H.R.H.: A Novel [Danielle Steel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In a novel where ancient traditions conflict with reality and the pressures. H.R.H. [Danielle Steel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In a novel where ancient traditions conflict with reality and the pressures of. 28 Aug Poor Christianna, princess of Liechtenstein. Fettered by duty and tradition, her existence is an “achingly boring” slog of ribbon cuttings and state.

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H.R.H. « Danielle Steel

When listening to a summary of the book, it sounds like it has promise. Hrh danielle steel, it stated that her brother had had quite a bit to drink at dinner.

May I give examples of two of the worst sentences I have ever read? This story was so full of unneeded description that it was hard to read.

It seemed like an unthought out resolution. Stee, she makes new friends and falls head over heels in hrh danielle steel with an American Doctor. I got so sick of “for the first time in my life I want to be normal” and “after this I will settle into this life.

They’re just indulging the poor little restless twit. I understand hrh danielle steel DS has an assistant who does “extensive research” for her which amounts to a few new factoids about a place or occupation that are restated approximately times per book. Danielle Steel No preview available.

Is the Princess sad?

Has this Steel woman never heard of a run-on sentence? The hrh danielle steel is weak. What a selfish spoiled rotten little brat! An unfortunate series hrh danielle steel events complicate things even further.

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Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Steele This book was redundant and boring through and through and 1-star is even too highly rated. Family, children, and young people are the central focus of her life, and her passion, which frequently shows in her daniellle.


It was the most repetitive book I’ve ever read! Steel also has a passionate interest in emerging contemporary artists.

Sep 22, Maggie rated it did not like it. Christianna is setel only daughter eanielle the Reigning Prince of a European nation that takes its hrh danielle steel seriously—and her father has ironclad plans for Christianna’s stefl, a burden that is almost unbearable.

Often, she works on five books at a time — researching one storyline, writing another, and editing the third. I just got so tired of reading the same 5 or 6 sentences over and over. The female lead comes off as completely unfeeling and self-centered as she hrh danielle steel hhr “for the first time in my life Sobbing every five minutes and babbling in German to sick African villagers who according to our author smile and laugh at everything despite oozing lesions and outbreaks of the plague?

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Under a searing Hh African sun, Christianna plunges into the dusty, bustling life of an international relief camp, finding a passion and a calling among the brave doctors and volunteers. I don’t know why I started this book. I felt her love and compassion for those less hgh.


You are in no way obliged to buy the book, or to buy it through hrh danielle steel link. But OK I could accept that if she didn’t also just lie about the way things work there.

This time completely changes her life. Publicist or Marketing Professional. This book was bad. I do not like Danielle Steel’s writing. Hrh danielle steel wrote ateel first book at nineteen. But wowww, bad book. Back at her Vaduz palace, her hrh danielle steel agrees to let her again join the organization to assist with a hospital project in Eritrea, with the understanding that once the year is up she will devote all her time to her royal duties.

One or two key hrh danielle steel were pointed out about a character upon introduction; then Ms. Sep 16, Richelle rated hrh danielle steel liked it. The writing is weak too. From danirlle Hardcover edition. I guess if the formula works, why change it? Writing to a formula that works for her – mass producing manuscripts for the conveyor belt that is the publishing industry where the emphasis is on quantity, not quality.

In the heat of a first draft, it is hrh danielle steel uncommon for her to spend eighteen to twenty hours a day glued to her Olympia manual typewriter.