The Wing-T Offense has been made famous by University of Delaware Coach Harold “Tubby” Raymond, and is a popular misdirection offense that can be hard . University of DelawareWing-T Playbook I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. Alignment & Formations 10 Series 20 Series 30 Series 40 Series 50 Ser. Related titles. Pistol Wing T for Youth Football. Spread Wing t. delaware wing t by coach thurman. wing-t and the 3-step 5-step passing game and sally. Wing T.

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The seventh defensive back is often an extra safety, and this defense is used in extreme passing situations such as to defend against a Hail Mary pass. July 1, at 1: This base defense consists of four defensive linemen, three linebackers, and four defensive backs two winb, two corners. Many other teams in the NFL, even those that do not use this as a primary formation, still run some plays using a variant of this formation.

List of formations in American football

The latter rule was instituted to prevent players from generating the speed expected from a yard runup before the kick, thus potentially reducing the speed and impact of collisions down the field. Coach the halfback to get to the “Jungle,” five yards from the sideline.

The sixth defensive back is known as the dimeback and this defense is also used in passing situations particularly when the offense is using four wide receivers. How do you plajbook with the edge?

It was designed at the time lpaybook be a mix between the single wing and T-formation. Instead of having four linemen and six linebackers as the name may suggestit is actually a 4—4 set using 4—3 personnel.

Brigham Young University also uses the spread offense, although they tend to employ their tight ends more frequently than Hawaii and Texas Tech. The Wing T has its roots in what Otto D.


Lucie Press,pp. That said, it was regarded as a good formation for trap plays. The Notre Dame Box differed from the traditional single-wing in that the line was balanced and the halfback who normally played the “wing” in the single-wing was brought in more tightly, with the option of shifting out to the wing. The following is a list of common and historically significant formations in American football. The difference is that the two backs winng split behind the quarterback instead of being lined up behind him.

If the opposite team is a good passing team, outside linebackers delawarf usually called on to defend slotbacks. Coach Perry mentioned that for many years delaawre of the Delaware staff plwybook travel to Georgia for high school Wing-T summer camps. This page was last edited on 30 Octoberat This archaic formation was popular for most of the first 50 years of modern American football, but it is rare today, except as a novelty. In this formation, the linemen often line up directly in front of the offensive line, while the linebackers “shoot the gaps”.

Retrieved December 28, In the NFL, this formation was the basis of the run and shoot offense that was popular in the s with teams such as the Detroit Lions and the Houston Oilers but has since fallen out of favor as a primary offensive philosophy. Delasare Wing T is a precise orchestration.

Delaware Wing T, The Order Of Footbal, By Tubby RaymondPDF

My Kind of Football. An athletic QB who can get to the flank after faking a run is a huge asset to your offense. Cuz I need a translator in the bottom left corner of my screen when I read some of the this or that plays.

Shurmur created the defense in part to take advantage of the pass rush abilities of Kevin Greenea defensive end sized linebacker. Ironically, because it is now rare in the college game, its effectiveness has increased, as defenses are no longer accustomed to defending against it.


If the punting team is deep in its own territory, the yard distance would have to be shortened by up to 5 yards to keep the punter in front of the end line. The basic singleback set does not employ a fullback.

According to Coach Perry Delaware experimented with the series in their spring practices and found that the defense had a hard time stopping the play for anything less then 15 yards an attempt.

In obvious onside kick formations, wign players are moved to the front of the formation, usually top wide receivers and other players who are good at recovering and catching loose balls; this formation is known as the “hands team”.

The 5—2 defense consists of five defensive linemen, two linebackers, and four defensive backs two corners, two safeties.

In the empty backfield formation, all of the backs play near the line of scrimmage to act as extra wide receivers or tight ends. Delawware formation was originally designed as a brute-force running formation, since it had 7 players to one side of the center and only 2 on the other. Both the Giants and Eagles developed similar formations of this design. Jake I always say that play has been the one play that gives me nightmares. I just paid bucks for the book and that’s with no dust jacket, and pages highlighted up.

His Oklahoma City program presented the new offensive formation to great fanfare before losing to the Southwestern Moundbuilders by a score of 7—0. A variation of the ace is known as the spread formation.