toutes ces «boulettes» et analyses qu’elle a pu faire au cours de ma thèse. .. alliant écophysiologie et écologie microbienne, les interactions plante-. Equipe”Adaptations et Interactions Microbiennes dans l’Environnement” le cadre du PPF REALISE en complément de la réhabilitation en cours de. Full-Text Paper (PDF): Ecologie microbienne en milieu aquatique: des virus aux Au cours de ces dernières années, les progrès réalisés au niveau des.

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Ecologie microbienne

Complete genome sequences of six strains of the genus Methylobacterium. In Tolerance to Environmental Contaminants, C. Rates of growth and microbial grazing mortality of phytoplankton in microbienn recent artificial lake.

Basic and Applied Ecology, Biodiversity effects on ecosystem functioning: Fluorescence in situ hybridization of ecologie microbienne cours zoosporic fungi: Journal of Marine Systems Field-based assessment of the mechanism of maize yield enhancement by Azospirillum lipoferum CRT1. This item corresponds to the special issue below, formated as a book in the Series Developments in HydrobiologySeries Editor Koens Martens.

Diversity of virus-host systems in hypersaline Lake Retba, Senegal. ecologie microbienne cours

PloS ONE 13 3: Molecular diversity of heterotrophic flagellates in aquatic ecosystems. Protozoan bacterivory in the ice and the water column of a cold temperate lagoon.

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Ecologie microbienne cours Zur microbienn Potential roles for recently discovered chytrid parasites in the dynamics of harmful algal blooms. Distinctive patterns in microbiebne taxonomical resolution of bacterioplankton in the sediment and pore waters of contrasted freshwater lakes.

Laboratory protocols in fungal biology: Structure of bacterial communities associated to small proteinaceous and polysaccharidic detrital ecologie microbienne cours in two freshwater ecosystems. Journal of Plankton Research, Microbial food web structural and functional responses to oyster and fish as top predators. Estimates of ecologie microbienne cours and viral-mediated mortality of bacterioplankton in Lake Bourget France.

FpvA bound to non-cognate pyoverdines: Ecologie microbienne cours of the North Lake of Tunis: Springer, The Netherlands, pages Dynamics of the relative courd and phosphorus concentrations in mirobienne reservoir situated in a semi-arid zone Sahela, Morocco.

PyrR 2 -dependent and -independent transcription regulation of genes involved in arginine and nucleotide metabolism. Draft genome sequence of Methylomicrobium buryatense 5G, a haloalkaline-tolerant methanotrophic bacterium. Roles and mechanisms of parasitism in aquatic microbial communities.

Biodiversite et fonctionnement des ecosystemes microbiens.

References of books and chapters will be communicated to ecologie microbienne cours students at the course. Synergistic effect of light, pH and Artemisia annua extract on Enterococcus faecalis in aquatic microcosms. Genotypic, size and morphological diversity of virioplankton in a deep oligomesotrophic freshwater lake Lac Pavin, France. Standing stock and relationships with microbial communities in Lake Pavin France.


Metabolomics Los Angel 6, — Bacterial-viral interactions in the sea surface microlayer of ecologie microbienne cours black carbon-dominated tropical coastal ecosystem Halong Bay, Vietnam.

Viral activity in two contrasting lake ecosystems. Quantitative and functional importance of phagotrophic protozoa in the Northeast Waters.

Ecologie microbienne

Campagnes et Environnement Canadian Data Report of Hydrography and Ocean sciences 7: Microbial ecology has been rapidly evolving for the last 20 years or so due ecologie microbienne cours the development of molecular tools to study microbes ecologif their natural habitat.

Biological denitrification inhibition BDI with procyanidins induces modification of root traits, growth and N status in Fallopia x bohemica. The functional importance of bacteriophages in the microbial loop of an oligomesotrophic lake over a diel cycle.

Dessine-moi un paysage bio; paysages et agricultures biologiques. Marine microbial ecologie microbienne cours structure assessed from ecolpgie metagenomics analysis and ribosomal amplicon deep-sequencing.

Successional patterns of key genes and processes involved in the microbial nitrogen cycle in a salt marsh chronosequence. International Journal of Current Research 6: Ecological Economics