friends who has it please send me at [email protected] His actual pages or so of Path notes are a whole different story. pager: PDF file of his complete high-yield material from 22 Dec Goljan High Yield pages according to a friend, Goljan gave out a new set of 46 page high yield notes in his lecture circuit for kaplan.

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Do you already have an account? Goljan however, it the best as far as learning path our clases notws not that great at my school, and even some of the profs basically read out of the BRS in class – notes are copied almost word-for-word out of the BRS!!

Goljan HY pdf file | Student Doctor Network

I also had the same question. PDF file of his complete high-yield material frombroken down into subjects, path,biochem, pharm, phys, etc Jan 8, Messages: Hogh 29, Messages: Notws got the 36 from a senior who’s all done with the steps, but he doesn’t have the Apr 14, Messages: Finally, not to get anyone all hysterical, there is an additional page notes in”word” floating out there which is the updated version of the page notes.


The first 42 pgs are pathology so I think its similar to the 44 pg one your talking about. Its othe other 58 pgs of info that I was wondering about.

I’ve got a question on the Goljan notes. Thread continues after this sponsor message. Also, is the page one a book?

I searched for a page Goljan on it but couldn’t find one. Hope that helps kinda funny, but i did’nt know what the HELL high-yield meant before starting med school, talk about conditioning SolidGold Florida winters are the best! Thanks in advance for any help, and best of luck to everyone sitting for one of these monsters soon. The biochem, anatomy, and the whole goljan high yield notes 100 pages.

Goljan High Yield page notes – USMLE Forums

May 13, Messages: Is it available on Amazon? Apr 22, Messages: Discussion in ‘ Step I ‘ started by meApr 19, I’ve got only one set, it’s 36 pages long. Yes, my password is: Can someone further goljan high yield notes 100 pages on the pg pdf versus the 36 and 44 page HY pdf documents?


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Goljan HY 100 pdf file

I’m sure the path stuff is good, how is the rest of it? I was wondering if any of you who have the page set wouldn’t mind emailing it to me? No, create an account now. You must log in or sign up to post ntoes. This is a great forum, and I’m so glad I found it.

What do you all think about it? How HY is it?

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