See the Best Books of the Month Looking for something great to read? Browse our editors’ picks for the best books of the month in fiction, nonfiction, mysteries. Lewis’s remarkable satirical novel about millionaire auto manufacturer Sam Dodsworth, who journeys to Europe with his new wife. This web edition published by [email protected] Last updated Wednesday, December 17, at To the best of our knowledge, the text of this.

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Neither was the author. I absolutely loved this book. In his analysis of the novel, Martin R. Fresh today as it was when it was written, with the added benefit of first hand descriptions of a now antique lifestyle.

His wife Fran is a selfish, snobbish, social-climbing dilettante.

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His prose is gee-whizzy rather than inspired and inspiring. It is a marvelous character study, with a jolly good tour of Europe thrown into the mix. Sam is not much better, a leaf on the tide, influenced by whomever he’s speaking with at the time, a man who wants to be home when he’s abroad and abroad when he’s home, in when he’s out and out when he’s in. I love when that happens. Problems of incompatibility that’ve been hidden by the business of marriage and life in Zenith. Problems are cropping up regularly.

Dodsworth by Sinclair Lewis

Feb 19, Richard Knight rated it liked it. No one does American ambition dodswoeth Lewis, which is why he probably ranks higher than most of the authors on whatever “Great American Novel” list you might read. The woman is so childishly self-centered that you wonder almost immediately what Sam ever saw in her, why he married her.

When reading about this marriage, I found it most interesting that I was forever in Sam’s camp. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Dodsworth is an utterly ainclair, utterly relatable everyman character caught in a destructive relationship with a deeply selfish and doddworth woman. He’s certainly spent plenty of words to describe the limitations of the middle-class American male doer. Sam wants to go back to the USA with her and start life anew.

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A loosely autobiographical effort by Lewis who draws on his breakup with his first wife, Gracethis book also addresses the American view of Europe, and the European view of America, in the days immediate In the last of what are generally considered Sinclair Lewis’s “great novels” of the s, Americans Sam and Fran Dodsworth travel abroad after Sam retires from the auto industry.

Sam is game and goes along with Fran until Fran’s attempts to be eternally young and romantically cherished as one of the beautiful people really cause a lot of soul-searching and agony.

Dodsworth, by Sinclair Lewis

Jun 12, Cojaysea rated it it was amazing. She’s doing her best to try to be happy I suppose; and As Sam and Fran follow their own pursuits, their marriage is strained to the breaking point. She is a difficult character who really, borders on the satirical. By llewis Samuel Dodsworth: I enjoyed both film and novel immensely but I wonder if my view would be any different if I had encountered the book first, before seeing the film.

Posted by Yvette at 2: She totally disregards Sam’s cheerful acceptance of a life he likes; his dignity and elegance of spirit escape her understanding. Literature, rare sweet literature. The questions and the ddodsworth issues begin when Sam sells his company sincair decides to grant Fran’s wish to travel in Europe.

But in Paris, as they bumped and slid and darted from the Gare du Nord to their hotel, he could not be certain just what it was that he was seeing. This is a totally engrossing tale of a disintegrating marriage, proving once again that unhappy people are unhappy each in their own fashion.

These five books were what earned him the Nobel Prize in with most of the emphasis given sinclairr the influence dodsworhh Babbitt on zinclair. The simple plot, then, follows the same structure as so many of Lewis’ novels from the ’20s; our narrator starts as the living embodiment of whatever Lewis is trying to criticize in this case, the business-focused, proudly ignorant American, forced on an unending parade of interchangeable cathedral visits and appalled by the lack of modern creature comforts now taken for granted in nearly every large American citybut after being exposed to the good things from that new environment including, as always, the potential love of an enticingly independent modern woman he slowly becomes a convert, just to be shunned by his former peers as pressure to “return to doddworth fold.


He’s convinced himself that these are harmless shipboard flirtations. Then Fran’s life has fallen apart, Sam Dodsworth is a decent,rich, retired auto executive. I love Sam even more than the movie leais, which can’t quite flesh him out as much as a page book. It remains one dodswort my favorite films. English people couldn’t sell like Americans! Mencken wrote of him, “[If] there was ever a novelist among us with an authentic call to the trade Samuel ‘Sam’ Dodsworth is an ambitious and innovative automobile designer, who builds his fortunes in fictional Zenith, Winnemac.

His wife Fran, however, is fighting age tooth and nail.

Especially since Lewi work in the evening most of the time. If M Sam Dodsworth is a middle-aged retired automobile tycoon. Jun 25, Joseph Weyek rated it really liked it. When the love affair falls through, she writes, sounding repentant but still full of gossip and excuses.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Just finished reading this wonderful but nearly forgotten novel. As a young woman reader, I found Dodsworth pretty enlightening. Jul 24, Laurel rated it really liked it.

Louis was the industrial powerhouse of Zenith, where so many of his stories specifically take place. This one’s sjnclair keeper, and I’ve read it several times since finding an old hardback copy in a used bookstore many years ago. You know, I got the feeling that Sam’s “yearning” for Fran was more of a habit than anything else–when he stayed with Edith in Italy before his brief reunion with Fran on the ship, there’s a short mention of him calling out for Fran, and Edith politely ignoring it.