Riveting epic, but too complex, violent for younger teens. Read Common Sense Media’s Finnikin of the Rock review, age rating, and parents guide. But ten years later Finnikin is led to another rock to meet the young novice, Evanjalin. A girl plagued by dark dreams, who holds the key to their return to the Land. Finnikin of the Rock. author: Melina Marchetta. series name: Lumatere Chronicles. Finnikin was only a child during the five days of the unspeakable, when the.

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Not knowing who she is, Finnikin refuses to let Isaboe go until Perri the Savage comes finnikun tells Finnikin to do it, for the woman is Tesadora of the Forest Dwellers and is possibly the only person who can save the Queen now.

Many, many, oh so many overwhelmingly positive GR reviews. Maris Only a little swearing, but there is some very odd sexual content. Froi finnikib A thief whom Evanjalin and Finnikin meet on their journey. I’m supposed to feel empathy for and look forward to reading the next book about a boy that tried to rape the female pro Unreadable.

Give it a try, I’m sure it fijnikin disappoint. He was believed to be dead, but Evanjalin claims that he is alive and in hiding. The kind with made up worlds and magical realms, that sort of thing. Finnikin sees his father again, Trevanion.

To me, he was a bland and boring character.

Finnikin of the Rock

Though certainly, Marchetta’s fingerprint is still all over the place: View all 8 comments. All that I’ve felt while reading Jellicoe Road I felt again while reading this book, and these 2 stories are nothing alike.

View all 25 comments.

View all 11 comments. He is torn because she is complex fiinnikin intricate and wants so much from him and as far as he knows she might be promised to the Balthazar if they ever find him. If you’d like some snippets of info on Froi’s book to tide you over until its tne, check out this and this. During a troubled sleep, Finnikin has a vision urging him to go to the isolated cloister of Sendecane.


When Froi shows reluctance to leave, Finnikin grabs him by the hair and shows him the battle, and helps him over the side of the boat. Mostly because being familiar with her narrative, fitting that particular style in High Fantasy feels a little… overwhelming.

The POV and storyline kept jumping back and forth and gave me a headache. Soon he must unravel both the dark bonds of kinship and the mysteries of a half-mad princess in this barren and mysterious place. I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect it to move me so much – and yeah, I realized pretty fast what a fool I’d been to underestimate Melina Marchetta’s ability to take my heart and squeeze it. The words mass graves and ethnical cleansing are words which will be stuck in your throat during some passages of this book and I dare you not feel compassionate for the Lumateran people.

The Lumatere Chronicles

But before I could find it fascinating, realistic and well-written, I had to read around one hundred so-very-slow pages. You are commenting using your Facebook account. About rhapsodyinbooks We’re into reading, politics, and intellectual exchanges.

finnnikin At the beginning, there is little She tells him that she cannot love his father now because of what she went through during the curse. When they set up camp in the forest, Finnikin follows Evanjalin as she walks near the edge of a cliff-top, and warns her not to go too far away.

A man bumps into him and begs him rrock to forget them. To be able to convince the exiles of Lumineer to journey back to their kingdom they must rescue the former Captain of the Guard and find the men of the Lost Guard to help them.

Finnikin tries to persuade her, telling her of the dangers, but ends up getting into a fight with Evanjalin about it.

Finnikin is furious at Evanjalin for most of the sea voyage and is satisfied that Evanjalin is forced to spend most of her time vomiting over the side of the ship. Loving marriages are also depicted, with soldiers being faithful to spouses that have been kept from them for a decade.


His rawness in expressing his feelings was refreshing and was a constant source of comic relief for me. Marchetta has stated that the cloister of Lagrami in the novel is based on the French island fortress of Mont Saint-Michel.

He agrees to become Isaboe’s King on the condition that he meets with the Prince of Osteria when he visits, and they declare war on Charyn without involving Belegonia. Finnikin was a very strong male lead and I took to him from the get go.

Talk to your kids about Parents need to know that this epic fantasy has mature themes and depictions of violence in a war-torn dystopia that make it better for more mature teen fantasy readers. Isaboe begs Finnikin to kill Jasmina if the Charynites ever invade Lumatere again, so that Jasmina would not be raped by Charynites. But then Finnikin is summoned to meet Evanjalin, a young woman with an incredible claim: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

If initially I gave this a 4. Especially when writing a 1 star review.

Review of “Finnikin of the Rock” by Melina Marchetta | Rhapsody in Books Weblog

Anyway, I was more than willing to overlook the flaws – I do that all the time, in the countless books that I love. It truly shows within the subtle, but rich world building in the text. It’s hard to list it all, but Melina writes everything with such power, managing to break your heart with a sentence, a word, a glance. Something about her books just comforts me in ways I cannot attempt to capture into words. After finishing it I was left speechless – Melina Marchetta has this effect on people.

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