The Historical Role Of Islam [M N Roy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a reproduction of a book published before This book. M. N. Roy on the Historical Role of Islam. (Islam and Modern Age, March ). Asghar Ali Engineer. M.N. Roy was greatly attracted towards Marxism though. Historical Role Of Islam Bookyards is the world’s biggest online library where you can find a large selection of free ebooks. Download or Author, M. N. Roy.

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Observation and inquisitiveness, which guide his voyage on the unknown sea, or direct his steps in lands, kill in him the comfort of credulity. Apr 18, Shadin Pranto rated it really liked it. Shantanu Singh marked it as to-read May 02, The historic battle, begun by the nomads of the Arabian Desert, under the religious flag of Islam, was fought step by step through a thousand years on fields scattered over the three continents, to be won finally in Europe under the profane standard of the eighteenth century Enlightenment and Bourgeois Revolution.

Refresh and try again. Faisal Liyakath marked it as to-read Jan 28, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want historical role of islam by m.n.roy read.

Three hundred years of peace, prosperity and progress elapsed before the martial valour of the Saracens was rekindled by Christian historical role of islam by m.n.roy in the deceptive form of the crusades.

The historical role of Islam ( edition) | Open Library

If the undoubtedly brilliant military con quests of the Saracens were the only measure of the historic role of Islam, then it would not be a unique historical historical role of islam by m.n.roy.

This, in its turn, inspired the nomads of a desert to establish one historical role of islam by m.n.roy the vastest and most flourishing empires of history. A part of the wealth produced by the toiling masses, when left with themselves, becomes a powerful impetus to trade. The previous revolt had miscarried itself. The message of hope and salvation came from the Caravan traders of Arabia who had stood outside the corrupting atmosphere of the decomposed Roman world, and prospered by their advantageous position.


Majeed IbnuMuhammad rated it really liked it Mar 03, These are simply the means to attain his end—to make profit which is a category abstracted from the concrete commodity he buys or sells. Basheer Musa marked it as to-read Aug 12, N Roy described shortly why Islam is much influencial.

He just mindblowingly avoided the “spiritual Islam”. Mohammad was the Prophet not of the Saracen warriors, but of the Arab merchants. The economic principle, primitively formulated in the memorable injunction of the first Khalif, historiccal out of the interest of the Arab traders, revolutionized the old social idea.

Shk Hassan marked it as to-read May 22, Egypt, robbed and despoiled for centuries by the Greeks and the Romans, prospered under the Saracens. After their conquest of Syria, Mesopotamia, Persia and the territories across the Oxus, the Arabs captured the Chinese trade and diverted it to pass through their domain of North-Africa and Spain, ultimately to reach the markets of Western Historical role of islam by m.n.roy.

It rose as the ideology of a new social relation which, in its turn, revolutionized the mind of man. The people, for whom Islamic history is summarized in the exploits of fanatical hordes, dramatically offering the historiacl world the choice between the Koran and the sword, with the blood-curdling cry of n.n.roy Akhbar”, m.n.toy not know, or conveniently overlook, that only the immediate successors of Mohammad occupied themselves solely with temporal and religious conquests; and even they were distinguished from the barbarian ravishers of humanity like Alaric, Bg, Genseric, Chengis or Tamerlane, by the nobility historical role of islam by m.n.roy character, purity of purpose and piety of spirit.

The city states of the Ionian Greeks were therefore the birth-places of philosophy. Faraz Ansari marked it as to-read Jan 11, Mohammad Shahid marked it as to-read Jan 28, The essence of his occupation teaches the trader to think in abstraction.


Fanatically faithful to the revolutionary teachings of the Prophet, and obediently acting according to the noble, wise and eminently practical injunctions of the Khalif, the M.n.roj invaders easily enlisted the sympathy and support of the peoples they conquered. There are few figures in history more romantic, more devout, more sincere and more modest than the first “Commander historical role of islam by m.n.roy the Faithful”—Abu Bakr.

historical role of islam by m.n.roy The sword of Islam, wielded ostensibly at isllam service of God, actually contributed to the victory of a new social force—the blossoming of a new intellectual life—which eventually dug the grave of all religions and faiths.

Arafath rated it it was ok Jan 13, Ilsam was no longer the passion and proud profession of the Saracens, because they had found interest and delight in a peaceful world created by the prowess of their forefathers.

The historical role of Islam

Trade broadens the vision of man. Dec 23, Tanvir Klion rated it it was amazing. Sohaib Rashid added it Mar 20, Since then, the military activities of the Arabs were essentially of the nature of current defensive and offensive operations historical role of islam by m.n.roy a far-flung Empire. Increased production, the result of this revolution, quickened trade which ushered in an era of cosmopolitanism and spiritual uplift.

Under certain conditions, trade is a potent instrument of spiritual revolution. Molest not those men who live retired from the world. Want to Read saving…. Sp marked it as to-read Jan 30,