25 Feb Dow’s Fire and Explosion Index Hazard classification guide, 7th edition, issued by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers was applied. Dow’s Fire and Explosion Index Hazard Classification Guide [American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying . F & EI Hazard classification guide. 5. F & EI form. DOW Fire & Explosion Index. IDENTIFY PERTINENT PROCESS UNIT. (An item of equipment that could impact .

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Uand would like to thank the management and personnel of the research plant. Conclusions In summary, the findings showed the Dow Fire and Explosion Index is a suitable technique for measuring inconsistencies and it is also a criterion for measurement of the total hazards of a plant or of a part of the provided services.

The objective claxsification the method was to examine the FEI index in an operation industry which involves different processes. For more information, visit the cookies page. For example, a process unit equipped with a computer system with the ability to shut down the system if it receives critical data and to handle the system without the assistance of an operator, is a good risk reduction measure.

Dow’s fire and explosion index: a case-study in the process unit of an oil extraction factory

The losses estimated by this method can serve as a basis for determining the insurance costs of the explosion and fire. August 30,English editing: Selected pages Title Page.


Third, it is a user-friendly tool for evaluation of fire and explosion hazards in chemical process industries that uses available parameters such as temperature, pressure, and energy of chemical substances. Guids The extraction unit was selected by taking into account several factors such as flammability and reactivity of materials, operating pressure, temperature, and the amount of material.

Journal List Electron Physician v. Suggested below are changes that should be and can easily be made to take into account the ground realities.

Then, the total loss will be reduced to less than half of the current loss. Regarding the existence of a large number of process industries in Iran and taking into account the fact that the fire and explosion hazard is the biggest risk in the research industry, the research in this area is essential.

Dow’s fire and explosion index: a case-study in the process unit of an oil extraction factory

Process Unit Risk Analysis Summary. Different methods of assessing fire risks have been applied to reduce fire and explosion risks. Andreasen P, Rasmussen B.

Finally, assuming that the recommendations have been implemented, risk analysis was performed again. American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

There is no conflict of interest to be declared. Management priorities can be identified as well 5 — 7. The study by Etowah et al. The comparison shows that by applying reforms the FEI can change to Classificatino links open overlay panel J. Received Jun 17; Accepted Sep Since a fire or explosion has not yet occurred in this industry, this information does classifiation exist.


Fire and explosion accidents in process industries have incurred a large share of losses every year. Finally, it is a useful tool dow fire and explosion index hazard classification guide inherent safety evaluation and safer design 4.

On the other hand, in this case study, explosioh loss control credit factor due to the current state is 0. Application of the DOW Index as is, therefore, results in lower than realistic values, thus giving a false sense of security than is actually warranted by the situation in hand.

Introduction Fire and explosion accidents in process industries have incurred a large share of losses every year. Data were obtained mainly through interviews and consultation with experts, as well as reported operating parameters and process documents.

Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Second, fire and explosion losses can be estimated economically and efficiently by using dow fire and explosion index hazard classification guide index.

Selection of Classofication Process Units.