3. risk-based approach: assesses both consequences and probabilities . the amount of hazardous substances, equipment or the safety Review and revision of COMAH safety reports, COMAH, HSE R01 .. Automatic for housing buildings. Jet fire: occurs when a flammable substance escapes from a. A risk-based decision-making methodology for making run/repair/replace with the aim of Maintenance manages the process of ageing of a plant or machinery. diagnostic codes. Keywords—Jet Engine Fuzzy Logic, Fault Diagnosis, Fuzzy can be increased by developing a knowledge based system.

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The results are high costs and reduced reliability due to the difficulty of tracking discrepancies in these encodings. Here, we attempt to bridge this divide by formalizing an integrative cognitive neuroscience approach using dynamic field theory DFT.

In summary, our model provides a novel framework for contextual processing in the visual system proposing a well-defined functional role for horizontal axons.

A mathematical framework for critical transitions: Its structural features include motifs that are widespread in biological neural systems, such as a cascade of networks, large dimension shifts from stage to stage, sparsity, noise, and randomness.

Rats were then randomly assigned to a low- LC or high-confidence HC group and performed a reversal learning task, which required remapping of the stimulus—response contingency for the LC or HC stimuli, respectively. While a numerical solution based on analytically-derived approaches for optimality for this model could not be calculated, we systematically tested a wide range of rectangular pulses with varying widths and amplitudes to find the optimal rectangular pulse.

Our workflow therefore still relies on paper base mapsbut is strongly complemented with digital tools to provide robust positioning, track recording, and acquisition of various point-based data.

In this study, we introduce a 3-dimensional version of this framework. We apply it to a L5 pyramidal cell model with active dendritic properties and realistic propagation of voltage.

In the coupled oscillator model, the optimization protocol that we examined is for a particular stimulus of a specified duration starting autoomated a particular set of initial conditions for synchronization. Model results from to fit well with historical data.

Bistability of silence and seizure-like bursting. We also test for epistatic interactions between regions of the genome exhibiting significant linkage with the EEG phenotypes and find evidence of epistatic interactions between a region each on chromosome 1 and chromosome 4 with one region on chromosome This representational and problem solving approach can be applied at all levels of the architecture of a complex agent, such as Remote Agent.


Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic analyses of DNA changes, and cancer modeling to assess and attempt to predict the carcinogenicity of the series gased 12 chlorobenzene isomers.

Previous electrodiffusive models of extracellular ion-concentration dynamics have required extensive computing power, and have therefore been limited to either phenomena on very small spatiotemporal scales micrometers and milliseconds, see e. For some neurons shape selectivity also increased under occlusion. Logic- Based Approaches to Ecological Modelling.

Histogram analysis resulted in significant changes only in the vp estimates p maps in response to treatment p parametric maps for assessing tumor response to antiangiogenic therapy. Our approach has been applied to three absed clinical scenarios to evaluate its reusability potential for different contexts.

Modeling techniques may then be used to give a synthetic representation of such data. This approach differs from previous large-scale design efforts at Marshall Space Flight Center where design documentation alone conveyed information required for vehicle design and analysis and where extensive requirements sets were used to scope and constrain the design.

Evolution of extrema features reveals optimal stimuli for biological state transitions

The performances of agents are subject to different mechanisms of interactions between agents under the two systems. We present the first proposed mechanism through which geometric sequences of grid scales arise naturally.

First, it is publicly available through the Bureau of the Census on tape or equipmentt for a minimal fee. Numerous experiments have been conducted in the past in order to monitor the complex interactions that drive activity-dependent long-term plasticity of synapses.

Recent studies have demonstrated that T1- mapping techniques can quantify diffuse myocardial fibrosis and the expansion of the myocardial extracellular space in absolute terms. This paper reports on results of a multisite collaborative project launched by the MRI subgroup of Quantitative Imaging Network to assess current capability and provide future aktomated for generating fo standard parametric diffusion map Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine DICOM in clinical trials that utilize quantitative diffusion-weighted imaging DWI.

We consider the problem of classification of imaginary motor tasks from electroencephalography EEG data for brain-computer interfaces BCIs and propose a new approach based on hidden conditional random fields HCRFs.

Systems immunology is an emerging paradigm that aims at a more systematic and quantitative understanding of the immune system. This educational software was developed to aid teachers and students in automatedd understanding of how the process of identifying the most likely quantitative trait loci QTL position is determined between two flanking DNA markers.

New approaches in agent- based modeling of complex financial systems. The forecast of the time of arrival ToA of a coronal mass ejection CME to Earth is eqiupment critical importance for our high-technology society and for any future manned exploration of the Solar System.


They are situated in dynamic environment and are able to operate autonomously to achieve their goals. To test this hypothesis, we trained recurrent networks of excitatory and inhibitory McCulloch and Pitts neurons [1, 2] on memory sequences of varying lengths and compared network properties to those observed experimentally. Pre and post-radiotherapy arterial blood flow maps ABF were generated from CT-perfusion scans of each patient. Our results show that excitatory theta-timed inputs from CA3 and entorhinal cortex can modulate the timing of IS3 cell spiking during theta rhythms.

27th Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting (CNS*): Part One

In this poster, we consider entrainment that arises in circadian systems. In this system we develop a fuzzy case based reasoner that can build a case representation for several past anomalies detected, and we develop case retrieval methods that can be used to index a relevant case when a new problem case is presented using fuzzy sets.

In V1, neuronal responses are sensitive to context: As the process evolves, an inactive node will transit to the weakly-active state if the amount of activity among its neighbors exceeds a threshold k1, and if the amount is greater than k2, it will transit to the fully-active state. Image matching using generalized scale-space interest points.

Finally, our models have been formally verified considering functional and safety requirements and model coverage. This translates to lower accuracy, which may impact the final photogrammetric product. The biochemical basis of an all-or-none cell fate switch in Xenopus oocytes.

parametric mapping software: Topics by

Specifically, our experiments elucidate key biological mechanisms for fast learning from noisy data that rely on an interaction between cascaded networks, sparsity, Hebbian plasticity, and neuromodulatory stimulation by octopamine. In the FitzHugh-Nagumo model, the optimization protocol that we examined is for a particular stimulus of a specified duration starting at a specific phase of the limit cycle.

For any given species, this approach allows habitat suitability maps to be generated at various spatiotemporal scales. In simple active somatic spiking models voltages are transformed into number of spikes in a manner that further allows decoding of the percentage of active synapses from the current firing rate of a neuron.