Filtered by: Reino Unido – – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza. Social Security .. Adopción: | GBRR This Ordinance transfers . S — Enchiridion Militis Christiani, is Mogunt. 1 De Absoluto Reprobations Decreto, Verfio ex Anglico ib. — Menafleh Ben Israel de. 1 TV Angop; Photos. International Highlight: George Weah set up Government. International Highlight: Liberian ruling Unity Party.

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Part I establishes general principles, Part II concerns orders with respect to children in family proceedings, Part III provides for care and supervision of children, and Part IV deals with protection of children. Interpretation and General Clauses Amendment Ordinance Administration of Justice Miscellaneous Provisions Ordinance, Regulations consequential on the coming into force of the Statutory Sick Pay Percentage Threshold Order which allows employers to recover payments of statutory sick pay in excess of 13 per cent of their liability for Class 1 contributions payments in any income tax month.

Reino Unido – – Ley. Parts II, III and IV contain provisions common to the transition to incapacity benefit from sickness benefit and invalidity benefit; the transition to incapacity benefit from sickness benefit; and the transition to incapacity benefit from invalidity benefit respectively.

DC 12V allowance range: Revokes the Health and Safety at Work etc. Take a look at our feedback, a guarantee of secure shopping! Amendments regarding the definition of the cold weather period and entitlement to heating payments. Pursuant to this Order a levy is defreto, at different levels, on employers in respect of employees employed under contracts of service or apprenticeships and under labour-only agreements.

Landlord and Tenant Amendment Ordinance All our customers can benefit from a constant and accurate customer service, warranty and replacement of defective product. Deals with the keeping, handling and use of explosives at quarries.

Amendments relating to the definition of “employment or training programme” and “Outward Bound course”, the prescribed cases the period during which a person may requalify for unemployment benefit, days not to be treated as days of unemployment where a compensation payment is received on the termination of employment, and certain other matters.

Regulations requiring information on health, safety and welfare to be furnished to employees by means of posters or leaflets in an approved form. The increase in the minimum basic award also affects the minimum amount of compensation that shall be awarded by the Employment Appeal Tribunal in respect of a complaint under section 4 of the Employment Act unjustifiable discipline by a trade union ; LS – UK 1.

Concerns in particular entitlement to income support when absent from Great Britain; appeals against decisions regarding incapacity for work; entitlement of students to income support; and the qualifying period for the disability premium on grounds of incapacity for work.


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Consists of 5 Parts, 49 Sections and 4 Schedules. Regulations revoking provisions relating to first-aid in Regulations bearing the same title. Part IV concerns private education. Made under Section 11 1 of the Industrial Training Act a. Regulations amending the Income Support Transitional Regulations by providing that a person’s transitional addition will not be reduced by any increase in the applicable amount under certain conditions, and makes amendments in respect of re-entitlement to a transitional addition or special transitional addition.

Provides a scheme of compensation for former registered dock workers dismissed by reason of redundancy on the passing of the Dock Work Act Chapter 13or at any time thereafter until the end of Relates to offshore installations to which the Mineral Workings Offshore Installations Act applies.

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Imposes health and safety requirements with respect to electricity at work, safe construction of electrical equipment and electrical systems, work on or near live conductors, adequate working space, means of access, adequate lighting, competence of persons engaged. Social Insurance Contributions Amendment Regulations Contains savings relating to unemployment benefit, sickness benefit, decteto allowance edcreto provide for transitional arrangements for women who were given credits in order that they might claim unemployment benefit and sickness benefit.

Amends the Merchant Shipping Ships’ Names Regulations by confining their application to non-fishing vessels. Regulations in relation to, inter alia, regulation 3 of Regulations which specifies the amount to which an employer is entitled under regulation 2 concerning the right of employers to prescribed amount.

Ordinance to amend provisions relating to the application of English law, the application of English common law and equity, and to the specific application of certain imperial enactments. Amends the Regulations by the same name. Contains provisions affecting determinations as to capacity for work for the purposes of the Social Security Contributions and Benefits Act Health and Medicines Northern Ireland Order Amendments relating to cecreto in deferred lump sums and guaranteed minimum pension entitlement deriving from employment which gives rise to the official pension etc.

Made under Section 11 2 of the Industrial Training Act, Disabled Persons Northern Ireland Actc. An Ordinance to provide for the Registration of businesses, trades and profession by persons having a place of business or carrying on business in Gibraltar, for the establishment of a register of particulars so registered and for matters incidental thereto.

Amends provisions in the Old Age Pensions Ordinance by replacing the words “1st day of January ” with the words “1st day of January ” relating to credit of contributions.


Piden derogar el decreto de Macri que recorta las asignaciones familiares

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Provides for payment of supplements on pensions paid to or in respect of certain officers who have served governments, authorities or institutions of overseas territories, and decdeto and replaces the Overseas Service Decretk Supplement Regulations as amended.

Article 7 increases the rate of graduated retirement pension under the National Insurance Act Reino Unido – – Ley. The Order permits unlimited registration in Bermuda and the Isle of Man. Made under the European Communities Act Part VI provides rules for unfair dismissal. Workmen’s Compensation Supplementation Amendment S.

Consolidates, with amendments, the provisions of the National Health Service Superannuation Scotland Regulations to which provide for the superannuation of persons engaged in the National Health Service in Scotland. The principal amendments are decreo respect of plans, decreti, decks, sidescuttles, sleeping accomodation, beds, mess and recreation rooms; washing, drainage and fresh water arrangements; laundry facilities, galleys; and storage of medicines.

Amends the Social Security Contributions Regulationsinter alia, by revoking regulation 70 which prevented interest being paid when Class 4 contributions were refunded to a contributor more than a year after the end of the tax year in respect of which they had deecreto paid.

Establishes the first category pursuant to section 11 of the Merchant Shipping Act Our site has a decrrto structure that will allow you to find what you’re looking for in a short time and place orders in just a few clicks.

Amends recreto law relating to social security and occupational and personal pension schemes; makes provision with respect to certain employment-related benefit schemes; and provides for the recovery, out of certain compensation payments, of amounts determined by reference 744 payments of benefit. The Order also brings into force certain provisions establishing the Commissioner for the Rights of Trade Union Members and provides for the Commissioner, on application, to give financial and other assistance to members of trade unions taking or proposing to take certain legal proceedings against their unionsection Reino Unido – – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza Income Support General Amendment No.

These Regulations consolidate and replace with amendments Regulations on the subject of charges for accommodation, services and other facilities provided as part of the health service in respect of persons not ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom.