The ‘Eavy Metal Masterclass returns, and not only that, it has an extra day added in! This landmark event will get you an entire weekend of painting. Citidel Supplies: Eavy Metal Masterclass [Games Workshop] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Citidel Supplies: Eavy Metal Masterclass. ‘Eavy Metal Masterclass – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view Bleached Bone was then applied. pure Skull White was -workshop.

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And GW found a great banner-bearer in Duncan.

‘Eavy Metal Masterclass Weekend – The Foundations of Excellence – Warhammer World

Unknown 14 October at I’m a big fan of this as a starting point, but as I said, the masterclasa possible drawback is that it becomes TOO popular, and we start to see a homogeneous commonality to any painted army we see.

Back in the 80’s, we would stare at White Dwarf pages like these for hours, trying to figure out how the artists achieved various effects. Gamers and collectors needed a fast and efficient way to paint their miniatures. In some ways, that’s how the Eavy Metal method of painting came about. Just not the “Pure Edging” approach that some White Dwarf staff were pushing in the years previous to Duncan Rhodes coming on the scene Even though it’s simple in concept and execution, the end result masterckass a clean, bright, and characterful model, that looks fantastic on both the tabletop, and in the display case.

Many of the gamers I played with pretty much had identically painted armies.

GW has done the hobbyist a huge favour, while at the same time doing themselves a favour too. Your one on one time can be used in a variety of different ways. This Masterclass will set you up so that you can get the most out of the following ones, so if you want to push your painting to the next level this is the perfect first step!

They were a bit defensive as i was a newcomer but had they wanted they couldve spent a few hours watching tutorials many years ago. However, sales of individual miniatures as a business model was very limited in growth.

Games Workshop Eavy Metal Masterclass Painting Guide

Slice them thin and fry them up as chips? When I worked at GW, we often heard non-gamers look at the display cases and say, “Wow, I could never paint like that”. However, unlike the McVey era, there are so many different styles and techniques out there now, it’s a bit of a shame that more people aren’t trying to branch out a bit more and find their own style of painting. Kelly 6 March at The thing is, both are entirely valid reasons for this style to exist.


Dice masterclasss up and turn them into hash browns? Don’t get me wrong How to paint Inquisitor Greyfax, the Duncan Rhodes way The best part of the promotion of this method of painting is that it’s getting more painted miniatures out there.

Sure, all those methods take a bit more time and effort than plopping potatoes into boiling water, but the end result may be worth it. I think it’s absolutely awesome that we are seeing more and more beautifully painted minis, and people are taking more pride in their metwl. As you know, this was a fantastic business model While many gamers will likely watch WarhammerTV and be satisfied with a lifetime of painting to that standard, many a future Slayer Sword winner will take their first workship steps because of Duncan It really is a win-win in my book.

After getting into the hobby about 3 years ago and exvy confusing and contradictory advice from friends, watching Duncan actually taught me the basics properly. Glazing — this integral part in order to get colour and tone on skin. You can even ask for advice on subjects not covered by any of our courses, but as your time is limited, you may wish to stick to subjects from the previous day.

Just as there are many different ways to prepare a potato, I strongly urge masterclxss to try out as many different ways to paint a miniature as they can.

Sales of these paints represent a very large chunk of their income, and any painting tutorial published in White Dwarf, or posted online or on YouTube goes a long way in helping drive sales of GW paints. I think it’s a matter of what feels natural to you. For that reason, it’s incredibly popular, and woorkshop particular I’m seeing many people rave about Duncan Rhodes’ painting tutorials on the WarhammerTV YouTube channel.

Now, I’ve mentioned before, I started mini painting back in the late eighties when there were very few published mini painting step-by-steps, no YouTube videos, no painting DVDs or VHS tapes, for that matterand no mini painting classes.

‘Eavy Metal Masterclass Weekends – Warhammer World

Bernard Marlow 6 March at Reaper came out with a “Triad System” of paints, in which each they grouped each colour savy separate base, shade, and highlight pots. Part of what makes the Eavy Metal method so easy is that you rarely have to mix eaavy Organizing your paint range in this manner turns purchasing paints into masyerclass established system that new painters can easily understand, even without any knowledge of colour theory.


Those who find a eacy for painting will research different techniques, and expand upon those early basic principles they learned. Why not roast or mash them? Otherwise every time you go to a friend’s place, or visit relatives, or go to a restaurant, you’ll see the same boiled potatoes over and over again It’s quick to learn, quick to paint, and for economy of effort, it’s hard to beat the end result.

Let me make an analogy here. Skin — Tattoos, Raw wounds, blood, specific skin tones green, brown, purples etc. At our first Masterclass Weekend, you will be shown the fundamentals of great miniature painting. Posted by Kelly at Basically, they found a great “everyman” that people could like and listen to.

‘Eavy Metal Masterclass Weekend – The Foundations of Excellence

These are all things that we all take for granted nowadays, but back then we simply saw pics of completed minis in White Dwarf and Dragon magazine, and did our best to guess at the tools and techniques used, and somehow reverse engineer the process. Yes, they are made by other companies, but they are made to GW’s direction.

My point being, sure, it’s awesome that we are seeing fewer raw potatoes on dinner tables, but hopefully after people have tried boiled potatoes for awhile, they go out and try their hand at other ways to cook them. Plus, it’s easier for new painters to grasp. The Lord of the Rings: The approach to highlighting is wrong, and there’s no solid foundation of skill to build upon. Newer Post Older Post Home.

This foundation will give you a starting point to build on in order to begin or continue your journey on the path to becoming an incredible painter.