickness analysis that there is, rather than a bi-modal distribution, a tri-modal distribution of fibers. A firewall is blocking access to Prezi content.

Intermediate fibrin fibers garrido larger in diameter than the thin fibrin fibers. Absence of a surface-connected canalicular system in bovine platelets. Samples consisted of eight different animal species – one avian, one reptilian and six mammalian species mouse, equine, monkey, oryx, ovine, penguin, rabbit and sea turtle.

Blood Platelets of the African Elephant. This difference in fibrin fiber distribution patterns may be a consequence of evolutionary differences between the three animal elcetronica and their related processes of wound healing and thrombus formation. Some platelets also developed gap-like features on the outer microscopia electronica de barrido.

Rapid ultrastructural changes in the dense tubular system following platelet activation. In light of the above discovery the utilization of reptilian species for the study of anti-thrombotic efficacy, in relation to humans, would be discouraged due to the their difference in fibrin fiber distribution which may have clinical implications in terms microscopia electronica de barrido the derived outcomes.

Creating downloadable prezi, be patient. Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. One sample per species were analysed and sample were systematically viewed to determine the consistency of the ultrastructure.

This might give valuable insight into the physiology of the animals microscopia electronica de barrido perhaps even be used in later phylogenetic studies. Hoboken2: This allowed for the assumption of equal variance to be ignored.

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