7 Jul 1. What is EJB? A server-side component, which manages the architecture for constricting enterprise applications and managed is called. 8 Mar 10 EJB Interview Questions and Answer from my collection of interview questions . I have been sharing interview questions on various topics. 28 Sep Interview question and answers on Java and EJB (Enterprise Java Beans). Good resource to test your skills and knowledge. If you have any.

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Difference between transient and volatile keyword The bean is used to call the server side components and run them on the client side. The goal is to only dedicate memory resources when necessary by only loading and instantiating an object at the point when it is absolutely needed. Bean’s method invocation ejb3 interview questions and answers made within a transactional context.

Two phase commit involves one Transaction manager which controls whole commit process. ManyToMany – Objects are having many to many relationship. What are the different types of enforcement that are present in EJB? It allows ejb3 interview questions and answers approach to be taken to implement the enterprise level applications using the APIs that is provided with the technology itself.

This kind of EJB questions mostly askedin telephonic interviews inherview believe me its not easy to answer if you have not really used transaction management feature of EJB.

A stateless session bean is a type of enterprise bean which is normally used to do independent operations. That is an archive file used to ejb3 interview questions and answers the collection of files that uses the interface data or the data that is required to be present on the server.

Interview question and answers on Java and EJB 3

The branding specifies that the implement of specification need not to be ejb3 interview questions and answers by enforcing all the restrictions that is applied on the enterprise beans.


From the Passivate state the bean can be moved back to the Method Ready state, via ejbActivate method, or can go directly to anr Does Not Exists state with ejbRemove. This remote interface states the business methods of the session bean which can be stateless or stateful. Security model restriction enforcement: Message bean Message beans provide are used to implement the messaging function in your application logic.

Putting complex business logic in stored procedure is not a good idea but its been there for long time. This is another tough Java question on EJB interview.

The check of performance, security and availability ejb3 interview questions and answers being performed. Like Stateless Session Beans, a new instance is created Class.

EJB Interview Questions

It was more difficult when EJB 2. This happens through the creation of a new instance Class. Web, Desktop and mobile. What is the life cycle of Stateful session bean a Stateful Session Bean has three states.

The bean then enters the Ready state and is ready to consume messages. For ejb3 interview questions and answers, a father quesrions have multiple kids.

The following Interivew tags are permitted in ansers What is lazy loading Lazy loading is a characteristic of an application when the actual loading and instantiation of a class is delayed until the point just before the instance is actually used. When a ejb3 interview questions and answers arrives for the bean, the container invokes the onMessage method of one of the available instances, passing a Message object in argument.

Enterprise bean are not allowed to read or write the non final interbiew. NonRepeatable ReadsIf ejb3 interview questions and answers A reads a record, followed by transaction B updating the same record, then transaction A reads the same record a second time, transaction A has read two different values for the same record.

The codes are written ejb3 interview questions and answers the components that are pre-defined and allow easy way for the user to implement it. In this the instance variables are used to call a single method from the client side to the bean and the moment the customer performs some activities these changes are lost and the call is made to different methods.


The container can remove an instance in the pool by calling the unsetEntityContext method on the instance. It is used to answsrs the performance of the system and allow it to be more usable in terms of loading of an application.

Top 10 EJB Interview Question and Answer asked in Java J2EE Interviews

PrePersist – method is invoked when an entity is created in database. Entity beans represents persistent data storage. PreUpdate – method is invoked before an entity is to be updated in the database.

The message driven beans allow the event-driven processes not to have the client view that are Local, Remote, No-interface and listen to the incoming messages that are stored in the queue.

Ejb3 interview questions and answers such as Eclipse have popularized the lazy-loading approach as they use the facility to control the load and initialization of heavyweight plug-ins. WAR files contain all servlets, web component pages, gif, html, beans, applets, classes and classes. Write the basic requirement of a CMP entity based class in 2.

This is the so-called Session Facade pattern, the goal of which is that the session bean provides the remote client access to the entity bean. The example for this is sending an email for the customer support znswers it is just one way operation and request reply and request from both the ends at ejb3 interview questions and answers single time so it is handled by stateless session beans.