Learn how to find out the size of your mailbox and its folders and how to compact Outlook Data Files .pst ), which might help improve performance. Apri il tuo file o disegno, per questo progetto è stato usato un bigliettino da visita. il file è stato aperto e impostato su una tela con dimensioni “standard letter. 11 apr Quest’articolo illustra un procedimento per ridurre le dimensioni del file, in modo da renderlo più adatto a essere pubblicato sul web oppure.

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Large mailboxes can take longer to open and search, and many email providers, including Officelimit the maximum size of your mailbox.

Reducing the size of the Offline Folder file. The larger images are the real target.

Ready to compress your files? A document with many images will take longer to compress. Run the Mailbox Cleanup tool Click the File tab. Optimizes images Discards alternate images Discards piece info, spider info, threads, thumbnails and structure tree Removes unused fonts, images, etc.

Grayscale images To lower the size of your PDF further and have a lot of images one of the diminuire dimensioni file to consider is converting dimibuire to black and white diminuire dimensioni file.

You can also manually start the compact process immediately. This procedure does not delete any items that are saved on the server. For more information, see Use Conversation Clean Up to delete redundant messages. Please see this help topic. Dragging and dropping files to the page diminuire dimensioni file works.


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The tool provides a button to view the size of your Deleted Items folder and empty your Deleted Items folder. If you delete items from diminuire dimensioni file Outlook Data File. Occasionally, Outlook will store conflicted items in a folder called Conflicts. Hai raggiunto il limite di 30 file gratuiti all’ora. Diminuire dimensioni file your mailbox size There are several ways to reduce your mailbox size.

By using our services you agree to our termsprivacy and cookie policies. Upload your files Diminuire dimensioni file are uploaded over an encrypted connection. Was this information helpful? Trascina files ovunque sulla pagina per eseguire l’upload. See Reduce the size of an Offline Data File. Click Account Settingsand then click Account Settings. Your session expired and your files were automatically deleted from our servers. You do not have to exit Outlook after you compact a.

You cannot import from or export to an offline Outlook Data File. Expand the Upload PDF files dropdown and select your files. You reached your free limit of 50 pages. They stay safe and private. You can search diminuire dimensioni file all messages larger than a specific size from Outlook’s Search box. Rather not upload your files and work with them on premise?

Please take a moment and review them. Often, the cause of a large mailbox is a large Deleted Items folder.

Comprimere PDF

You reached your free limit of 20 pages. It might take several minutes to compact an Outlook Diminuire dimensioni file File. Click More optionsthen select ppippi or ppi as the maximum image PPI resolution.


You reached your free limit of 50 MB per file. You can also archive older items to an archive Personal Folders file. On the Data Files tab, click the data file that you want to compact, and then click Settings. Free users are limited to a single file per task. Use Conversation Clean Up to remove redundant messages In a long email thread, there are often numerous messages that contain all of the same information as prior messages. Please upgrade to continue processing this task or break for Prego eseguire l’upgrade per processare questo lavoro.

Offers same features as diminuire dimensioni file online service, and the files are processed locally. This tool can also help you search for older or very large messages that you might want to delete or move diminuire dimensioni file an Outlook Data File.

Or, click on the More options button for advanced settings. You can use the Mailbox Cleanup tool to view the size of your mailbox and individual folders. On the Tools menu, click Mailbox Cleanup. Compressing smaller diminuire dimensioni file has little effect over the overall document size.

Use Conversation Clean Up to remove redundant messages. The Mailbox Cleanup tool is used to view the size of your mailbox and individual folders.