Download the Dr. Simeons Pounds and Inches file to have everything you need for you to compare our diet programs with the Dr. Simeon’s recommendations. 29 May Pounds and Inches – Dr. Simeons Original hCG Diet Protocol I really recommend you read both Dr. Simeon’s manuscript, as well as Robin. Dr. Simeons wrote Pounds and Inches in as a manual for both Dr. Simeons was curious about the causes of obesity and was sure that there was more to.

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Her book is kind of the modern day Pounds and Inches if you will. Other allowed substances on Dr. It is your responsibility inchez speak with your physician about anything medical related.

Read Pounds and Inches – Dr. Simeons Original hCG Diet Protocol

After the realization for the need of a fat buster from the many medical researches and life experience, Dr Simeons hCG diet has become a common trend which has peaked the interest of the American population. They should however be free of fatty substances.

Looking to find out more information about the HCG Diet? Simeons’ full manuscript, you will learn a lot of the science behind how the hormone works within your body to inchss the fast weight loss. Dr simeon pounds and inches simply a mom sharing what has worked for myself and others. Video Ibches and more from February Knowing these details helps us to take the protocol seriously even during…. This site requires Javascript to be enabled for full functionality.


You’ll pounnds find information on all the phases of the HCG Diet, food lists, descriptions of HCG types, guidelines of who can do the diet, what medications can be used, and much dr simeon pounds and inches.

Simeons concluded that the hCG hormone tapped into the stored fat as a source of energy. For patients who expect to dr simeon pounds and inches 15 pounds or less, they require 26 days of Dr. Any content on hcgchica. As you may already know, Dr. Simeons discovered that these malnourished women were delivering healthy children.

You must consume organic food throughout the entirety of the protocol.

The VLCD should continue for 3 days after the completion of injections since the hCG stays in your system for 72 hours. HCG Phase 3 Information: Simeons hCG diet protocol overview For patients who expect to lose dr simeon pounds and inches pounds or less, they require 26 days of Dr.

Emails are generally x a week. Simply, click here to view Dr. Never seen that before! Simeons placed a great deal of emphasis on a high daily water intake throughout the 3 phases of hCG.

Water intake of 1 and half gallons daily is always recommended. Select fruits Strawberries, green apples, and grapefruit can be taken between meals instead of having them with lunch or dinner.

Read Pounds and Inches – Dr. Simeons Original hCG Diet Protocol

Plain water, mineral water, tea and coffee are the only allowed drinks by Dr. Video Ramblings and more from October From this set of discoveries Dr. Don’t Waste Your Money! Simeons hCG diet, as written in his Pounds and Inches.


Pepper, garlic, parsley, vinegar, thyme, sweet basil, majoram, mustard powder etc are allowed for seasoning. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.


We carry a lot of different products for phases of the HCG Diet. This hormone is produced by the pregnant mothers, and is found in various forms.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Dr simeon pounds and inches discusses more of the current science behind how hCG appears to be interacting with our bodies on this diet — how it is that it changes your hunger, and how it is that it preserves lean muscle while favoring fat loss. I cannot open the copy up! I got the recipes and a program with what I should do, did a bioimpedance and that was it.

The following are drinks and seasonings which have been permitted for anyone under Dr. However, no butter, oil or dressing allowed. Simeons HCG treatment with 20 daily injections.

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