Contact Delhi has been divided into 15 Planning Zones by DDA to Urbanization of Rural Delhi or Urban Extension. According to Master Plan Zone L Covered. 23 May This map consists of Delhi, Noida , Greater Noida (Phase I & II), YEIDA , Faridabad city, Faridabad Dist., Ghaziabad Dist. Please find attached latest map of Noida Master Plan , uploaded on Sector 38A, Noida to Greater Noida via Mahamaya Flyover, Noida.

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The Noida Authority is in the process of acquiring the entire land for its planned development. To share your opinions and suggestions, please use the comments section at the end. Become a Smart Real Estate Investor!

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Its growth during last two decades also indicates that population projections cannot be made by any normal mathematical method. Industrial Activities are dominant economic functions of Noida. The Interim General Noira for Greater Delhi was prepared in and then the first Master Plan of Delhi prepared in suggested that serious considerations should be given for the planned decentralisation mastrr large scale economic activities from Delhi greater noida master plan 2031 the development of greatrr around Delhi.

There pan no relevance in having planned population of 12 lakhs for the year of when it is already more than 10 lakhs in The retail commercial activities were allowed to be restricted on the ground floor and residential activities were allowed on the upper floors. This city is also bound to expand in size greater noida master plan 2031 time, and being located in close proximity to Noida, would surely influence the development of the city. It envisages a population of 25 lakhs by for Noida. A railway station complex is greater noida master plan 2031 in the south-western part of Noida in the Noida master plan The proposed road linkages will connect the city with the regional movement system to and from the city.

The major roads have been planned horizontally from southwest to northeast interconnected by perpendicular roads forming a grid and dividing the area into sectors. Another factor, which is likely to have far reaching greater noida master plan 2031 for the growth potential of Noida is the development of Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway Industrial area townships on a contiguous territory east of the river Hindon.


It has necessitated to the reservation of more land for Industrial uses. UP government later got a master plan prepared for the development of a new city, namely, Greater Noida for a population ofto be achieved by the year These Metro corridors will be accessible at selected intervals through stations as per noida master plan This railway line will link the city of Greater noida master plan 2031 with Dadri in the East and Tughlakabad of Delhi in the southwest.

The residential, commercial, recreational, institutional and other urban use areas have also been developed in mastee parts of the township in the form of sectors. The Noida Master Plan was revised in for the perspective year of mastter Noida has been planned on a gridiron pattern. The commercial centres are well distributed over space with the main commercial hub in the city centre.

The agricultural fields exist in an interspersed manner with rural settlements in some parts of Southern area of the town. Railway station site and railway yard sites have been proposed near village Chaprauli.

Both these Plans had significant implications for the development potential of Noida. Since mastet infancy, Greater noida master plan 2031 has been envisaged predominantly an Industrial township.

The Noid may decide the architectural controls, procedure of allotment, reserve prices and other requirements as per the proposed mix of activities on greater noida master plan 2031 plot or scheme.

The Noida Authority has introduced the policy of mixed land use in the Noida Master Plan when residential and other activities were permitted in the planned commercial land along the major roads.

Hence, population projection for the purpose of planning has been adopted on the basis of commitment of land for residential purposes. Residential facilities are allowed in greater noida master plan 2031 and institutional area to make the better utilization of land for varying uses and also to contain the requirement of transport facilities for work places.

Accordingly, in the noida master plana Rail corridor has been proposed for this in sector and The proposed Mumbai-Delhi dedicated Rail freight corridor grewter pass through Noida. The population figures based on the commitments of residential properties in the planned area and potential population growth in the rural settlements, noids expected as per noida master planare shown in the following table: Regulation of Building Operations Act, This was a conscious decision of the Noida Authority to make the best greater noida master plan 2031 and viable use of greatet residential land and to meet the increased demand for affordable housing in the NCR.


Land use planning for a town is a process through which attempts are made to make use of land in the best possible way for development of town. The township is planned on the concept of greater noida master plan 2031 integrated township.

Greater Noida Master Plan 2021 (Revision)

There was no urban centre in this area. With slight masfer about However, the Authority may identify such land or plot for mixed land use schemes at the time of detail layout plan of a particular sector gteater area. Noida has planned few newly developing sectors masetr for group housing with high density of population and high greater noida master plan 2031 building.

There are two major roads that have been proposed in Noida, one is greater noida master plan 2031 Expressway linking Noida with Greater Noida and another road in the multi-modal corridor that will connect the city with Ghaziabad in the north and Faridabad in the south.

Residential mwster are to be developed at varying densities. The sub district centres are distributed with respect to residential catchment areas. Development in industry, commerce and trade have led Noida to be a model city in UP. It is therefore, proposed to have population density in the already majority developed Residential sectors below persons per hectare.

One such relatively large pocket exists at a location immediately north of the Sultanpur village and a smaller pocket exists west of the Shahdara village and located along the western bank of Noida Drain.

A railway line has been proposed in the multi-modal transport system.