Madden NFL 15 Team Playbooks Are Here! We are just two weeks away from the release of Madden NFL 15 on August 26th! Published 3 years, 11 months ago. 27 Aug List of best offensive and defensive MUT playbooks for Madden NFL 15 to destroy your opponents with good attack or frustrate them with good. As a free service to the community, we have posted all of the Madden 18 playbooks. They include the formations & plays in each Madden 18 PB sorted by team.

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Couple this with the Strong Close and you have one awesome capacity to run the ball and good options to attack with the pass.

The runs out of the Pistol Weak and Strong Maddden will give any opponent fits. Best of all it’s FREE! Philadelphia Eagles Shotgun fans would immediately find affiliation with maddn playbook playbookw thanks to various formations that it offers. For these reasons I list the Oakland book at number 2. You need the ability to stuff the ball down your opponents face late in games, and this playbook lacks madden 15 playbooks ability to do just that.

Depending on madden 15 playbooks Madden 15 plays, this could shift down to the number one book. Madden 15 playbooks formation is extremely difficult to bump, has an array of ways to attack the defense, and has a decent run game. Denver has a pretty sick selection of plays beginning with the vast selection in the pistol. We always get a head start at Prima Games and now we want you to start the mental labbing process.

Madden NFL 15 Team Playbooks Are Here! | News | Prima Games

The pass game out of the Denver playbook is top notch. These two sets also have enough fire madden 15 playbooks in the passing game to move the ball down the field. The only problem you will encounter is from the defence who like to stick to the passing game. Hopefully you will be up madden 15 playbooks so many points, you wont need to worry about running the clock out at the end of games, but in my experience this rarely is the case verses good competition.


We will have to wait and see! More from Prima Games Official Strategy. I think some of that had been used here. Also… let me know what you think of this breakdown by commenting below! The Doubles Madden 15 playbooks set has all the runs you need, corner balls to both sides of the field, pre made deep outs, V routes, and screens to both the WR and RB.

Madden NFL 15: Best Offensive and Defensive MUT Playbooks

I urge you to check out my YouTube channel as I will be posting both game commentaries, tips and other videos for your madden 15 playbooks and madden 15 playbooks pleasure. That is it until the 26 th. Check them out below and tell us what you think!

Hear about the latest Madden NFL 15 guides, exclusive content, and amazing offers! A few specifics to highlight are the ability to hit the corner on the open side TE sidethe wheel patterns, the deeper crossing patterns, and the screen. Includes Bonus eGuide Content. Check us out on twitch. The madden 15 playbooks are better than average, but might lack the explosiveness needed to put up points fast.

While some players may face some difficulty getting hang of the things with this playbook, but once you grasp it, it will be totally worth your madden 15 playbooks. Arizona Madden 15 playbooks Arizona Cardinals offers an agglomeration of tight and spread passing sets which makes it next to impossible for the opponent to set up a proper defence.

It offers an amalgam of shotgun passing sets and pistol formations and should be ideal for those who like to get their hands on something versatile.

Guides Injustice 2 Guide: I find this to be a huge flaw in this playbook. Copyright Gaming With Gleez Inc. The reason for this is that the playbook heavily relies on zone coverage which complements formation. I am basing this list off of my past tournament experience since 03 and experience with the recent, previous Madden games. The Tight Offset in this book is the same as the Saints and comes with a full compliment of running plays, which makes this formation even more deadly in the Raiders book.

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This is the definitive list of the best Madden 15 Offensive Playbooks! As authors of madden 15 playbooks official strategy guide, it is always amazing to get our hands on the madden 15 playbooks early. In the mean time, follow us on twitter and email us with any questions!

In order to counter them, you madden 15 playbooks to set up some draw plays. Someone can definitely keep a defense guessing with the runs from both the pistol and shotgun, but that is where the run game in this book basically ends.

The Top 5 Offensive Madden 15 Playbooks

This list may also madden 15 playbooks based on how you like to play the game and the stick audibles in each formation. Who are the recommended madden 15 playbooks to use? We always try and log 1, hours before launch so that we can share all new tips and tricks on launch day.

Here are some playbooks from the Auction House that you might find interesting: Here are some playbooks from the Auction House that you might find interesting:.

This list can actually change once the game is released and we get to experience how Madden 15 plays.

This book has it all. Not to mention the pistol and shotgun have no QB runs and no read options. What books do you look forward to using? With this book, you can be sure to see plybooks whole new side of the madden 15 playbooks line-up.

115 gotta do that on your own! The Pistol Weak Twins Flex is a monster. This playbook has a lot of quick passes which makes teams with decent WRs a great success. I also want to madden 15 playbooks your attention to the Tight Offset TE.