29 May Pounds and Inches – Dr. Simeons Original hCG Diet Protocol Manuscript- Free Download -. hCG Diet Workbook for Phase 2 of the hCG. Dr Simeons Manuscript Pounds And Inches. Below you can download the original Dr Simeons Manuscript Pounds And Inches, Jut click on the blue link below. dr simeons ebook download At Your HCG, all of our weight loss programs adhere strictly to Dr. Simeons Pounds and Inches Manuscript. If you’ve done any .

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Their skin wrinkles and they look old and miserable. For this there are sound reasons.

Simeons’ Pounds & Inches Manuscript – HCG Diet Council

In this way a patient may be brought to the brink of poknds in spite of having a hundred pounds of fat to spare. After three days when all the HCG has been eliminated this does not happen, because the blood is then no longer saturated with food dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript can thus accommodate an extra influx from the intestines without increasing its volume by retaining water.

Some complicating disorders are often associated with obesity, and these we must briefly discuss. What I have to say is an essence of views distilled out of forty years of grappling with the fundamental problems of obesity, its causes, its symptoms, and its very nature. In this way it is possible to bring about a weight reduction of lbs. During an apple-day no other food or liquids except plain water are allowed and of water they may only drink just enough to quench an uncomfortable thirst if eating an apple still leaves them thirsty.

Every new theory, every new method, every promising dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript was considered, experimentally screened and critically evaluated as soon as it became known. Thus it is not the weight of what is eaten that plays the determining role but rather the amount of water which the body dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript retain to accommodate this food. I cannot open the copy up! Here in Italy patients are given the following diet sheet.

Free Download Dr Simeons Manuscript for HCG Diet Info – Do-It-Yourself HCG

It is a particularly interesting feature of the HCG pounfs that in reasonably cooperative dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript this figure is remarkably constant, regardless of sex, age and degree of overweight. Structural fat also performs such important functions as bedding the kidneys in soft elastic tissue, protecting the coronary arteries and keeping the skin smooth and taut.

We have taken the time to create a database of the original Hcg Diet manuscript, separated by its own Table of Contents. It is usually at this point that a difference appears between those patients who have literally eaten to capacity during the poundss two days of treatment and those who have not.


Simeons’ Pounds & Inches Manuscript

When the skin is stretched by fat rapidly accumulating under it, it may split in the lower layers. Some complain of a mild headache of which they have been forewarned and for which they have been given permission to take aspirin.

It also became known that in these cases the sex organs could he developed by giving the patients injections of a substance extracted from the urine of pregnant women, it having been shown that when this substance was injected into sexually immature rats it made them precociously mature.

Those patients who have to be put on forced feeding for a week before starting the injections usually gain weight rapidly — four to six dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript in 24 hours is not unusual — but after a day or two this rapid mamuscript generally levels off.

Yet every physician who has studied obese patients under rigorously controlled conditions knows that this is not true.

The second was that small daily doses appeared to be just as effective as much larger ones given twice a week. Predictably such patients get an acute and often severe attack after the first few days of HCG treatment but then remain entirely free of pain, in spite of manuscriot fact that their blood uric acid often shows a marked increase which may persist for several months after treatment.

It is very impressive to see the suffering of a woman who has continued her diet for a day or two beyond the end of the period without coming for her injection and then to hear the next day that all hunger ahd within a few hours after the injection and to see her once again content, florid and cheerful. If after a few questions we both feel reasonably sure that the patient is deliberately lying, we tell him that this is our opinion and warn him that unless he comes clean we may refuse further treatment.

When dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript body is forced to retain water, it will do this dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript all costs. Among its many functions the diencephalon is also the seat of our primitive animal instincts, and just as in an emergency it can switch energy from one maunscript to another, so it seems to be able to transfer pressure from one instinct dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript another.

This book discusses a new interpretation of the nature of obesity, and while it does not advocate yet another fancy slimming diet it does describe a method of treatment which has grown out of theoretical considerations based on clinical observation.


As you may already know, Dr. There is no evidence to suggest that in obesity there is any excess of adrenocortical activity; in fact, all the evidence points to the contrary. They fear that people will like them — or be jealous — on account of their figure rather than be attracted by their intelligence or character only. Those who are kanuscript more than the average all have a dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript sooner or later.

The same applies to the lower extremities. HCG acts exclusively at a diencephalic level and there brings about a considerable increase in the dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript capacity of all those centers which are working at maximum capacity. Such an increase can be ignored, provided it is accounted for. During menstruation no injections are given, but the diet is continued and causes no hardship; yet as soon as the menstruation is over, dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript patients become extremely hungry unless the injections are resumed at once.

It seems to be a general rule that when one of the many diencephalic centers is particularly overtaxed; it tries to increase its capacity at the expense of other centers. HCG Phase 3 Information: Dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript average loss of weight is calculated on the number of effective injections and from the weight reached on the day of the third injection which may be well above what it was two days earlier when the first injection was given.

Just as the daily dose of HCG is the same in all cases, so the same diet proves to be satisfactory for a small elderly lady of leisure or a hard working muscular giant. When the total amount of circulating cholesterol is normal before treatment, this absolute amount is neither significantly increased nor decreased.

Such disorders are, for instance, colitis, duodenal or gastric ulcers, certain allergies, psoriasis, loss of hair, brittle fingernails, migraine, etc. This situation causes an excessive strain on the diencephalic center which controls the function of the anterior pituitary.

It also provides the springy cushion of hard fat under the bones of the feet, without which we would be unable to walk. Though this phenomenon is well known, we cannot as yet define the underlying mechanism. Send me the info now.