en una lista compleja (There are two facts to consider: first, the weather; .. – Locuciones preposicionales de evitación de la pasiva en tiempos. Listas, anuncios. Pan, vino Locuciones preposicionales: . Elige de la lista siguiente la palabra que mejor se ajusta a cada espacio en el texto X. Solo se. Home words · – Phrasal Verbs (español – ingles) · – Vocabulario de Ingles – Mega lista · – News · – Preposiciones y locuciones preposicionales · – Herramientas.

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Names of music players e. Could you please close the door? Names of kind of fish e. We could go for a walk. Aren’t you interested in foreign languages? The guy that works opposite me is on sick leave.

Are you afraid of the dark? We lsita not thinking of retiring just yet. Your very good health! Is it all right now? You must not be lazy. May I come in here? I want you to give up smoking. Se repiten los pasos. Curso Names of types of accommodation for travellers e.


locuciones preposicionales lista pdf placard – PDF Files

Could you put me through to Mr Jones, please? I do not know what you call it. What do you mean by X? Don’t you ever dare do that! Do you think this is real silk? Would you like a cake?

I do not know the word in English. I like riding very much. John is unable to read yet. Texto mal estructurado, incoherente o contradictorio. Sour milk is nasty. You are wrong Not so. I can’t remember where I put my handbag.

Can oil and water mix? Must we fill in this form now?

Do you prefer coffee to tea? Would you mind opening the window? Italy has increased her exports. Just a moment, please.

Is there anything you want? Do you want to try the suit on? Can I help you? I don’t think so. He asked where they were going. He is the owner of the restaurant. Valetta is in Italy No, it isn’t. That painting cannot be by Picasso.


I agree with you there. Can I have my shirt washed? El candidato cubre todos los puntos de la consigna y los desarrolla suficientemente. It’s quite all right now That will do. Usos especiales de cuantificadores: I wonder why they go to London by car. For disturbing somebody I beg your pardon.

programación nivel avanzado 2011-2012

When will the guests arrive? You must stop now. Why don’t you stop working so hard? How are you feeling? Can I have my bill, please? Busca con rapidez en textos extensos y complejos para localizar detalles relevantes.