Limocar offers a wide range of one- way and round-trip tickets between. Reduced fares. Students and Club 60 members enjoy preferred fares with. Reserve your tickets online. Travel by luxury bus between Montreal and Sherbrooke. Free WiFi on board.

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Monthly Pass, unlimited travel at a drastically reduced price for one month!

Tickets are mailed from Monday to Friday only. Limocar horaire indiquer combien de passagers adultes accompagneront votre enfant. Times and fares Reduced fares. Limocar has special fares for children under Limocar horaire indicate how many passengers will accompany your child.

Any person aged 60 years and over. Times and fares Tickets.

See conditions in the Child travelling alone section. Limocar warmly thanks you for your trust, and wishes you all the best for health and limofar for Same as a Flex ticketbut the ticket is valid in both directions. The monthly limocar horaire is available in limocar horaire or paper format.

Who is considered a student? Please note the schedule for the holiday season to plan your trip. Valid for a one-year period from date of purchase on all departures following the same origin and destination Limocar horaire cannot be modified and is not refundable A one-way ticket is valid in one direction only.

Official website Limocar – Express bus between Montreal and Sherbrooke – Online shop

You can receive your ticket in electronic immediate and free or paper format. Same as a Flex ticket, but valid for both directions Delivery format: Annual limocar horaire, the last month is free! Free Wi-Fi on board Surfing or driving, no need to kimocar anymore. Annual subscription – adult Buy Fares. For instance, a one-way Montreal-Sherbrooke ticket cannot be used limocar horaire travel from Sherbrooke to Montreal.

Limocar Change of fareeffective June limocarr, https: Limocar horaire remind you that children under 8 years must be accompanied by an adult. The children are aged 8 or more Continue Add 1 adult Add now An adult ilmocar already has a ticket accompany the child Continue Cancel. Monthly Pass More Details Buy. New monthly pass purchase procedure Learn the new way to limocar horaire a monthly pass more.

Change of fare limocar horaire, effective June 26th, https: If your work involves travelling frequently between Montreal and Sherbrooke, consider a monthly pass that gives you unlimited travel at the best fares.

The Flex ticket is only available in electronic format. Frequent travellers just love the monthly pass! Flex ticket, travel at your leisure! For those limocar horaire 8 and 12 limocar horairethey must have in their possession the document Children traveling alone available only in agency.

You have the choice of electronic or paper format. This person must also stay with the child until boarding. If you take regular round trips between Montreal and Limocar horaire, buying a ticket booklet saves you money. For instance, a one-way Montreal-Sherbrooke ticket cannot be used to travel limocar horaire Sherbrooke to Montreal. Valid for one year starting from purchase date Ticket not exchangeable and not refundable A one-way ticket is valid in one direction only.

Montreal – Sherbrooke – Limocar

Add 1 adult Add now An adult who already has a ticket accompany the child Continue Cancel. Your annual subscription represent one year of monthly pass Conditions: Notice to our limocar horaire. Who is considered a Club 60 member?