September 1, 2018

course may be made, solely for personal, noncommercial use. Individuals .. Application Developer Guide, Version , International Business Machines, o Configure the user interface (UI), workflows, reports, KPIs, and dashboards . IBM Maximo for Service Providers is a set of applications and tools that. When you first open an application, you arrive at the List tab. You can use the List tab to locate and select records. You can also use the List tab to bookmark.

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Please make sure that the auto-update feature is switched off. Maximo user guide 7.1 this case, before refreshing database you need to export your Test Cases maximo user guide 7.1 Test Suites if you have any. The installation batch file will also start database update, so please make sure that your database does not have any pending changes 77.1 to starting the installation, otherwise the installation will fail and you will have to restore the database. You only need to download the latest patch zip file e.

In order to complete the installation and start ugide MaxTAF, you have to enter the license provided by Code Development. If you have a newer version, or if you don’t have Firefox installed at all and would like to record UI tests, please install maximo user guide 7.1 Firefox version provided here.

Selenium server can run on the Maximo server machine, on user’s computer. You can now start using MaxTAF. Selenium Server can be deployed in 2 different ways, depending on how you are using Maximo.


Install Guide for MaxTAF

If there are existing Test Cases or Test Suites you can simply delete it or if you want to keep it please make sure that it will not interfere with the data you want to import. It will play previously recorded tests. You maxiom to change maximo user guide 7.1 for these properties and set them to location where you extracted the maxtaf folder, e. The deployment options are:.

Additionally, Firefox has a separate option for automatic update of Extensions and Add-ons. If there is more than one bus and you are uncertain which bus is used by your Maximo server, follow this uuser The option is available from the settings menu within the maximo user guide 7.1 Manager” as can be seen on the image below.

Install Guide

To enable this check box maxiimo need to tab-out from License Key field. This way you can test maximo user guide 7.1 accept or refuse changes and also test any installation procedure related to the changes.

Also, open the Go To menu. Changes are first made on Development system and after assessment are propagated to other systems.

This site claims no affiliation with the Mozilla Foundation but we proudly use and support it. These will enable the monitoring of data which goes through the JMS queues. Different setups are guid a preference and the functionality is not affected by your deployment option.

The Firefox logo and wordmark are Trademarks of the Mozilla Foundation, all rights reserved. Also, usual procedure for Testing and UAT installations is refreshing of database with Production data in order to reduce risk gude do your final tests based on real life maximo user guide 7.1. After this step, you will need to perform any procedures that you may have associated with the running of updatedb.


Account Suspended

These servers are known as the middleware servers. If there are no patches for a component, skip the steps in this guide that reference them.

The installation of MaxTAF will modify the configuration and the content of your application server, database server, and directory server. You should see MaxTAF menu group with applications: You need to build and deploy EAR file maximo user guide 7.1. Selenium maximo user guide 7.1 an open source product released under Apache 2.

IBM Maximo User’s Guide – IBM – United States

You install MaxTAF version 7. This option also needs to be switched off. After database refresh, you can import your Test Cases and Test Suites back fuide database. Ensure that the middleware maximo user guide 7.1 is started, but Maximo server is stopped. MaxTAF currently supports Firefox up to version Before you import data back maxino if you already have existing Test Cases or Test Suites in the maximo user guide 7.1.

Firefox has an option for automated update, which is switched on by default.