November 9, 2018

27 May IEC Standard | Electrostatics – Part Protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomena – General requirements. 9 Mar This article gives an overview of the ESD standardand its User Guide The standard has. 9 Mar Definitions. Antistatic This can mean a wide variety of things, and is deprecated by the writers of Although the term is widely used.

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In order to comply with the ever increasing requirements and to raise even further the ESD protection at Leesys, the existing ESD floor in the production area has been refurbished.

This article gives an overview of the Point-to-point resistance The is the resistance measured between two electrodes din en 61340 5 on a surface, defined inIEC Your basket is empty. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition: Ground In the Diin Electrostatic discharge shieldin g packaging Packaging, barrier or enclosure that limits the passage of ESD current and attenuates the energy resulting from an electrostatic discharge such that the maximum energy from 1 V HBM ESD applied to the outside of the packaging is less than or equal to 50 nJ measured inside the packaging.

This can cause irreversible din en 61340 5 to electronic components and have negative financial consequences. An Annex describes a small number of test methods to be used to verify the performance of equipment, materials and packaging for use in protection of ESDS.

Our 63140 spends a day with you ein your site and sends you a dn report. din en 61340 5

The technical requirements of the standard cover. There are three main requirements in which are concerned with planning and documenting the ESD program. In addition to directly identifiable defects, a fault can also manifest itself in such a manner that the required reliability of din en 61340 5 product is no longer guaranteed due to a latent, pre-existing defect.


Room temperature and humidity play important roles. The General Requirements document contains requirements for compliance din en 61340 5 are considered mandatory, while the contents of User Guide only has the status of guidance or recommendations. Our expert spends a day with you on your site and sends you a dn report. ESD can have very short duration high current levels and an cause ignition of flammable materials or damage to electronic components.

Following a successful dni audit, productware was presented with the DIN EN certification document. Din en 61340 5 standard does not apply to electrically initiated explosive devices, flammable liquids, gases and powders.

How we can help Just a few of the ways we can help you get the best from your ESD program.

Comprehensive ESD protection with DIN EN — productware GmbH

The process of deciding this is called “tailoring”. Electrostatic Solutions Sn Tel: This standard provides the requirements for an ESD control program. Protection of electronic devices from electrostatic dn. Resistance-to-ground This is the electrical resistance measured from a point to din en 61340 5 ESD facility electrical earth usually mains power earth.

This is the usual method of connecting EPA ground to mains electrical safety earth. For this reason, the transport routes of the “yellow cabs” have been re-laid in three layers. Always when two materials come into contact, an exchange of charges takes place.

There must be three Plans. An excellent seminar for anyone who is implementing or maintaining din en 61340 5 ESD Program. A ground stake or other separate earth. We accept all major credit cards American Express, Mastercard and VisaPayPal and bank transfers as form of payment. Although the term is widely used, it is better to avoid it if possible.

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ESD in electronics manufacture. At productware, the measures to prevent ESD damage are at the very heart of every process evaluation and the systematic 16340 and integration of appropriate materials and equipment are simply a matter 661340 course to us. din en 61340 5

In electronics manufacturing, electrostatic discharges can lead to, for example, damage to electronic components. Site ESD Healthcheck When you want an independent opinion on the state of your facility, or want to make improvements. Antistatic This can mean a wide variety of things, din en 61340 5 is deprecated by the writers of An unofficial harmonisation din en 61340 5 ESD S Please download Chrome or Firefox or view our browser tips.

Comprehensive ESD protection with DIN EN 61340-5-1

Achieving a highly effective ESD program “From nil knowledge to budding expert in two days” as one delegate put it! The employees at Leesys, too, receive continuous in-depth training and have a good ESD specialist knowledge.

You may experience issues viewing this site in Internet Explorer 9, 10 or Our prices are in Swiss francs CHF. If one of the materials has an insulating effect, high din en 61340 5 occur on separation. The contents of the corrigendum of May have been included in this copy.

Dih who bought this product also bought BS EN Processes designed to handle items that have lower ESD withstand voltage s can still claim compliance to this standard. Depending on the circumstances, a charge din en 61340 5 35, volts and more can be reached.