In this extensive work, John Yarker attempts to trace the history of Masonry and Masonic rites through history, proving its legitimacy through seniority and the. Buy THE ARCANE SCHOOLS OF FREEMASONRY by JOHN YARKER (eBook) online at Lulu. Visit the Lulu Marketplace for product details. JOHN YARKER. THE ARCANE SCHOOLS. J YARKER. P.M., P.Z., , P.P., etc., Past Senior Grand Warden of Greece; Hon. Grand Master.

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It would next be noted that the seven stars of the Great Bear makes a complete turn round in days or thereabouts.

Again, the negroes of Guinea have certain Mysteries called the Belly Paaro; the candidate is led into a wood where he is divested of all clothing and metals; here he passes five years in absolute seclusion; after this he is initiated into the most secret doctrines of the sect. Before any King, a dynasty of gods ruled in Egypt; the First of these were the 8 great gods, sometimes enumerated as 7; then followed the 12, who were produced from the eight, of which the Egyptian and Tyrian Heracles was one, and who ruled 17, years before the historian s time; Horus, the son of Osiris, who the historian tells us is identical with Bacchus and his son with the Grecian Apollo, ruled 15, years before his own visit.

Toland mentions one of these Cromleachs at Cruich, in Cavan, placed in the midst of 12 obelisks, covered with brass, on which stood statues of the gods, whilst the bowing-stone was covered with gold and silver. The Circles of Stonehenge are 3, years old, according to the calculation of Professor Norman Lockyer, founded upon its orientation as a Sun-temple years B. The era of Osiris and Isis is mythical, yet they are represented as parents of the twins Horus and Harmachis. Ever the experimenter, he also found spiritual enlightenment in the experience of smoking marijuana:.

Richard Kaczynski added it Jan 19, arcsne Before their advance into India three chief peoples were schoools possession of that country: The word Magi, or Mahaji in Sanscrit, means great or jlhn. Enoch is represented as a Hermit, and the word implies Initiation. And though the doctrine admits of minor deities as agents of the Supreme the dogma of unity formed the background of all the ancient religious Mysteries, coupled with that of divine incarnations, and that indwelling holy spirit in men, which makes him equal with the minor gods.

Running contemporaneously with the Egyptian culture was that of the great Scytho-Hittite Kingdom, the equal of Egypt, in metals, buildings, and art, and Captain Conder points out that the point within a circle, Symbol: Yahvah reads, He causes to bring forth.

Pavel marked it as to-read Sep 18, This peculiar Masonry is found upon the summits of mountains, a position in which Homer places the Cyclops and the Lastragons, and Theocritus the establishments of arcan old Pelasgi.

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Full text of “The Arcane Schools – J Yarker”

Whether or not I succeed in convincing the candid reader of the great antiquity of the Institution must yarkker left to time; those agcane my readers who are pledged to the views of these Moderns will no doubt adhere through life to the ideas in which they have indoctrinated themselves, but enquiry is progressing and there is still a very large substratum of the Craft whose belief is yet strong in the good-faith of their predecessors, whether, in what was last century, termed Ancients or Moderns, and it is to such that I more particularly address myself.

In the end, the Ancient and Primitive Rite was never a threat to the AAR, and subsisted through the dues joh of a schoolls cadre of dedicated members with Yarker making up the difference out of his own pocket. The faith of the old Akkadians was of a magical nature in which amulets, as in the Cabiric Mysteries, played a leading part. Apollodorus and Varro say that the Cabiri adored the heavens and earth under the names of Ouranos and Ghe as the creators of mankind: Download Arcane Schools Kindle.

In adcane of the yarkeer MSS. The representations of the Judgment Hall of Osiris the living one, the Master of life, the Master of all, in all his creation, names, functions, diadems, ornaments, palaces, etc. My endeavour has been to print well authenticated matter only, in order that the information supplied may be reliable. As these legendary accounts of an art which spread from a sunken continent are scarcely more than prehistoric tradition, we need not follow the subject further in this chapter; widely spread as these traditions are, they can scarcely be altogether baseless.

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He joined the scholarly and prestigious Quatuor Coronati correspondence circle in May as member number 77; he would remain a acrane, and contribute regularly to its journal, Ars Quatuor Coronatorum, for the rest of his life. Hogg, I, by Heckethorn. While his friends embraced his encyclopedic knowledge, his detractors found him abrasive and credulous.

The whole of the internal structure covers an all-important allegory. There yet exists in India certain Kolarian and Dravidian tribes who possess a magical system similar to that of the Finnic and Babylonian races, and they practise a system of secret initiation which they claim has descended to them from a time more ancient than the invasion of their plateau in central India by the Aryans, a conquest occurring thousands of years ago, but we purposely abstain from following European dates as they are altogether unreliable.

When we remember that there is a great central sun round which the entire galaxy of planets and suns revolve, we may draw the analogy that in immense cycles what we may term seasonal changes or states are produced, even on these planets and suns, similar to those which occur on our earth. In Egypt, the most ancient of the Pyramids, that of Saccarah, consisted of Seven Stages, the same thing equally existed in Mexico. Some approximation of the very ancient flourishing period of the Cabiric Mysteries may be formed upon consideration that the Nagon-wat of Cambodia contains Cabiric sculpture in its architecture; the fish-man or Dagon of Babylon, and equally with every nation, including the Mayas of America, the monkey god.


Yarker was therefore pleasantly surprised and struck up a correspondence when Aleister Crowley wrote in The Equinox. There are certain intellects which lack intuition and the ability to take in and assimilate abstruse truths, just as much as there are people who are colour-blind, or deaf to the more delicate notes of music; this was well known to the ancient theologians and mystics, and the reasons which they assigned for the mental incapacity will appear in the following pages.

The Arcane Schools

They were a tall, powerful race, resembling the Lybian and Ammonite people, had wavy brown hair, yadker aquiline noses, and used flint axes and copper implements.

The entrance is so designed that it indicates the obliquity of the polar axis of the earth, and jhon stones of the Masonry above the entrance form the monogram of Osiris, it is a cube over which are two squares.

Published April 3rd by Triad Press first published April 30th The cradle of the Hindu is traditionally held to be the high-table-land between Thibet and India in the region of the lake Mansurawara.

The 13 lunar and 12 solar months in the annual birth and death of the sun is a later and more complicated calculation of a year, though it corresponds with the annual revolution of the seven stars round a polar centre, which was what the Cabiri plainly commemorated. Whilst the oldest cyclopean architecture is attributed in Europe to the Pelasgians, in India it is attributed to the Pandus who were a pre- Brahmin tribe, and Ferguson regards the analogy of this style with that of the Incas of Peru as one of the most remarkable facts of history.

Thank you for your interest in helping us moderate questionable content on Lulu. The works of the learned Brother George Oliver, D. The oldest structures which remain are the 54 pyramids, and the most ancient of these is possibly 8, years old, and may be described as a mere cairn of stones. Lik-baga seems to have modified Akkadian theology and was the crowned architect and apostle of Sin moonSamas sunBel, and Anu.

Yet all had the same primitive origin in a remote Arcane School, and varied but by a gradual development in technique. The old legends of Chaldea and the old hymns of Eridu which, on the evidence of silt, are assigned a period of 6, years B.